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Hey y’all, Amanda here! I know that I don’t post my work often, but I’m a big fan of making custom controllers and usually do it for friends as gifts however I am in need of some money so I’ve decided to open up controller commissions! Above you can see some of my most recent work (I also do other, older controllers so please ask if you have any questions). 

For prices it will depend on what you want done, but it will likely range from $80-$120+ again depending on what you want and the materials I’ll need for the job. You can private message me on Tumblr or reach me at with inquiries.

Reblogs and references are so so appreciated!! Thanks for taking the time to read!

It’s a [Tinder] Date! (Part 2/3)

Summary: Thinking he needs to find a date, Natasha signs Steve up to Tinder. In Queens, Peter Parker does the same to you. It’s a match!

Word Count: 1,314

A/N: I really love how this is turning out :) Enjoy it, guys!

Part 1

Originally posted by imaginingbucky

Impossible. It was impossible. There was no way. This really wasn’t Captain America. The person behind the screen was not Steve Rogers. There wasn’t. And so, you voiced it.

“It’s not him.”

Peter scoffed, nudging your side. “You don’t know that.”

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Trash Masterpost (AKA Fic Masterpost)

100% Cullen. Over a million words. Holy Andraste.

Everything is basically Explicit. If not, then mature.

In celebration of that absurd one million, he’s a recap of all the trash I have written in the past few months. Each title is a link to the fic on Ao3.

Story Centric Fics:

1. The Scars We Hide

A non-canon DAI story featuring a very broken Cullen, along with a shattered Elizabeth who just makes everything worse. Currently complete, working on the second part.

2.  The Girl Who Cried Wolf

A MGIT story about forgetting your past, and living a better life. Complete.

3.  The Rose

A Modern AU where Elizabeth gets dragged into the Inquisition, and has lots of sex with Cullen. Incomplete.

4.  The Man Who Can’t Be Moved

A fix-it story. Cullen is forced to stay on lyrium, but just when death is at his neck, a mage comes around and saves his life. Incomplete.

5.  An Author’s Delight

Another MGIT story. The author is thrown into DA with her favorite OC, Elizabeth Trevelyan. Expecting her and Cullen to fall in love, she eagerly awaits for them to kiss, only to find that Cullen has his eyes on someone else’s lips. Incomplete.

6.  The Scars We Miss

A short story that covers Inquisition in snippets. Complete.

7. After The Scars Are Shown

Sequel to The Scars We Hide. Don’t even know how to explain it. Incomplete.

8.  Behind The Lie

A Modern AU where Cullen needs a girlfriend, Elizabeth needs money, and they both end up needing each other. Incomplete.

9.  The Scars In Our Hearts

Soulmate AU. Not entirely sure where I was going with this. Incomplete.

10.  Jealousy

The advisors and Inquisitor head to Antiva, only to get thrown into an evil Court Mage’s cynical plot. At least, that’s what Cullen thinks. Apparently, everyone else is just blind, especially the Inquisitor, whom he hates, and totally doesn’t want to bang. Incomplete.

11. Madness And Her Muse

Elizabeth and Cullen meet in Kirkwall, before the Inquisition, parting on some strange terms. They meet up again due to the Inquisition, or perhaps, fate? Incomplete.

12.  Forget The World

ANOTHER MGIT. Elizabeth dies, gets sent to Thedas, and becomes Cullen Rutherford’s personal assistant.

13. Corrupted and Cured

An AU where the Inquisitor gets killed by a lackey of Samson’s, who happens to magically end up with the mark. Watching a mage fall to red lyrium is something Cullen never thought he would see, and he isn’t sure whether he wants to kill or kiss her. Incomplete.

14.  The Other Way Around

A Modern AU (sort of) where Cullen gets sent to the real world. Right into Elizabeth’s apartment. They flirt, while also trying not to show everyone that he’s from a place where dragons exist. Incomplete.

Smut Centric Fics:

1. Desire

Potions. Sex. LOTS OF SEX. Yup. Complete.

2. Temptation

More potions. More sex. A little more sensual, this time. Complete.

3. Sleep

Ever thought about trying to have sex while sleeping? No? Me either. Then I went on the kink-meme, and now I’m writing it. Incomplete.

4. Primal

Cullen masturbation. The world needs more. Complete.

5. Inquisitor’s Orders

A random idea spun into more. Sex with a plot. Incomplete.

6. Rumors

The very first thing I ever wrote. Elizabeth is tired of people pairing her with Hawke, so he kindly switches it around to the Commander. Awkwardness ensues, and so does sex. Complete.

