“I have seen her. Walking across the courtyard from her first class this morning, her expression thoughtful, her book bag casually thrown over her shoulder. I had seen photographs, of course; I knew she wore clunky glasses and her hair in a youthful dreadlock style, that her clothes would be dynamic and colorful. I knew she would be 1.63 meters tall, that she would weigh 50kg, that she was coming away from a neurobiology class; I knew what to expect…But I was not prepared for her insouciant manner, the way she squinted and smiled up at the gathering rainclouds, aware of the gray weather in a way that the other students missed, immersed in their phones or conversations. I did not think she would kick at a pile of leaves. She walks loosely, comfortable in her skin, her face as open and expressive as Ms Hendrix’s is closed.” - from the diary of Dr. Delphine Cormier.

My reaction to BigHit hitting me with too much in September (how the hell am I going to find time for school with this bs) :

  • Namjoon’s birthday
  • Jungkook’s birthday (HE. IS. EXITING. HIS. TEENS. ABORT. ABORT)
  • Comeback
  • New merch I won’t be able to afford
  • New MVs and teasers (probably)
  • Hixtape ?? (or whenever Hoseok decides to release it)
  • Definite cardiovascular and respiratory pain




My response

(gif credit: Blushrabbit)



Rejoice in all of this Black Girl Magic ✨


My first Yu-gi-oh fanart and its this…I expected nothing less of myself

based on this!

also dedicated to @sergle @yaboybokuto and @officialgrandpa for dragging my little sister and me back into Yu-gi-oh hell after 10 years