gift arts for peeps


(I know it was two days ago but Im still gonna say it)

A bday gift/fanart for these ppl who I admire: @skyriazeth & @huntertale-au !!

To Hunter/Shaun:
I hope you get your new laptop soon with all those ko-fis! (Idk how ko-fis work lol) And that pink hair is fabu af👌
PS: I (literally) drew the amount of ko-fis you get aka 94 ko-fis :“’D (idk how much you get now tho and I hope this is worth it)

To Sky:

To both of you:
I hope you had a great bday & have a great day! :D ♡ Again. Happy bday!!

@primaryconclusion for you, I’d draw anything - especially Magidbeleon ;)

It’s actually been quite awhile (translation: MONTHS) since I’ve drawn these two!! I’ve missed ‘em. And yeesh, when i compare my art now to the last thing I’ve drawn of gideon/mabel (or any of my gideon art, really) it’s a night and day difference 0_0

Like, my headcanons about them changed over these past couple months too! before i was like “idk if i ship em as kids…” and now i’m like “heCK YEAH let’s see some mab/gid bonding after the finale when mabel revisits gravity falls and reconciles with a way-less-psychotic, actually pleasant gideon and they become really close and she realizes what made them click in the first place and she notices she has a thing for skater bois uwu….” 

thanks for the request! ♥


Okay, so…this took longer than it really should’ve >>;;
But I wanted to draw something for this one blog I found and have grown to love called @skeletonsgrim :3 Decided to attempt a human form of their skeleton Grim, quite the charmer I must say. Checkout their blog, you won’t regret it!

Also I couldn’t decide which version I liked so we’re getting both lol

hey guys!! i’ve been a busy lately with a new job so i’m not here as much, but i’m still working on a bunch of stuff, like gift art for some cool peeps and a ulysses comic! not sure when i’ll be able to deliver on that tho haha (hopefully soon!)

anyway here’s a super rough wip of a younger moz with her older brother lakan. he absolutely unironically loves johnny guitar. moz thinks it’s okay. maybe she’ll like it if you stop playing it so much though, lakan.


I drew a Quisum today for sledgehammersong because how could I not? She’s saying hi to a momentarily startled Shirk, whose feathers seem to have gotten even more silly. 

Second, a little doodle of rowkey‘s adorable character that I found again recently!  I decided she should join this doodly little crowd of other peoples’ headchildren. :D

Lastly, the halfcanter I named Feldspar being a total goof. I’m not sure if that’s how halfcanter teeth are, so I  hope I’m not too far off the mark! The play pose was too fun to resist. Halfcanters belong to @nhyworks!


I apologize, this is my first time drawing your characters 


For lin-rinku ~ This is a kiiiiiiiiinda continuation to the pic he drew waaaay back: here (one of the first things I reblogged in this blog, too ;;~<3) XD

I still think the pic is so mad sweeeet with all the gifness and how they chill there hehe~ <3 And Smokey’s rad dude~! 
They have deep deep conversations I bet~~ XD