7. A Moment Of Loneliness

For Valentine’s Day. For all you ladies who wish you had your very own Cullen on that stupid day, just like I always do.

8. Only Angel

Demonic possession. Lots of sex. A little feels. Blame it on the kink-meme. Incomplete.

9.  Just One Night

The result of talking with @fereldenpeach for hours on end. Loved writing this. Lots of sex, two women with a very handsome Commander. Complete.

10.  Lost In Wonderland

Another random idea. Cullen gets thrown into the middle of nowhere, and low and behold, there’s a beautiful mage there that he can’t help but fall for. In a sexual way. But also in a lovey dovey way. Incomplete.

11.  Careful Who You Sleep With

Basically: Elizabeth gets pregnant. What’s funny is she is right in the middle of the war, what’s funnier is that she never wanted kids, and what’s funniest is that she never tells Cullen. Complete.

12. They’ve Got Nothing On You

One shot spun into more. Varric tries to push Liz and Cullen together, only to find that they are more stubborn than he thought. Yet they learn, through trial and error, that maybe being stubborn isn’t so fun after all. Incomplete.

13.  Guilty Pleasures

I was drunk when I wrote this. Smut. Teasing. Yup. Complete.

14.  Trap

Dark Cullen, slightly non-con. Because who doesn’t love a little danger? Incomplete.

15.  Boredom

Modern AU office sex. That’s it. Complete.

16.  Her Love Turns Men Into Fools

One of my favs honestly. An AU Alpha/Omega-verse where Cullen is an alpha, Liz is an omega, and they have some great sex. Complete.

17.  Two Lonely Addicts

While Cullen is addicted to lyrium, Liz is addicted to alcohol. So they drink away their worries together, then have sex. Complete.

Random One Shots:

1. Water

A one-shot turned to more. Featuring red lyrium and revelations of love. Complete.

2.  Stay

Angst-fest. Two different ways one decision could have gone. Complete.

3.  Let’s Get Lost

Cullen goes to a strip club, and thinks Elizabeth is a stripper. Complete.

4.  Mistletoe

Satinalia special. Elizabeth saves Cullen from some touchy women. Complete.

5.  So What?

Another angst-fest. Cullen reflects on one bad decision. Complete.

6.  Rain

Kissing in the rain. Cause why not. Complete.

7.  Held

Holding hands. Cause why not. Complete.

8.  Shadow and Her Light

Art. Because art is amazing and I’d rather live in my car than pay rent. Featuring amazing art done by: @xla-hainex @spacerocketbunny @nsfwfrosch @star–nymph @cheekywithcullen @geeky-jez @baewall @lady-scribbles @kimberly-parker  @destinyapostasy @anafigreen @kf1n3 @sayurinitta @fleschybits and surely more once I find some more money in the sewers.

9.  Is This Intimacy?

A fic for art done by @xla-hainex because I couldn’t help myself. Complete.

10.  Chocolate

A short one-shot about eating chocolate. Complete.

11.  The Seven Stages Of

Yet another angst-fest. Cullen deals with the loss of his love. Incomplete.

12.  Miss You More

Sort of an angst-fest. Instead of Cullen being the one stuck on an addiction, it’s Elizabeth. Complete.

13.  Under The Moon

A prompt given to me by @presidentnerd about kissing under a full moon. Complete.

Not my OC:

1. From Lust To Love

A gift for @fereldenpeach with her lovely Evelia Trevelyan. Complete.

2. A Dreadful Night at Halamshiral

A fix it to one of @windysuspirations  fic’s, a rather touchy one about something horrible happening to Cullen. I couldn’t help but do the classic, “it was all a dream.” Complete.

3. Drown In Ecstasy

A gift for @princessvicky01 with her sexy Annabel Trevelyan. Complete.

4. Falling In Love

A gift for @mapplestrudel with her adorable OC Rona. Complete.

5. Living In Pain

A gift for @windysuspirations with her cute Perrine Lavellan. Complete.

6. If It’s Not Rough It Isn’t Fun

A gift for @roksanalyasin with her alluring OC Valina. Complete.

Would you look at that! ONE MILLION WORDS. All of it Cullen! (Minus one original work I didn’t bother putting up here). I never have considered myself a writer, and still don’t, but a million is a frick ton of words. That doesn’t even count the stuff I’ve deleted, rewritten, or the 73 WIP’s I currently have.

Let’s just hope my fingers never fall off.


