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Jimin on the Phone

Jimin: happy birthday daddy.

*Jungkook enters the room*

Jungkook: What… Today it’s not your dad’s birthday what are you talking abo-

*Stares deeply to jungkook*

Jimin: and don’t worry yoongi i bought you a gift



I’ve been meeting some cute rich and young guys on Tinder. The 30 year old bought me $300 worth of Alo Yoga clothes and invited me to Vegas. I’m really attracted to him but I hold off on sex for as long as possible. That’s when you get the most gifts!

My Santa Barbara daddy took me to the spa and we got a couples massage.

Then my boyfriend took me to Beauty N Essex for dinner then Republique for breakfast in LA. I’m totally loving Equinox Sports Club LA West LA ($300 one, $230). It’s seriously the best gym… my bf is paying for it ❤️

My boyfriend was being a bad boy so all of a sudden I became unavailable and now he’s checking my snaps 3 times a day and wants to hang out all the time.

My nail lady gave me the best advice… she told me to busy with my gfs but never make him think I’m with another man. I snap fun stuff I’m doing with my gfs all day. And only give them 75% love. Don’t ever fill them up or overflow. That’s how you keep them coming back!

Let’s do some more affirmations ladies:
We are attracting rich ass sugar daddies that are young, hot, generous, that love us. They will spoil us and buy us everything we want because we are powerful women!

I hope we all make it! Go work out, eat something healthy, and go find some daddiesssssssss!!!

All Of The Joker's Lines In Suicide Squad

“Doctor, Quinzel. I live for these moments with you.”
“What do you got?”
“So thoughtful.”
“There’s something you can do for me, Doctor”
“I need a machine gun”
“What do we have here?”
“Oh I’m not gonna kill ya. I’m just gonna hurt ya really really bad.”
“Question, would you die for me?”
“That’s too easy. Would you live for me?”
“Careful. Do not say this oath thoughtlessly.”
“Desire become surrender, surrender become power.”
“You want this?”
“Say it, say it!”
“Pretty, Pretty, Pretty, Pretty”
“Oh god, you’re so good”
“Are you sweet talkin’ me?”
“I like this guy”
“He’s so intense”
“Well that she is, the fire in my loins, itch in my crotch, the one and only the infamous Harley Quinn”
“Oh, Come to daddy”
“Listen, You are my gift to this handsome hunka hunka.”
“You belong to him now”
“You don’t want no beef? don’t want no beef? Don’t want no beef?”
“Look, are you enjoying yourself?”
“That’s right”
“Oh, we have got company.”
“Where is she?”
“Bring the car around"
“We’re going for a drive”
“Blah blah blah blah”
“All of that chit-chat’s gonna get cha hurt”
“I can tell you meant that”
“You’re gonna be my friend”
“This look neat.”
“Professor, would you pick up the pace.”
“Hello, baby”
“Come on baby.”
“Oh, you know I’ll do anything for you.”
“By the way, I’ve got some grapes soda on ice and a bear skin rug waiting.“
“This bird is baked.”
“Ok honey, it’s me and you”
“Let’s go home”

How daddy spent my birthday

Daddy spent the day fucking and sucking his new girl. I stayed home wet all day in my panties. When he came home he stuck his dick right in my mouth where it belongs. Finally before bed I got my gift. Daddy pounded into me from behind while telling me all Bout how he fucked her and made her came and how he played with her tits while she rode his cock. I came like an explosion. My daddy is so good to me on my special day


Chris Evans Wants to Be a Dad! | E! Live from the Red Carpet

Interviewer: “Does that mean Chris wants to be a daddy?”
Chris: “Chris does want to be a daddy at some point.”

Awwwww so cute!!!!!!! But also, so kinky when taken out of context 😂😂😂

anonymous asked:

So when daddy is mad or we fight he will ignore me for days and I end up feeling like everything is my fault. Since he has another little I feel like I'm just his plaything and she is the one he loves. What do I do?

you already know what to do. so do it.

and when you do it.. just block him. dont tell him youre leaving, dont try and discuss it. just block, and walk on. because hes roped you back in before to his cycles of abuse… he will certainly do it again.

Youre worth so much more than being the crud on the bottom of someones shoe. 

Your submission is a gift. 

