Between some personal artwork, commissions and tumblr-updates, I think I can afford myself doing some giftarts for other amazing artists.

Now, have this piece of our beloved Ayasha! Her mod’s birthday is today, and ooh… I almost ran out of time .-. Anyway, hope you’ll like it! ^^

Took a quick breather from part 6 of OM@H to sketch this out for Rebornica! :)

My dear, you’ve inspired so much!  I know times have been tough, and the pressures you deal with every day would weigh heavily on any person - I certainly can’t imagine it.

You’re a wonderful, creative person, and my Mewse is especially grateful to you for finally busting through my art funk and inspiring me with your drawings.  Now she’s spewing an endless stream of ideyas at me and I can’t ignore her! XD

Artman is a wonderful character and muse, and I know he’s played a huge role in encouraging you.  So here’s a thank you picture, from one muse to another! <3

Keep your chin up, Rebs, and keep moving forward! We’re cheering you on all the way, and we’re here for you, should you need us! ^_^