Dylan surprised me with a gift using some of his tax return- I am so excited I stayed up till 6am learning all the things! He woke up and was not shocked to see the first thing I went to work on was Hannibal related. *grins*

No more mechanical pencils and smudgy paper!

It’s an XP-Pen 22" HD tablet, and lord it is AWESOME. My eyes are burning from sleep deprivation so- here, a slightly Cuban-tanned Will Graham with his lovely face wounds, after 67,000 redraws.

My first digital art post!

Not that I posted much of my dog-chewed sketchbook before~ *shrugs*

A headcanon yeyay……when they were little edd would act like a cat just to piss tord off xdd

or maybe because he liked cats and was secretly a furry

this was for the TordEdd week ( the blog is called @baconcolaweek ) ? and honestly I’m loving the days… I gotta do them all and I’ll post my headcanons and art here uwu hope you don’t mind and take it as a gift or smth for being so inactive and stuff lol idk if keep this blog up or just post MY headcanons (sorry omg) hdkwhfj anyway hope u like it gjwjf

dallas-cade  asked:

I came from your art of my otp ( Jally ) and I'm so glad I can finally follow man, your art is so beautiful and I love all the colors you have and I'm weak, keep up that good work

@montherze yknow what bud. thank you so much. i’m real glad that my outsiders ugly brought so many people over here, and you are very very sweet. please, take this 

a gift from me to you ;7


Here’s a gift for @thecompletebookworm!

The prompt was: season 1 AU with belle

I took a fair amount of liberties here with the prompt. Basically, we have an AU under the curse where Henry is trying to wake up Belle. She thinks it’s all very silly but keeps having dreams (as does Rumple) and then finally gets the Book and remembers. Cue kissing, dancing and baby Gideon. (Note: Neal is 100% alive in this AU.)


As requested, here’s pretty much all of my ONS merch that I haven’t already sold/given away for prizes (some pieces were gifts while others I bought either for myself or as a request for posting):

  • All released volume in Japanese, the fanbooks, special editions 8+11, Serapuchi!, and all the Guren LNs including the special edition. The 2 Jump SQ volumes have ONS on the cover and the smaller Shonen Jump Weekly includes the special chapter 0.
  • Then we have Kagami’s autograph.
  • Both Japanese box sets and the Funimation box set, 2 special book covers, and Guren perfume.
  • Studio Pablo background art book/DVD, ONS illustration booklet, anime art works book, and both season’s drawing works books.
  • All special cards/postcards and OSTs.
  • Buttons/key-chains.
  • Clear files and musical DVD+pamphlet.
  • Lastly, the folder holding all the cut out sections of Jump SQ including ONS (and a few others) from when I posted raws from Japan. It’s definitely an over capacity folder lol.
  • I do have some posters as well, but I didn’t feel like digging to find them and they’re torn up form the trip overseas anyways.
Clexa Valentine’s Day!

Hey everyone, with all the grim things going on in the world I think we all need a bit of a pick-me-up. Valentine’s day may be considered a Capitalistic nightmare by some, but it’s the perfect day to spread some love around the community. We’re looking for people to sign up to spread the love on the 14th to your match! We recommend doing this by making something just for them – cheesy valentines cards, memes, fics, art, moodboards, poetry – whatever you want! You just need to leave them a gift and a nice message on the day!

How To Participate

 You just sign up by submitting your tumblr URL to the form here and then we’ll assign you a Valentine. Once you receive your Valentine, you don’t have to do anything until the 14th. Remember - this is a one day event only for Valentine’s Day. You’re expected to create a gift for your Valentine - it can honestly be anything creative and as silly or as serious as you want  - and to also send them a message (via asks). 

Once the 14th comes round, submit your gift and a message for your Valentine and thats it! If you want to reveal yourself later, thats fine but for the day, keep it anonymous! 


-       Its recommended to stay anonymous, but if you want to reveal yourself after the 14th, feel free!

-       If you want feel free to chat anonymously with your Valentine, much like the Secret Santa, to get an idea of what they like and what they’d want to receive! Alternatively stalk their account! 

-       We also recommend leaving submissions open for the 13th-15th just to cover all timezones – who knows where in the world your Valentine will be!

-       If for any reason you enter and get a match then won’t be able to participate please let one of us know as soon as possible. We totally understand and don’t mind and will find a way to fill in the gap!

-       Sign up ends on the 7th. This gives you a week to create and prepare!

-       Tag it with ‘Clexa Valentine’ so we can all see!

-       This isn’t meant to be romantic – its just a bit of fun!

