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i hope this silly sketch will make you happier

I did not know it’s Christmas and my birthday at the same time today!? 

Thanks for being so kind to make this and…a and and also thanks so much for that sweet message!! ;3; Thank you thank you!

Secret Satan

(Or Secret Samhain, Secret Skeleton… pick a favorite.)
Way back in like… spring? I twitter’d the idea of a spookytimes blind gift exchange. The idea would be to compose Halloween-oriented wishlists, like costume supplies, scary books, gift art of monstery OCs, seasonal candy, stuff like that, and then get a random assignment to make someone’s Halloween dreams come true (within reason).

Would anyone be interested? If I get enough yeas, I’ll make a special email to coordinate the thing and open a signup window.

Something I’ve taken into consideration is that international shipping from the US is financially impossible for a lot of us, so if this gets a lot of (global) interest I may organize groups by region (or at least have that be an option) to save wallets.

Feel free to boost!

Glass Heart: Pool OVA


“So you have never been? Not even once?” Oliver asked her as they sit on her bed. Though he was running a brush in her long tresses, but even that didn’t stop her from shaking her head. Oliver gave a grunt as he had to reposition his tool. Nessa gave a light laugh but answered his question.

“No, I haven’t had a chance to visit. My father says no every time I ask.”

“As if you always do what your old man asks of you.” Oliver replied and Nessa could tell from his tone that he was rolling his eyes, “What is afraid the water isn’t clean enough for a princess? Isn’t this part of the kingdom widely known for how clean the water is. They call this city specifically Pool of Purity in some places.”

Nessa hummed in response, instead leaning into brush and the sensation, rather than reply out right.

“You get to go shopping for a secret swimsuits for both you and Reina that only the 3 of us will know.”

Even though he couldn’t see face, as he was behind her, he knew that her eyes flashed at the word ‘secret’.

“Well I can’t say that I am not curious and Reina never let’s me buy her things.” Nessa admitted to him carefully and Oliver smirked. She always had to make things her idea rather accept someone else’s proposal. He supposed it was a small freedom when so many decisions were made for her as princess. He finished one finally stroke, her hair sparkling gold as he swept some of it behind her ear gently.

“Alright then, let’s go find Reina–”

“You called for me, Your Highness?” A voice interrupted and Oliver looked up to see that Nessa black-haired guard has simply appeared after being mentioned 3 times.

“You really have to stop doing that, it’s creepy how you just show up.” He said casually.

Storm grey eyes locked onto him and narrowed just so. Why was she glaring at him like that it wasn’t like he was on her bed—oh right. Oliver scrambled off and in a swift movement offered a hand to Nessa, which she took gratefully.

“I am taking Duke Messer out today. And certainly my father and uncle would not like me lost in the city with a scourge–”

“What are you up to?” Reina cut her off immediately. Nessa simply show her a beautiful smile which caused Reina to glare back at Oliver. “What did you say to her?”

“I have no idea what your talking about/I did nothing I swear to you.” They both said at the same time and Reina sighed. She was going to regret this.


Reina did regret this. She was also going to kill Messer later for suggestion this place. It was bad enough this thing that she couldn’t even consider cloth—a midnight black one piece with a deep V cut over her chest–but the fact that they were surrounded a crowd of people playing in the pool. And it wasn’t the civilians that were a problem for she had visited the community pool more than once. The problem was that she hadn’t come with her charge and hadn’t been able to issue a warning that the kingdom’s Princess was among the them. She felt antsy with only her to guard Nessa in such an open space with no back up and so few hidden weapons on her body.

It didn’t help that Nessa refused to wear a swimsuit that covered her body entirely. While what she hadn’t chosen nearly as ghastly as the sliver and glitter disaster they had stumbled upon (“Reina look it even has nipple tassels! I need it!”) the cherry red two piece only covered Nessa’s breasts and lower half but left her toned stomach and legs in full view. Though she supposed she could relax a little bit with how the duke was watching her like a hawk, his fighting hand his right as if ready to brandish his own hidden weapon.

Still there was something else about that look in his eyes. A hunger that lingered as he watched Nessa splash and play in the water with some children. He watched her intently and she caught his eyes flicker to Nessa’s various assets more than once before turning his attention elsewhere. Reina didn’t blame him, of course, for Nessa was very attractive (if she ever admitted that aloud Nessa would never let her live it down). However there were boundaries not to go beyond and so he kept himself restrained.

And also oblivious.’ She thought with a shake of her head as Nessa smiled and laughed while playing, thinking that her own stares at Oliver’s naked chest and toned legs. More than once did Nessa glance at his groin area and lick her lips. With a groan, Reina questioned what she had done to deserve having to deal with these two?

With a young dark skinned girl carried on her shoulders whom had not left her side since they had entered the space–her name was Samantha and she was this many (5)–she waded over to both them. Throwing her arms around the duo, making sure Samantha was secure on her shoulders and couldn’t fall into the pool, she pulled them close.

“So Messer did you tell her about the secret couples’ pool? Or did you not get a chance yet?”

“I-I have would never! What are you t-trying to say!” Reina cackled internally as it wasn’t often that she could get him to sputter and break his general coolness.

“The what?” Nessa eyes shown with mischievous, a grin forming on the edge of her lips as she seemed enlightened by this prospect.

“There is this rumor that the community pool here has a few very private sections for older couples to let out any *ahem* aggravations that come from seeing their partner in such outfits. You just have to know where to look and–”

Nessa had already begun to pull him away with Oliver looking both scared and delighted. So much for payback, Reina thought with a roll of her eyes, going after them to eventually release Samantha and at least guard the door to whatever may happen from prying ears.

I uh ended up focusing on Reina because I love her and it’s funny to me to watch these two be thirsty SORRY (not sorry). I also don’t feel skilled enough to depict what happens privately so yeah I HOPE YOU LIKE IT

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Colornin!! :’D <3 Yes yeeees more RSE babus! This is so stylish, I love it! Thank you very much for actually doing this C”:

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