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Trolls the Beat goes on. Broppy?

Anybody else get the feeling that they are going to do the “will they, won’t they” angle with Branch and Poppy in the new series? 

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I’m only bringing it up because that's what they did with Hiccup and Astrid in the How to Train Your Dragon series. In the movie and short the “Gift of the Nightfury”, they were pretty much together, but in the tv series, they switched it and it took nearly 4 seasons for them to get together.

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Now I know both the production of the series, movies and shorts are produced by different teams, for both Dragons and Trolls, and I understand they probably thought the angle would be more interesting storywise. But it was a bit frustrating after a few seasons.

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Personally, I’m on the fence on which way they do it. On one hand its frustrating as hell. On the other hand, you get to see character development and some pretty sweet moments in the process of them getting together. 

So I guess my question is, what do people prefer? 
Do you want Broppy straight out of the gate or a little longer for them to become an item? 

ser-khallen  asked:

Which are the requirements to join the httyd fandom and in general dragons fandom? Teach me master!

Welcome to dragon training!

You should probably know:

• there will be 3 httyd films
• There are loosely based on the book series of httyd.
• There is also a TV show, the first season being called Riders Of Berk, second season, Defenders Of Berk.
• There are three animated shorts. 1) Gift Of The Nightfury 2) The Book Of dragons 3) Legend Of The Bonenapper.

Remember, Liking any one of these classes you as a dragons fan. However, you do not have to like all of them, to be a dragons fan.

Berk’s Grapevine is a great place to keep updated with the latest happenings.

Dragons Wikia is good for just knowing facts and info about everything.

The Official Website is also teasing us about HTTYD2 and stuff so you might wanna check there.

Screencaps can help you with your editing.

You can ship anyone & anything! We don’t care!
Any form of art is appreciated, whether its drawing, editing, writing…
There is HTTYD porn and this fandom can get really kinky when it wants to.
Don’t repost stuff.
Feel free to talk to absolutely anyone. Don’t be afraid to ask something about httyd if you don’t know because I know you’re late to the game.
tag your spoilers.

Here are some of the many awesome blogs you can follow:
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there are so many more but I cba to name them all.


Other animated are films are unavoidable, so you will see frozen, rotg etc whether you want to or not. 


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I have seen the first season of Dragons: Riders of Berk and am on to season 2 now. I was wondering what the difference between that and Dragons: Defenders of Berk (if there is one) and what Race to the Edge is so I can make sure I watch everything and in the proper order. I know Gift of the Nightfury and Dawn of the Dragon Racers are two specials kind of as well and I was wondering where those fit into the order of the series so I can watch everything in semi-canonical order (if there is one)

Glad to help! Yes, Defenders of Berk and Race to the Edge are different… you want to watch DOB first since it takes place canonically three years before the latter mentioned.

Canonical order in full is, as best I can reconstruct it (with TMI explanations for why I’m putting things where):

How to Train Your Dragon: Hiccup is fifteen years old in an anti-dragon world. I would place this movie’s events during summer. The weather is nice and green but Stoick is preoccupied about getting enough food before the weather turns worse. Since Hiccup’s birthday is February 29, he has only been fifteen years old for a few months.
Riders of Berk (Dragons Season 1): Hiccup is fifteen and early sixteen in a village which is just barely transitioning into living with dragons. We can easily postulate he has a birthday during this season because “Animal House” has to take place during the fall (Stoick comments they are having an early storm, so that’d be fall). The episode “Thawfest,” meanwhile, takes place in the spring after Hiccup would have had a birthday.
Book of Dragons: A semi-arbitrarily placed movie short. The teenagers talk somewhat knowledgeably about training dragons, suggesting they have had a bit more time to learn about them and train them. Still, they talk about some dragon species as though they have not encountered them face-to-face. This means it probably takes place during Riders of Berk. Its placement could be a little debatable in the fandom.
Legend of the Boneknapper Dragon: People can argue me on this one, too. There is no solid evidence of when LOTBND is, but it is still around the time Hiccup is sixteen. He makes a comment that the dragons never act up in town, suggesting it takes place after the early episodes of ROB when the dragons are still… uncontrolled. 
Riders of Berk (comics): Probably takes place between ROB and DOB because Alvin is still the main antagonist in Hiccup’s life; Dagur, the main bad guy in DOB, has not yet become a menace.
Defenders of Berk (Dragons Season 2): Follows right after the events of Riders of Berk. Hiccup is still sixteen, edging closer to seventeen by the end of the season. In one of the early episodes “Gronckle Iron”, Gobber makes a comment about Snoggletog approaching, suggesting that some of the later episodes in DOB happen canonically after GOTNF. Hiccup will have to be inching toward seventeen by the time of the season finale.
Gift of the Night Fury: Hiccup is sixteen years old, canonically about a year after the events of How to Train Your Dragon. Chris Sanders confirmed that bit of information once in a tweet, I believe, or so I was told by another fan friend of mine.
Dawn of the Dragon Racers (flashback): We do not know Hiccup’s age, but this appears to be one of the first times ever Stoick leaves Hiccup in charge as acting chief (Hiccup sort of has one horrible trial run in the comics before this, but that’s it that we know of). I am guessing that since the Regatta would need fair weather, it is in the late spring and Hiccup has just turned seventeen. He must be about to hit his growth spurt. Note that Dragon Racing does not occur in DOB, suggesting it has not been invented yet and that DOTDR occurs after the second season of Dragons.
Dawn of the Dragon Racers (present day): Hiccup is around eighteen, almost nineteen. I place this before RTTE somewhat arbitrarily, though my hunch is it comes a little bit before RTTE because he and his friends are on Berk, whereas Race to the Edge takes place off of Berk. Off of Berk he and his friends will be exploring for a while, so it makes more sense in my head for DOTDR to precede RTTE. RTTE is also rumored to be where Hiccup creates many of his inventions we see in HTTYD 2, so if DOTDR happened after RTTE, we would have expected to see some of that.
Race to the Edge (Dragons Season 3): The third season of DreamWorks Dragons takes place when the teenagers are eighteen and nineteen years old, a year and a half before How to Train Your Dragon 2. Hiccup is just around the age of turning nineteen here. So to answer your question, the big difference between Defenders of Berk and Race to the Edge is that they take place about three years apart from each other. The main villain from Defenders of Berk will return in Race to the Edge, so you definitely want to watch DOB first!
Dragons Season 4 [title unknown]: Takes place sometime between RTTE and HTTYD 2. No more information about this is known except that it also will appear on Netflix.
How to Train Your Dragon 2: Takes place when Hiccup is twenty years old. I am guessing it is during the fall, in which case Hiccup is twenty and a half years old.
How to Train Your Dragon 3: Don’t know anything canonically, but I’ll bet you anything Hiccup has just turned twenty-one.

In summary:

Other fans are totally free to dispute me on some of my guesses. But for you, friend, this should get the point across of what to watch in what order. The really important thing is just: HTTYD –> Riders of Berk –> Defenders of Berk –> Race to the Edge –> How to Train Your Dragon. Riders of Berk is season 1 of Dragons, Defenders of Berk is season 2 of Dragons, and Race to the Edge is season 3.

The book series by Cressida Cowell is an entirely separate universe and does not overlap with DreamWorks’ canonical material. In these books, Hiccup is between the ages of eleven and fourteen, and the only trick you need to know is that “The Complete Book of Dragons” is canonically written by Hiccup between books ten and eleven (”How to Seize a Dragon’s Jewel” and “How to Betray a Dragon’s Hero”).

So have fun watching the television series! I hope I didn’t spew too much information at you and that this gives you what you want!