-       If you have any questions at all, please send me or @swan-heda a message and we’ll try to get back to you ASAP! 

This is a picture for @not-so-daily-gio-gio which I’ve followed a few hours ago and fell in love with her art.

But I’ve also noticed that you were not in a really good mood, and I wish you’ll feel better soon, thanks for not leaving us and remember that you’ll never be alone <3

This is a gift from me and @ask-the-hybrid  , but again, I hope you’ll feel better soon!

The Last Unicorn - Part One

Summary: Arin’s just a normal college student. Until one day, he gets involved with people with magic blood. Especially one man with siren’s blood. The catch? Arin’s immune to all magic.

Genre: Fantasy, College AU, Mystery, Humor, Egobang

Warnings: swearing

A/N: Was I planning on posting this? No. Do I regret posting this? Still no. I don’t know how often this’ll be updated, but I’m treating this like a fun project. I really enjoyed writing this concept. Please, please, let me know what you think of this!!

It was raining again.

Arin shouldered his bag, standing from his spot in the empty library and walking out the doors. It was almost two in the morning, so it’s no wonder the college campus looked deserted.

His fingers tightened on the backpack straps, and he blew out a puff of indignation. Served him right for staying here, overworking himself by sketching designs for his latest project.

Arin set off into the night, jogging slightly since the light drizzle looked like it might turn into a downpour at any moment. Arin clutched his bag tightly, hoping the sketch designs wouldn’t get wet.

He paused as he passed the arts building. His mind kept screaming: Go to your dorm! Go to bed, you idiot! But he found himself stumbling in at this ungodly hour, his feet automatically taking him to his favorite empty studio room.

As he flicked on the lights, the familiar scene of his own private escape from reality washed over him. Countless art supplies and half-finished scribbles littered the room, and he gingerly set down his bag to rifle through the loose sketches to file away for later.

The hair on the back of his neck stood up, and he felt the urge to flee overtaking him. Arin sat up, looking around quickly, but of course there was no one else in the tiny room. He rubbed the back of his head, lips pursed in frustration.

Arin stood, shouldering the pack again as he left, securely shutting the door behind him as he tried to erase the eerie feeling from his mind. He had a sketching class early tomorrow; he needed to get some rest.

By the time he slipped quietly back into his room, ignoring his snoring roommate, Ross, he’d managed to convince himself the ominous feeling had been a product of his sleep-deprived brain.


Arin definitely regretted his late-night escapades the next morning when he heard Ross yawn and shuffle to get ready for class.

“C’mon, Arin. We both have that sketch class today, with a live model. We can’t skip or the professor will have our heads.” Ross’s slight Australian accent punctuated his words, and Arin groaned as he rolled over.

“Besides, it’s your own fault for staying up so late,” Ross decreed, throwing a shoe at Arin’s hidden form. “Get up, or I’ll leave you here.”

“Mmkay, alright,” Arin grumbled, finally pushing off the bed to get ready. He was pretty excited about sketching their first human model, so it wasn’t all bad. He hoped it was a body type that was not referenced very often, as he needed practice with certain ones.

He was an art major in his third year of college, studying animation. His best friend, Ross, was studying the same thing. They’d actually met in a class freshman year.

When the pair arrived, there was a tall, skinny man talking to the art professor, dressed only in a blue robe. Arin supposed that was the model for today. He glanced at the man’s frame. He couldn’t have been much older than him. Maybe he was just earning some cash by modeling for the university.

He got out his supplies as more students trickled in, and he was setting up his sketch pages when he felt that same prickling on the back of his neck.

His eyes immediately went to Ross, who was busy next to him setting up his own stuff, but the Australian didn’t seem bothered. Ross caught his glance. “What?”

“Nothing, nothing…” Arin trailed off as he turned, nearly jumping when he realized the model for today was standing directly in front of his easel.

The model was staring at Arin intently, his brown eyes wide. Arin bit his lip and shuffled, unsure of what to say. “Uh. Are you our model for today?”

The man blinked, as though surprised to hear Arin talk, and slowly nodded. “You’ll be painting me, right?”

Arin’s eyebrows furrowed. “Yeah, I mean, I’ll be sketching you. We’re not painting today.”

The man’s lips thinned, as though he were displeased to hear this, and seemed to think about Arin’s statement for a while. “I guess a sketch is good enough,” he mumbled, his eyes not leaving Arin for a moment.

“Um, okay?” Arin was at a loss. What’s up with this guy?

