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ML Secret Santa Part 2

((okay i got a little carried away this is almost 8k GUYS I REALLY LOVE CHRISTMAS ))

‘A- Hey Marinette, there is a Christmas themed festival type thing happening in the park today. Would you like to go?’

Adrien sent the text with a smile, knowing that he had plans to see her that day but pleased to have actually thought up something to do. Their agenda had just consisted of “I’m free Monday are you?” before so now he waited eagerly in his room for her reply, happy to have someone to hang out with. He had felt the gap already, Nino barely able to even text since he had left Friday night and Ladybug calling their patrols off thanks to the cold weather. He didn’t know Marinette very well but he would like too, and he already owed her lunch so wandering some stalls as well sounded pretty fun, even if he wasn’t very good at social situations.

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etsyfindoftheday | gift blitz 2015: jewelry | 12.10.15

featured: metallic & engraved jewelry by littionary

  • arc minimalist earrings - gold, rose gold, or silver
  • secret message tiny engraved charm/pendant
  • gold engraved disc necklaces

littionary is a great place to start your hunt for the perfect jewelry gift — their wares are unique, affordable, and can even be personalized with names or initials to make ‘em extra special.

Compendium of Dangerous Dragons and Drakes: VOLUME 2

Throughout history there have been many mythological creatures that inspire awe and fear in the hearts of man. yet, only one such beast has brought true terror with only its name. Legends tell of many with scales as tough as shields, claws as sharp as swords. Mighty wings that black out the sky and their very breath a harbinger of their destruction. 

Below, we have compiled a list of dragons created from our followers to inspire any story you as both a player or dungeon master might create. 

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