Cole talks about the Bughead Love scene!!!

No he wasn’t nervous, he and Lili are professionals - (Sure Cole ;) AND He was excited !! 

Happy Birthday Noko!!! I wasn’t able to post this from my tumblr because of… complications, but I’ll post it there too once I can!! I hope that your birthday is fantastic, and that your time w/ Alaina was and is awesome! you’re such an amazing person and artist, and I’m so glad that I found your blog. Wish you the best in your life! You have such a bright future ahead of you!!

OOOOH ! Another mini-me !!! Thank you so much ! I really love the show color pattern and the style, really pretty !!! Thank you really much !

My time with Alaina was absolutely wonderful and I’m definitely looking forward to travel again ! @alainaprana is a person that deserve tons of love and I am really grateful that you guys are such a nice moral support to me, I feel lucky… and I’ll do my best to achieve my dreams, thank you guys ! ;u;

Car mechanic!Johnny


• thanks to this lovely anon you now have mechanic johnny as the next instalment of my mini non-idol au’s!!! whatever you do don’t think about johnny in a sleeveless top working and covered in sweat and engine oil

• also i have no idea how cars work so please bear with me

• let’s gooooo

• you’ve just gotten your first car with your own money and you’re so proud of it, it might be held together by pure determination but it’s yours

• until one day you turn the key and the engine starts…and promptly dies

• and you’re like. shit. how on earth am i supposed to get around, the bus takes like an hour extra, i cant very well get a new car and i have no idea how to fix it myself

• so you get it towed to the garage and its empty except for this one dude who’s currently working while blasting 80s rock music on the radio…all you can see are his legs sticking out from underneath the car

• you clear your throat but he obvs doesn’t hear you…so you kind of awkwardly stand there until you decide to bend down to see if you can get his attention that way

• only he chooses that exact moment to surface, and johnny’s startled, sits up too quickly and ends up banging his head on the side of the car

• anyway he’s swearing and holding his head and you’re apologising and overall it’s not a very graceful first meeting 

• but despite this he’s really sweet when explaining what’s wrong with your engine and that it’s totally possible to fix it up…the entire time you’re nodding and trying to listen but its kinda hard to when he’s got that ready smile and that Physique…then you hear that its gonna take a couple of weeks

• he sees your face fall and you don’t wanna sound pushy so you’re like oh its okay..and he’s like do you need the car urgently??? because he can totally do it faster

• and you’re like no no its fine don’t worry i’ll just take the bus, its not that far, i’m sure you have a lot of other jobs to finish before you get to mine

• but johnny feels bad because you probs do need that car urgently, and the bus can add a lot of time to a journey

• so over the next week he takes on extra hours to get it done faster

• “dude who are you trying to impress?” - a nosy yuta, and johnny turns red and doesn’t answer

• you’re surprised when you get the call a whole week early

• and when you see him he’s got dark circles under his eyes but he’s smiling wider than ever and he’s like a proud puppy showing you how he’s done this and that and don’t you worry about it breaking down for a long time, and even if it does you can always go straight to him

• and you feel a very strong admiration for this guy, who obviously worked above and beyond just because you looked a teeny bit distressed

• you thank him again and again and try to tip him extra because you know he must’ve put in a lot of work, but he refuses it

• and you’re like there must be something i can do, you saved my ass from getting up 45 minutes earlier 

• he’s scratching the back of his neck and he kind of half mumbles something. you can’t quite catch it so he takes a deep breath and repeats it

• “um, well, maybe you wanna go out for coffee with me?”

• you say yes without thinking because ofc you’d say yes

• when he comes to pick you up you do a double take because wow, in the shop you had no idea his hair was so soft looking. and when you’re looking at his hair you’re suddenly struck by how his eyes are extremely expressive. that first date was a lot to take in tbh

• thus began a beautiful, extremely dorky relationship

• like, on one hand he’s extremely skilled at what he does, and he’s got a million other hobbies outside of his job…he’s extremely well read and can be very introspective, you two have deep conversations on the daily

• on the other hand he spams you with memes and also manages to bump into every corner he can find…you two would be getting it on in the shop and johnny would accidentally knock down half the shelves

• and taeil has to tell him off and you help him clear everything up. this happens every other day and taeil is Tired

• its funny because he’s super polite and respectful at the beginning of the relationship, but a few weeks in and he’s sending you the greasiest pickup lines and you’re like babe, we’re already dating p l e a s e. but you fall for it every time because how could you not

• mysteriously all his work clothes lose all their sleeves, and he flexes whenever you come over…you roll your eyes  because he’s waggling his eyebrows and overall he looks ridiculous (but you have to admit he looks Fine when his eyebrows are furrowed, and he’s concentrated on whatever task is on hand and he’s wiping off the sweat on his forehead and….suddenly he’s on break and mysteriously he’s lost all his clothes)

• he also has the biggest heart; like he did your car in record speed because he thought you were cute but also he puts in extra effort anyway in everything he does for everybody because he genuinely loves helping people

• this boy has a lot of love to give but he reserves a lot of it for you okay when he’s in love he’s IN LOVE (you knew that that car was an indicator of good things to come)

but what does this mean, really. did yellow diamond shatter pink diamond?? was it an accident?? she must’ve covered her tracks by blaming the rebel leader, rose quartz, and somehow convinced the witnesses.. somehow.

and her behavior at the trial is REALLY incriminating, the way she silenced zircon and just tried to kill steven to hurry things along. things are getting GOOD.

WAIT… THAT MUST BE HOW JASPER WILL BE REDEEMED. if she finds out yellow diamond killed pink, there’s no going back.