I had the sudden urge to draw your beautiful baby! I hope I did them justice. 

You’re an inspiration and so are your characters. Keep up the amazing work, Selena! uwu

AAHHH!!!!! Sky!!!!!! she’s so cute  look at his lil finger guns aahhh THANK YOU!! <3


first time looking at this painting in daylight…and that’s what my face looked like seeing it for the first time…not into the face but like the dress and shoes

after i re-do the background and build some supports we will be complete to hang in my child’s room…oh yeah this is a gift for their big kid room

i wouldn’t sleep with this monster


Welcome To The MiracuHost Club Moi Petite Coccinella’s~!!! ❤️❤️❤️
For @pozolegirl ❤️ Thanks For Inspiring Me To Create This Blog~!!! I Hope You Like This And That You Have A Good Day~!!! 😊❤️❤️❤️

… EDIT: My Instagram Has Changed To: kitkatchatblanc !!! ❤️