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dedicated to my sister @goodiewhemper bc im a Good Brother also hance is her vld otp and honestly,,,,, who can blame her,,,,

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James McAvoy’s Filmography summed up in Onion Headlines (pt 1/?)

shout out to @samerulesapply​ again for some help!

For those of you who never got to see the deleted scene where Alex Summers talks his brother Scott into going to  Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters.

It makes me sad some people still haven’t seen it because I love it.

mortal instruments characters as high school stereotypes
  • clary: the 'artsy' kid
  • jace: the fuqboi
  • alec: the closeted gay
  • magnus: the proud gay
  • izzy: the it girl
  • simon: the geek
  • tessa: the fangirl
  • jem: the 4.0 gpa orchestral gifted student
  • will: the class clown
  • julian: the hopeless romantic
  • emma: the athletic one
  • mark: the exchange student
  • tiberius: the loner
  • livia: the sweetest
  • drusilla: the goth/emo
Best Teacher In The World

Kindergarten Teacher!Dean x Reader

A/N: I saw this post about what a great kindergarten teacher Dean would be, and I totally agree, so this one-shot followed. It’s just fluff and Dean being adorable. What’s new?

Word Count: 2100+

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“…re you go, buddy. You call me if you need any more help, all right? Natalie, you good there?”

Knocking on the ajar door, you peek into the classroom to find the 5-year-olds on their morning break, eating and talking, a teacher with them who’s currently helping a little girl opening her bottle of apple juice. The same teacher your friend keeps telling you about, the same teacher everyone is in love with, according to her. Dean Winchester. She’s mentioned him so many times that his name is now seared into your brain.

“Can I help you?” His eyes find you, and right then it’s easy to figure out why the moms like him. He’s way too attractive.

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Clark back at it again with the domestic Victuuris


  • Victor LOVES being little spoon. His ideal position is cuddling Makkachin with Yuuri wrapped around his back like a Koala. 
  • Yuuri also kisses the back of his neck when he first wakes up. It’s something they started doing when they first started cuddling (Since morning breath kisses are gross)
  • Yuuri LOVES being big spoon but for his mid afternoon naps he prefers cuddling Makkachin in Victor’s hoodies over everything else. 
  • After a rough week Yuuri likes being little spoon/sleeping with Victor REALLY close because he has nightmares that the last year was a dream and he’s back in his form or Hasetsu. 
  • Victor also has nightmares but they tend to be the quiet type where he’ll tense/tighten his jaw in his sleep.
  • Makkachin, thankfully, has learned to wake up New Dad when this happens to help Dad. Dads then talk and cuddle more and Makkachin sleeps on their feet then. 
  • Victor likes to nap on his back on the couch. He sprawls out legs throw over the armrest head cushioned on the other one. Usually he’ll put on music and idly think of show ideas until he falls asleep.
  •  After him and Yuuri get together he starts falling asleep with a Yuuri shape hole next to his chest and the couch. 
  • Y’know that cliche of person A cooking and Person B sleepily wrapping their arms around them for good morning? Yeah. They’re both.
  • Even when they don’t cuddle they’ll wake up touching fingers, reaching out towards each other, or just turned towards each other in their sleep. 

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What is your gamemaster style. We talk abput three diffrent kinds and the disadvantages and advantages to both