I didn’t think we would get this since it had been so long, but I’m so so happy we did. I was expecting PAX presents, not Indy Popcon. I remember so many of this gifts either from people walking around with them (someone told me a story about the giant magnetic warfstache) or lying on the table when I get to meet Mark…He even unwrapped one of my pieces (Sir “Not Appearing In This Gifset”) and it was just such a heartwarming thing. 

Thank you Mark. Thank you for giving us this. I am so excited for your promise of greater involvement in the community. 

Markiplier Opens Your Presents

my little cousin saw marian and drew her ^^“
their commentary on marian:
“She has glasses like you, (anon’s name)! I like the bucket she has! I have a bucket too! I use it at the beach! But the beach is bad for squids!”

OHMYGOSH! This is so cute and adorable. And the commentary is top notch. Please give your cousin my biggest thanks and tell I love this! <3