The model nodded, as though they’d agreed upon something, and suddenly looked very serious. “Sketch me as well as you can.”

“I-I’ll do my best?” Arin squeaked, leaning back. He considered calling the professor over.

The man looked troubled, but seemed to register Arin’s discomfort, and smiled apologetically. “Sorry. I didn’t mean to creep you out. I just want to be sure.”

“Well, I’ll draw you as well as I can,” Arin replied, but he got the feeling that wasn’t what the man wanted to be sure about.

“Awesome.” The model withdrew, going back up to the professor, and Arin felt completely unnerved. Ross nudged him.

“What a weirdo. D’you know him?”

Arin shook his head, staring down at his easel. “I have no clue what all that was about, dude.”


Arin tried to focus as the professor started class. The model slid onto the stool in front of the students, slipping out of his robe and taking a striking posture on the stool. His eyes were still focused on Arin, as though he were modeling just for him.

Arin’s face reddened, but he studied the sharp angles of the man’s body as he stilled. As he started moving his pencil over the paper, he suddenly felt all his anxiety wash away. It was like nothing existed but his art and himself.

He focused on the curves and plains of the body, lightly fluffing the model’s hair and spending quite some time on his jawline and facial structure. He traced down his arms and his willowy fingers, to his narrow waist.

He jumped when the professor stood, telling everyone their time was up. His eyes flew to the clock, astonished to see that indeed, an hour and a half had passed.

The model was still staring directly at him, and Arin studied his sketch. Not bad, he thought, pleasantly surprised. He’d captured the model’s likeness very well.

He pulled down his stuff, packing away his supplies and rolling up his sketch paper. He waved at Ross as he left, since Ross had a class right after this. Arin had just finished putting everything away and slinging his backpack on when he realized the model was standing there, studying the rolled-up sketch.

Arin picked up his sketch uncertainly, pursing his lips. “Um. Excuse me.”

The man jerked up, as if realizing he was being watched. “Sorry. Can I look at your sketch?”

Hesitantly, Arin offered the rolled sheet, and the man took it, unrolling it. “Uh, what’s your name?”

The model’s eyes flicked up only briefly as he looked at the sketch. “I’m Dan.”

“Oh. I’m–”

“Arin Hanson.”

He blinked. “Yeah…”

Arin waited, fidgeting, as the other man pored over the drawing. He wasn’t really sure why this guy–Dan–had such an obsession with his drawing, but he reminded himself that he just had to finish showing him the sketch and then he’d never see him again.

Dan looked at him. His eyes were shining. “Arin Hanson?”


“Can I ask you something?”

Arin blinked again. “Depends on what it is.”

“I want you to meet me in your art room tonight.”

“Wait, wait? You know about my practice room?” Arin reeled back, taking a step away from Dan. “Why do you want to meet me there?”

Dan leaned forward, earnest. “It’s really, really important. Please, Arin Hanson?”

“Fine, fine, I’ll meet you there.” Arin grabbed his sketch back, rolling it up. “At seven. Does that work?”

Dan’s eyes gleamed as he smiled. “That works.”


Arin tossed his backpack onto his bed, stretching. It was six-thirty and he was considering not meeting the weirdo from earlier.

He glanced at Ross, who was messing around on his phone. “Hey, dude…what’d you think of that guy that modelled for us today?”

Ross glanced up, unperturbed. “What about him? He was a good model. Didn’t move an inch the entire time. Although his damn hair was hard to draw.”

Arin nodded. “Yeah, I just…did he seem weird to you?”

“I mean, besides telling you to draw him perfectly, he seemed normal.” Ross returned his attention to his phone. “Probably was just full of himself and wanted to see himself look perfect. Why?”

“No reason, I, uh, just got a different vibe from him.” Arin bit his lip. “I’ll see you later, man. Gotta, uh, pick something up from the art building.”

Ross waved as Arin headed out the door.


Arin opened the door to his unofficial practice room uncertainly, flinching a bit at the sight of Dan seated, waiting for him. Dan was interestedly studying all of the loose drawings scattered over the room.

Arin pushed the door open fully. “Hey. Why’d you call me out here?”

Dan whipped around, clasping his hands together in excitement. “I’ve been looking for you for a long time, Arin Hanson!”

“What? Why?”

“You have the gift!” Dan looked almost giddy. “You have the gift; I wasn’t sure at first, but once I felt the portrait you did of me, I was certain beyond a shadow of a doubt. After all, I could feel the magic much better. I’m so glad I was able to find you!”

