#Marcos number one priority #his magnetic powerful soulmate (✿◠‿◠)


Imagine watching a scary movie with Chris. He’s not big into horror films, but the two of you just started dating, and he knows how much you love Halloween. He tries to be a good boyfriend, holding you when the suspense rises, but he’s the one who ends up on your lap. He buries his face in your sweater, clinging onto you for dear life. The whole thing was so funny, you didn’t even get scared through the worst parts of the movie. Your big, strong, whimpering boyfriend was the perfect distraction.


I’m about to take down all your friends in the Mutant Underground.

Good luck with that.

Here's the thing:

They need Blink’s portals for the upcoming prison break. Which means they need shiny, happy Blink. Which means they can’t tell her about the memory implant. Which means Johnny will have to play along.