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Every woman loves flowers. Find out her favorite ones and surprise her for no reason with them. It’s a simple yet so meaningful gesture !

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Fluffy All Hearts Day

Cullen x Lavellan set in Skyhold after Corypheus (phone writing- forgive the typos/autocorrects)

Cullen paces up and down the battlements, trying to gather his courage. He had spent the last two weeks trying to find the perfect gift for her. Going so far as to speak with each of her companions to get their ideas on the perfect gift. Cassandra informed him a powerful and intelligent woman desired poetry. Read to her under a starry night sky. He had only barely managed to get away from her before she punched him in the nose for chuckling at the thought. Blackwall insisted flowers. The rarer and harder to get the better. Josephine suggested a night at the Opera, which earned him a heavy scolding as he scoffed at Orelsian theatre. Leliana’s offered one of her nug babies or to treat her to a wonderful pair of shoes. He politely declined both. Varric offered a personally hand written copy of Swords and Shields. Again Cullen turned him down. He didn’t dare ask Vivienne. Cole simply went on a risky speech about Cullen’s body atop of hers. He quickly walked away from that. Finally he spoke with Dorian and Bull. Bull had a “harness” sent to his office which he promptly tossed into his large chest without looking at. Dorian offered a vintage bottle of wine and a book on Tevinter sexual positions. Finally at this wits end he set down to writing. Something he did so often it came naturally. After all he was always tongue tied around her, never able to express himself adequately enough. He set it down in words. The first day he scratched out three pages. He let it sit and when she rode off to Val Royeux he read it over again. Three pages became a much more concise two and he was pleased with it. He took Blackwall’s offer and trudged up the mountain side and collected only a couple flowers. In his office awaited his little gift. He watched eagerly as her figure came bounding across the bridge. In a few moments she’d be back and he could give her the meager gift. One last time he sent a little prayer to the Maker that she would be pleased with his gift and that it would be enough. With a deep breath he watched her enter the gates as he entered his office. She would be by soon enough.

She’d ridden to Val Royeux in hopes of finding the perfect All Hearts Day gift for him. He would have known she was up to something if she’d had it crafted by someone in Skyhold. It lay strapped down tightly under her horse’s riding blanket. She’d spared no expense in finding one and procuring it; Mercy’s blade. The ultimate sign of faith and a collectible amongst Tevinter nobles, or so Dorian had told her. She thought it would be perfect. As she rode up she watched him disappear into his office. Which was fortunate as carrying the blade up would be impossible to hide. Dismounting she slid the blade, still covered off her stead. A quick nod to Master Dennet and she was off to his tower.

She didn’t even knock she tucked the blade behind her and carefully opened the door, “I do hope you aren’t busy, I can to give you a gift,” she radiated a joyous glow as she practically skipped into the center of the room.

“No, not at all. I was hoping you would stop by,” he has his back to her, shielding the flowers in their small crystal vase from her, clutching the letters in his hand.

“Happy All Hearts Day!” She unwrapped the blade as he turned to face her his eyes opening wide, “it’s a Mercy’s blade. I hope you like it!”

He suddenly felt overwhelmed as he placed the letter down on his desk fumbling behind himself, “Maker’s breath, this must have cost you a fortune! It’s incredible,” he stammered out as he took the hilt in his hand.

Grinning wide she walked around him, “are these for me?” She leaned down and sniffed the flowers, “they’re beautiful!” She noticed the letters and picked them up.

“Uh, those are for you as well. They are not as impressive as this sword.. I.. uh..,” he rubbed his neck with his free hand.

Unphased she read them over, tears welling up in her eyes, “oh Cullen,” she rushed him, wrapping her arms around his neck as the drops streamed down her cheeks, “this is perfect!”

“It is?” He placed the sword atop of his desk and gripped her tightly, “thank you my love.”

“Thank you ma vhenan,” she peppered his cheek and jaw with kisses before coming to rest her lips upon his.


#Superman #WonderWoman #supermanwonderwoman

With Valentine’s Day drawing closer, we have put together some gift ideas for couples or anyone really…because love is universal…to celebrate the day of love. But really every day should be for love.These gifts you can give to your loved ones or yourself. Superman and Wonder Woman are symbols of hope truth, peace, justice and love. They motivate and inspire us to be the best we can be.Together they form a powerful union. Balance. 

These gifts are meaningful but also fun.

1. Superman/Wonder Woman Kiss Statue.

2.  Superman/Wonder Woman Vol 1 Power Couple

     Superman/Wonder Woman Vol 2 War and Peace

     Superman/Wonder Woman Vol 3 Casualties of War

    Young Romance #1 ( an anthology of romantic stories of several DC                                                     couples, including ClarkxDiana)

    Kingdom Come

    Superman/Wonder Woman Annual #2

3.Justice League War Animated Movie

   Justice League Throne of Atlantis Animated Movie

4. Superman/Wonder Woman his and hers T-shirts and mugs.

5.Superman/Wonder Woman his and hers aprons, onsies, snuggies (both perfect for the winter months)  and towels.

6.Superman/Wonder Woman bracelets, phone cases, phone charms.

7.Superman/Wonder Woman action figures, itsy-bitsies, string dolls, Lego, teddy bears, plushies, Key chains, die-cast, funkopop.

8. Custom cushions and pillows, his and her socks

9. Pop art, paintings,  custom caricatures.

10. His and her ring sets.

Message us if you want any info re where to get these superwonderful goodies. Google is your friend if you want to check out the many more designs out there. Items can be found  via DC/WB Entertainment, Amazon, E-bay, Etsy etc.


Superman and Wonder Woman Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

You can start saving the the day together by drinking from his/her mugs. Shower and lounge in his/her robes and snuggies. Cook together in his/her aprons. Buy her or him that beautiful Kiss statue. Give a superwonderful card or better yet get it customized. Read the Power Couple graphic novel together. And then there are the rings. But most of all show your love for each other every day. <3


Valentine’s Day Ideas for the Single Superman and Wonder Woman

So we did one for the couples before , but not all of us are in relationships. However, that does not mean we singles can’t celebrate the sentiment behind Valentine’s Day. Love is universal and Superman and Wonder Woman are two heroes who embody this more than any other.

So pick out or buy your favorite Superman or Wonder Woman t-shirt or even the Power Couple Kiss shirt for your self or someone you care about. It can be a gift for your parents, brother, sister, best friend, son, daughter…anyone. Feel empowered. Show the world you celebrate the power of love too. You can spend the day doing a lot of things. Reading or working on that project you wanted to start or needed to finish. Or spreading the love to those who are not so fortunate and need a little help. 

You can rent or buy Justice League War and Throne of Atlantis and watch it with the family or your friends. Or just snuggle under the covers with your favorite snacks and enjoy. The Superman/Wonder Woman Power Couple Vol 1 is a great read for any comic book fan. It has everything- romance, action, drama beautiful art etc. A really nice gift for yourself or for anyone else. Or treat yourself to that Harley Variant of Superman/Wonder Woman #16 by Francis Manapul that is out next week 18th Feb. Spend time with those you care about and who value you. Hang out with your friends/ family and do something fun and relaxing. 

Love is not only for lovers, love is all around for those who choose to see it.