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12th Day, Month of Songs

I finally come to realize it ain’t enough just to have a tattoo. A tattoo is nothing but a pretty picture put in your skin. That’s all.

Contrary to most people nowadays my 90-year-old Oma loves handmade gifts. She really appreciates it that someone took the time and effort to make something especially for her. She is also the person who introduced me to cross stitching when I was a kid. And she’s the only one in my family who doesn’t give me strange looks for doing “boring old-fashioned needle stuff”.

So … Merry Christmas, Oma. Hope you’ll like this little candleholder. 💕

Wee Crochet Claire

So for the last few months I’ve been working on a gift for the amazing, fantastic, and wonderful @mybeautifuldecay! And I’m proud to say, she’s finally finished. It’s time to make her debut! She’ll leave with me and be my travel companion until she can be united with her very own Wee Crochet Jamie and live across the pond! I had so much fun making her and I’m excited to share her with you!