The Vow

My dear mellysenpai said that she wants a tote bag made from this drawing but the resolution of the screencap was too bad so I decided to redraw it on a bigger canvas. (with more details uvu) 

It’s really big (127x127 cm) so there are tote bags/laptop skins/big sized print/clock/… available on my shop. Also S6 is doing a discount for people who buy stuff via this link: I guess.

Hand Crank Phone Charger

When you’re in an emergency situation and don’t have an outlet to charge your iPhone, this hand crank phone charger can be a life saver. Just plug it in, give a few thousand cranks, and get to checking your news feed before you die of boredom.


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Cards Against Humanity

Ensure that you’ll definitely go to Hell when you die by playing the Cards Against Humanity card game. The rules of the game are simple, just use your creative wit to come up with the most offensive combinations to win this twisted game against your sick and depraved friends.


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Dual Drink Backpack

Not since the Kool-Aid Man walked the streets has drink dispensing been so portable. The Dual Drink Backpack allows you to easily carry around refreshments and refill drinks, making you the go to guy for keeping the party alive and kicking.


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Here it is - my 75 follower gift = my first ever CC! 

This is black framed wall art for The Sims 4. I studied this artist for my art GCSE, so I thought it would be cool to have some of his art in my game.

Original mesh: - EA/ Maxis

Art:- Phil Noto

Made with:- Sims 4 Studio

Download (dropbox)

I hope you like it, and thank you for following me!

Tetris Heat Changing Cup

Give your morning cup of coffee a geeky twist with this Tetris heat changing cup. This officially licensed twelve ounce cup will transform in seconds to a colorful game of Tetris when you add any hot beverage to it, making it a great gift idea for old school gamers.


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