assassins as humanoid mythical creatures ♥

i feel like being a pirate would probably be a pretty poor career choice for a vampire considering the direct sunlight, running water and… like… are you going to ask trade ships to invite you on board to loot their cargo ??

Light Up Nipple Pasties

Highlight your perfectly symmetrical rack with these attention grabbing light up nipple pasties. Available in several styles including flashing blue stars, and multi-colored “what am I doing with my life?” daisies, they’re the most fashionable way to disappoint your parents.


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DIY Leather Belt Cuff Tutorial by Making the World Cuter for Make It & Love It.

Some of these cuffs have snap closures and other just tie. I like that you can also make unisex versions of this DIY leather belt cuff.

For more DIY leather cuffs, see below:

DIY Unisex Leather Snap Cuff from The Red Kitchen here.

DIY Belt to Leather Cuff with Rhinestone Closure from Wobisobi here.

DIY Leather O Ring Bracelet from Sometimes Homemade here.

DIY Two Easy Knockoff Tutorials for the Celine Spring 2012 Leather Ring Cuff from DO/DIY and Sketch 42 here.

DIY Leather Hardware Cuff at Think Crafts! here. This is one of my most repinned Jewelry DIYs on Pinterest.

Giant Cat Shaped Couch

Why stop with a house full of cats when you can add a whole new dimension of crazy with the giant cat shaped couch. This snugly 11.5′ mammoth of a feline sprawls out over the living room floor as a functional piece of art unmatched in absurdity.

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We’re getting very, very close to announcing the recipient of the 2015 SPX Graphic Novel Gift, as well as the art and artist for the bookplate that will grace the inside cover of each book from this year’s grant.

But, first, a little background… 

You’ve probably seen me say that SPX is more that an annual festival. We’re on a mission to promote, preserve and protect independent comics. Our graphic novel gift program is one way we do this.

Via this program, which began in 2011, SPX provides an annual grant to a local library, providing funds for that library system to purchase graphic novels from a group of participating independent publishers.

Thanks to the generous support of publishers from the SPX community, and to you for your attendance at SPX, this program has put over 1,000 graphic novels on the shelves of DC area libraries.

Every book provided by SPX is affixed with a unique bookplate marking it as a gift from the Small Press Expo.

Past bookplate artists include Lili Carré, Adrian Tomine,  Kali Ciesemier and Eleanor Davis.

Can’t wait to share our 2015 bookplate - and I won’t have to wait long!


WingLights - Indicators For Bicycles

Their product named WingLights is specially designed for added bicycle safety.WingLights are direction indicators that are easily attached to bicycle handlebars and are meant to function the same as car indicators, signaling the riders position and intended direction.

“I could have sworn I saw an angel!”

This is for the lovely thelastsworld ! She has some really good stories and awesome characters! Go show her some love and support! 

I wanted to give her some wings that were made out of old paper! Sorry that this looks sketchy and sloppy! It was 4 am when I did this. Enjoy! 

the most amazing thing just happened to me im gonna cry okay

so like 9-9:30ish I pull up to the a&w/long john silvers bc hey im thirsty, I like root beer, and fish tacos are the bomb. So we order three drinks and two fish tacos, and once we get to the window we’re told we’re getting four tacos instead of two. im super ecstatic bc I live for tacos, but when we pulled up to the next window, god decided to come down from heaven and shine his grace on me bc not only am I given four tacos instead of two, I am given

  • Two pieces of chicken
  • a large box of fries 
  • The fucking biggest box of hush puppies I’ve ever seen in my life. I’m not fucking around I’ve never seen so many hush puppies 
  • A cole slaw
  • And the biggest pile of sauces I’ve ever seen in my life

This may be the best thing to ever happen to me I am so happy this is so amazing??? Shout out to the people working the drive thru bc they made my entire week

People say pisces are weak , but they are wrong. The bravest thing in the world you could do is love someone and pisces do that with their whole heart . You are giving people the power to diminish you and sometimes they do. To be able to open up your heart in that way is so strong and not everyone does . So yes when pisces are broken we come off as weak ,but you just gave your whole self to someone . Not everyone has the ability to do that so they would never appear that vulnerable.
—  Pisces thought