Arin’s eyes kept widening throughout Dan’s outburst, and he held up his hands. “Whoa, buddy, slow down. What magic? What gift? Are you feeling alright?”

Dan suddenly seemed agitated, jumping up to pace around the room. “Duh. Of course you don’t know, that’s obvious…”

He suddenly looked up. “Arin Hanson. Do you believe in people with magic blood?”

“Magic…blood?” Arin repeated slowly. “No…magic doesn’t exist.”

Dan scoffed, rolling his eyes. “I forget that humans think like that sometimes.” He made a face. “I can’t believe I have to explain this to you of all people…”

Arin was becoming increasingly alarmed. “Look, I’m just gonna…”

“You can’t leave!” Dan yelped, suddenly frightened. “Please! Just listen to me!”

“Alright,” Arin conceded. “I’ll listen. But this sounds crazy, you know that, right?”

“Yeah, yeah. But please, just listen.”

Arin sat as Dan began. “There’ve been a number of magic people living alongside normal humans for centuries. We inherited magic blood from creatures long, long ago, and the blood is passed down through generations. Magic blood doesn’t alter our physical appearances, but it does imbue us with a certain ability or gift. Each magic person is different, even if they have the same creature’s blood. For example, two people with centaur blood might have different abilities.”

Arin’s brow furrowed. “Okay…”

“But there’s a type of magic blood that’s much rarer than the others. It’s the blood of a unicorn.” Dan’s eyes lit up. “Around twenty years ago, a magic person was born with the blood of a unicorn. Of course, the magic community was ecstatic, since a person of unicorn blood hadn’t been alive for decades. There was fear that the bloodline was extinct.”

Dan paused.

“But then the baby went missing. It’s still not known to this day why. The parents were slaughtered horribly, and the baby simply vanished, never to be seen again. There are rumors, of course…” Dan trailed off. “Rumors about what happened to the baby, who was responsible…” His eyes darkened.

“Ever since, an organization called the Preservation of Magical Bloodlines has been searching for the baby, even if it took years. The only problem was that the child obviously wouldn’t know their true identity if raised in a human world. They also looked exactly like every other human, so it took a long time. I joined the PMB five years ago.” Dan sat up straighter. “I wanted to meet the person with unicorn blood so badly. I wanted to know what kind of person they were. And now here you are!” Dan looked so excited, and Arin thought he might hyperventilate.

“Wait, wait, so you’re saying…that person is me?”

“Yes! Your drawings revealed your identity. They radiate magic. There aren’t a lot that are born with heightened artistic ability, but yours simply oozes with it. Only a person with powerful blood could possibly draw like that.” Dan scooted closer. “Then there’s the matter of you being immune.”


“Magic doesn’t affect you. I tried my song on you multiple times, but you simply ignored it. Extraordinary! I knew then that you were probably the one, but I wasn’t completely sure until I held my portrait in my hands and felt as though my very soul was on fire.” Dan was smiling. “Since I was the subject of your art, I could feel a connection no one else can. It cinched the matter. All that’s left is to run a test and affirm your magic.”

“Look, Dan, this sounds really cool and all, but magic doesn’t exist. I dunno if this is a prank or whatever, but…”

“It’s not! I wouldn’t joke about something like this.” Dan looked desperate, and Arin was about to apologize when the door burst open.

“Stop!” Ross yelled, falling into the room. He looked around, panicked. His eyes set on Dan, and he suddenly looked angry. “You can’t tell him!”

Dan stood, face flicking between the pair. “Why not?”

“He’s safe!” Ross looked angrier than Arin had ever seen him. “Have you already told him? You idiot!”

“Whoa, Ross, what’s wrong?” Arin placed a hand on his friend’s shoulder. “You know this guy?”

Ross deflated, groaning. “I can’t believe this. I can’t believe I didn’t put it together that you were after him.”

“Why wouldn’t I tell him?” Dan demanded. “He’s got the most legendary blood of all! He has a right to rejoin the magic community!”

“No!” Ross screeched, stepping towards the other man. “Don’t you get it? He’s safe here! Humans can’t hurt him! The magic community doesn’t know where he is, so they can’t get to him, either! You think he asked for all that?”

“You knew?” Dan yelled, suddenly angry. “You, a satori, knew who he was and didn’t tell the PMB? How long have you known?!”

“Shut up, both of you!” Arin yelled, silencing the pair. They glared at each other before turning to look at Arin, contrite.

“Let’s get out of here, Arin,” Ross started, but that angered Dan.

