Galaxy Wallpaper

Even with light pollution in your city you’ll still be able to gaze at the stars with the galaxy wallpaper. Every star cluster, constellation and planet is displayed in beautiful detail so you can study and ponder about the meaning of life as you stare at the vast galaxy.


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Nightmare Before Christmas Bottle

The Nightmare Before Christmas bottle makes the ideal accessory for any geeky outfit. This handmade pendant creates a surreal landscape inspired by the singular visual style of director Tim Burton. It’s a pendant with artwork as unique as the director himself.


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Awesome Sh*t You Can Buy

i’m just endlessly fascinated and heartbroken by the specific names jemma chooses to list at skye: donnie gill, chan ho yin, creel.

creel, with whom she never had any contact due to her undercover stint at hydra, and yet she still feels responsible for what happened to him. still feels that she could have saved him, had she been there.

chan ho yin, the first gifted she failed to save. failed to help.

donnie gill. donnie gill. the boy so like fitz, so like herself. the boy she tried to keep on the right path. the boy whose friend she tried so hard to save. the boy whom she was forced to unknowingly activate.

the boy she happened to.