Self-Care Band-Aid Tattoos by MotivationalTattoo. Wear one when you are feeling down, to serve as a pick-me-up and reminder. ♥

Gift ideas for the signs

Aries: band t-shirts, sparklers, skateboard

Taurus: vintage radio, scented candles, exotic chocolate box

Gemini: retro glasses, a signed copy of their favourite book, scrabble initial ring

Cancer: nostalgic photo collage, flower crowns, theatre tickets

Leo: designer perfume, champagne, silk lingerie

Virgo: typewriter, coffee travel mug, flapper dress

Libra: french vintage posters, macaroons, charm bracelet

Scorpio: leather jacket, doc martens, chokers

Sagittarius: wreck this journal, festival tickets, dream-catcher

Capricorn: pocket watch, leather bound diary, vintage telescope

Aquarius: lava lamp, vinyl player, hip flask

Pisces: polaroid camera, personalised mix-tape, water colour paints

Self Care bandaid tattoos from here. x