“No! It’s selfish of you to keep him from reaching his full potential. He deserves to know who he is!”

“I said, shut up!” Arin repeated, and looked at Ross. “You knew about this? About this…magic stuff?”

Ross shifted. “Arin–”

“Just tell me, Ross,” Arin begged. “Is this all crazy? Made up? What the fuck is going on? Please, Ross.”

Ross bit his lip, and answered quietly after a few tense moments. “Yeah, Arin. I knew.”

Arin sank to the floor, shivering. “Then…then everything Dan told me is true? I-I have unicorn…blood?”

Dan squatted beside him, but Arin recoiled when he tried to pat his back. “I’m sorry, Arin. I didn’t mean for you to be so overwhelmed.” He glared at Ross. “If you knew, you should’ve fucking told him!”

Ross glared back, but didn’t answer, instead directing his attention to Arin. He knelt, too, his eyes regretful. “I didn’t want you to have to deal with this shitshow, Arin.”

Arin glanced at Ross, then at Dan. “Who…who are you, really?”

“I have siren blood,” Dan replied. “I have the ability to charm people when I sing.”

Arin nodded robotically. “Right.”

“I have satori blood,” Ross said quietly. “I can feel others’ emotions and sometimes their thoughts.” He glanced at Arin. “Except you. I met you, and I couldn’t pick up a damn thing from you. That tipped me off, and the first time you drew a silly cartoon of me, I knew for sure.”

“Then why didn’t you tell the PMB?” Dan growled. “You realize that’s against the law? To withhold that information?”

“I wasn’t about to send Arin into that mess,” Ross snapped. “He didn’t know. I wasn’t gonna make an idiot of myself and try to convince him. Even if I could, why would I? He was happy studying art and being human. Telling him would only force him into a world where he isn’t safe.”

“Not safe?” Arin repeated, his eyes darting to Dan. “What does he mean by that?”

Dan sighed, running his fingers through his hair distractedly. “Well, it’s true that…there are certain people…who want to use unicorn blood for their own purposes. There are people in the magic community who think we’re superior to normal humans just because we have a gift. They kinda…revere unicorn blood as the ‘purest’ form of magical being. They’ve been looking for you, too. They want to recruit you into starting a new age where magic people rule and all that shit. Basically, they’re tired of hiding their magic ancestry from the majority of the world.”

“Recruit me?” Arin asked. “Why would they specifically want someone with unicorn blood? Just because it’s so rare?”

“Yeah, partially, and also because unicorns are the only creatures immune to other magic. So, in a sense, you’re different than the rest of the magic community because magic can’t affect you, and obviously, you’re different than humans. So being that unique would be really appealing to people who think magic people are superior because they’re unique.”

“That’s a little confusing, but okay,” Arin muttered. He glanced at Ross, who was staring at one of Arin’s half-assed sketches sprawled across the floor. Ross looked morose. “Ross? Is this why you didn’t tell me?”

Ross’s mouth tightened. “Of course I knew about the PMB and all the shit that happened twenty years ago. But I never thought I’d actually meet the guy that disappeared.” He glanced at Arin, his face sorrowful. “Until then, I hadn’t given it much thought. But then I got to know you, and we became friends, and I suddenly realized you didn’t deserve that. I wasn’t about to pull a fuckin’ Harry Potter on you and send you into a world where everyone either adored or wanted to use you.”

Arin moved to sling an arm over Ross’s shoulders. “I get it, buddy. I probably wouldn’t have believed you anyway.” He glanced at Dan. “I still kinda think this is all some elaborate joke.”

“It isn’t,” Dan said, his gaze fixing on Ross. “That guy still needs to face his crime of withholding information.”

Ross sighed, but Arin immediately hardened. “No! He did it for my sake. I don’t care about your stupid laws, Ross didn’t do anything wrong.”

Dan frowned. “But he–”

“If you’re gonna prosecute him, I’ll just claim he told me years ago and I just didn’t care,” Arin threatened. He wasn’t gonna give up on this. Ross was his friend, and the only person he felt he could lean on right now. He wasn’t about to let some dumb law carry his friend away.

“Alright,” Dan conceded, obviously annoyed. “I’ll let it pass. I’ll tell them he had no idea and just thought you were a really gifted artist.”

Arin relaxed. “Thank you.”

Dan’s eyebrow quirked slightly at that, but didn’t address it. “C’mon. I need to get you to the PMB right away.”

“Now?” Arin’s eyes widened. “It’s eight-thirty, man. Can’t it wait?”

