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Decorative Harry Potter Tea Set || Petite || Hand Painted

Available for purchase here!

I spent a really long time on this, and it means a lot to me, but due to the detail I probably will not make more than this, with the possibility of special commissions. 

Pregnant wizards and their Husbands


Natsu - “Natsu, I`m hungry”

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Gajeel - Afraid she will hit her

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Gray - “NO, DON`T LOOK! Somebody dies in there”

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Juvia - Was prepared for this her entire life

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Erza - “What do you mean my yellow dress doesn`t fit me?”

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Jellal - “Just a couple of months more”

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hey so aeropostale is declaring bankruptcy and they have pretty much all their clothes marked way down on their website, plus you can get an extra 30% off all clearance stuff (use the code EXTRA30 at checkout)

FRIDAY FRENZY | etsy find of the day 4 | 10.4.13

bath gift set by rightsoap

need a cute gift idea in a hurry? pick up one of rightsoap’s bath sets – it includes a beautifully crocheted washcloth and your choice of any of this shop’s all-natural vegan soaps! i’m a huge fan of their product photography, too.

etsyfindoftheday | 10.26.14

organic spring bath salt test tubes gift set by trulyaesthetic

this bundle of 10 bath salt test tubes is the perfect thoughtful gift — beautiful and deliciously scented, this tube combines organic herbs & flowers for a unique and lovely palette.


Dipper Pines + strength/ fighting abilities



A box full of Russian candy! (from eBay)

What’s in the box:

- 1 Alyonka chocolate bar (divided into separate mini-bars, each foil-wrapped)
- 1 packet of chocolate-covered caramelized nuts
- 2 Russian marshmallows
- 1 box of traditional khalva
- 1 bar of sunflower seeds brittle, 1 bar of peanut brittle
- 11 different candy bars
- 2 mini-bars of Alyonka milk chocolate
- 6 invidual candies (2 of each: Korovka - milk fudge, Batonchik - praline, chocolate-covered khalva)
- 1 tiny box of honey (1-2 teaspoon of honey)

Total 27 pcs, total weight 1.6 kg (3.5 pounds)

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