Not someones toilet.

your fave is problematic: charles xavier
  • nerdy pickup lines 
  • doesnt believe in mutant supremacy even though he’s a goddamn geneticist 
  • dressed like an old man even when he was in his twenties
  • leaves his socks on the bathroom floor and forgets about them bc his feet “dont get cold anymore” and then he sticks his icicle toes up against me and laughs when i jump out of bed
  • looks good both with hair and bald he is literally the get u a man who can do both meme 
  • wont let me call him “professor sex” in front of Republicans anymore 
  • undermines my authority with the brotherhood with his monthly “how is erik doing” calls  
  • bribes my minions with gift baskets
  • basically a sugar daddy but refuses to admit it  
  • fundamentally opposes me on major political issues 
  • so cute i dont care that he opposes me on major political issues
  • visited me in prison and made jokes about conjugal visits 
  • naive
  • flirts with everyone but me 
  • apparently was flirting with me for twenty years but he’s very bad at it 
  • my children probably like him more than me because of that time he hosted sesame street 
  • his hands are really small compared to mine and everytime he holds my hand im afraid im gonna crush him 
  • the most powerful being on the planet and he also looks like that what the fuck 
  •  doesnt know how much things cost because hes disgustingly rich 
  • “how much could a banana cost erik? 5 dollars?”
  • still mad at me for kidnapping him during his speech at the UN even though it was fucking 1987 charles let it go
  • could easily take over the world and doesn’t because of “morals” 
  • all that goodness in such a fragile body is terrifying 
  • blanket thief
  • talks in his sleep about me and distracts me because then i have to stay up to hear what he says 
  • eyes are Too Blue 
  • smiles at me like im a nice person and then i have to be one 
  • still as beautiful as he was in 1962
  •  stole my heart
  • far too good for me  
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Suicide Squad | Sentence Meme

So even though I didn’t really care for this movie - the cheesy soundtrack, the casting, the overacting, etc. - the script was perfect for a sentence meme. So here ya go. A compilation of quotes from the film and deleted scenes, all wrapped up in a nice package. You can thank me later. xo

“I want to build a team of some very dangerous people.”
“My job is to keep you alive until you die. Do you understand that?”
“It’s taken me some time, but I finally have them.”
“You gonna come down from there or what?”
“Somehow, somehow, I’m gonna get outta here. And I’m gonna rain down on you like the Holy Ghost.”
“We’re bad guys, it’s what we do.”
“You know what they say about the crazy ones…”
“No money, no honey.”
“You are really in bad shape upstairs, lady!”
“Only my friends call me ____.”
“Oh, I’m not gonna kill you… I’m just gonna hurt you really, really bad.”
“Love your perfume. What is that, the stench of death?”
“I can’t wait to show you my toys.”
“Seriously, what the hell is wrong with you people?”
“Huh? What was that? I should kill everyone and escape?”
“It’s got a little bit of pasghetti in there - toenails, rat shit. Everything a growing fella needs.”
“Ya’ll jokers must be crazy.
“I’m known to be quite vexing, I’m just forewarning you.”
“You sweet talking me?”
“All that chit chat’s gonna get ya hurt.”
“Are you the devil?”
“Come on! I’m bored! I’m bored. Play with me.”
“I sleep where I want, when I want, with who I want.”
“I’m fighting fire with fire.”
“This is the exterminator you called for your rat problem.”
“My account’s looking a little thin.”
“I want you to come and live with me.”
“I know you do bad things. Don’t worry. I still love you.”
“Let’s just say, I put him in a hole and threw away the hole.”
“You know, I live for these moments with you.”
“I got you a kitty.”
“I need a machine gun.”
“Talk about a workplace romance gone wrong.”
“What do we have here?”
“What are you gonna do? You gonna kill me?”
“Oh! Party foul! Not cool!”

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Getting gifts from your sugar daddy

I was looking through my posts I’ve made, and realized I forgot to make this post which I promised long ago in one talking about asking for gifts at the beginning. So fret no more!

A lot of you know you want gifts in addition to your allowance. After all, who wouldn’t like getting thousands of dollars to pay your bills and tuition and anything else you need to afford along with getting treated to expensive, pretty shit? So I’ll help you here

Say you’ve been in your sugar relationship for a few months. You’ve gotten your well deserved allowance monthly, in exchange for some quality time spent with your gorgeous, witty, charming, and intelligent self. You know each other pretty well, right? USE THIS TO YOUR ADVANTAGE.

Over text, a phone call, or Skype, or maybe even your next date, put the suggestion on the table. An example (obviously tweak it a bit) is the following

You: how are you today?
Him: well, you?
You: so I actually have been meaning to talk to you about something.
Him: *says whatever the fuck*
You: I think we know each other well enough and have spent enough time together to bring some gifts into the equation. I know you enjoy new _________ and you know what I like in terms of material items. (Laugh a little here, and go on a “silly” little list which includes some things you want like a Dior bag or YSL shoes or something) I think treating each other to some things we like could add some extra excitement and closeness to our relationship. What are you thinking?

See what he says. Like I said in the other post, this is best done with a POT, but it isn’t impossible to do it with your SD.

Obviously the gifts you give him will be far less extravagant, but he knows your broke, so he’s not expecting a new 10k watch every now and then. He’s with you because he is either alone or doesn’t like his wife situation. With you it’s the thought that counts. Hope this helped dolls! Happy hustling