“Absolutely not! Now that I’ve found you, you’re not leaving my sight for two seconds. Let’s go. You too, whoever you are.”

“My name’s Ross,” Ross muttered, but he got up with Arin and they followed Dan out of the art room.


Arin fidgeted.

They’d been sitting in an office for the past twenty minutes. Dan had a hand resting on Arin’s shoulder. To anyone else, it would seem casual, but Arin knew it was just because Dan wanted everyone to know that he’d been the one to find him.

He glanced at Ross, who seemed pretty zoned out. Arin couldn’t blame him. He was starting to get restless, too.

Finally, an official-looking man burst into the room with a woman right behind him. He glanced at the trio, mouth quirking when he spotted Dan.

Dan moved to shake the man’s hand. “Dr. Wecht.”

“Mr. Avidan. It’s good to see you again.” The man–Dr. Wecht–shook Dan’s hand firmly, but his eyes never left Arin’s face.

“Um. Hi.” Arin said quietly. “I’m–”

“Arin Hanson.” Dr. Wecht moved to stand in front of him. “No doubt you have a lot of questions. This must be quite the shock. However, I can assure you that you will be protected and you may carry on with your life as normal.”

“Protected?” Arin asked, but then the woman moved forward to smile and shake his hand.

“Pleased to meet you, Mr. Hanson. I’m Suzy Berhow. I work in the Concealment Department.” She motioned towards Dr. Wecht. “Brian here heads the Investigation Department. We’ve been working together to find you for a long time.”

“Call me Arin,” Arin muttered, shaking her hand. She was a stunningly attractive woman, and she seemed kind and charismatic.

“Good to see you, Suzy,” Dan said as he shook her hand. “As you can see, my efforts in Sector C4 paid off.”

“I just can’t believe you actually found him,” Suzy murmured, gaze flicking to Arin again. “He’s so cute, too. Sometimes I forget he’s actually our age.”

“Yeah,” Dan replied quietly. He, too, was studying Arin.

Arin shifted, looking away. They know I can hear them, right?

Ross turned to look at Suzy and Dr. Wecht. “Hey.”

“What is he doing here?” Dr. Wecht asked.

“He’s a close friend of Arin’s. He just happened to be with him when I revealed the truth,” Dan answered, his face hardening only slightly as he looked at Ross. Ross stuck up a middle finger in return.

Arin could’ve sworn he saw a grin flicker across Dr. Wecht’s face. “I see. He just so happened to be there.”

“Listen,” Arin blurted. “Ross didn’t do anything wrong. He didn’t know that–that I’m…whatever I am.”

Suzy nodded reassuringly. “Of course.”

“Well done, Dan,” Dr. Wecht said, turning to him. “I’ll have to speak with the higher-ups, but I don’t see any reason why you can’t just take this assignment. You did find him, after all.”

Arin blinked. “Assignment?”

Dr. Wecht motioned to Dan, and they stepped out. Suzy sat beside Arin, smiling sympathetically. “You see, Arin, Dan works for the Investigation Department. Specifically, in the Protection Agency. He’s a bit of a big deal there.”

“So his job was to investigate or whatever? To find me?”

“Dan’s been trying hard to find you since he started working here,” Suzy said softly. “It’s all he’s ever talked about since we were kids. He’s got a bit of an obsession with unicorn blood, I think. Now, I believe they’re going to assign him to protect you. No one else is better qualified for the job.”

“Protect me?” Arin repeated.

“I’m sure Dan told you about some of the…um, others that would like to exploit unicorn heritage. But don’t worry, with Dan around I’m sure there won’t be any issue.”

Arin looked at his feet. He could already sense the great deal of secrecy this place held, and knew they wouldn’t tell him everything, despite the fact that they’d been looking for him. Suzy wasn’t telling him everything, but he’d expected that.

“No one else will know your identity quite yet,” she went on. “Of course, we have to share our findings with the community, but we’ll try to keep your name under wraps as long as we can.” She smiled.

“Thanks,” Arin mumbled.

Suzy patted his leg, standing. “I’ll go get things sorted so you can get back to campus.” She nodded at Ross. “Nice to meet you.”

After she’d walked out, Ross muttered, “Wow.”

Arin glanced at him. “What?”

“She’s got succubus blood,” Ross explained. “She was trying to use her magic to assure you they have everything under control. Anyone else would’ve immediately believed her and not questioned it. But you didn’t believe she was telling you everything. I could see it on your face.”

“This place is so mysterious,” Arin said. “Of course I know they’re keeping secrets. I’m not an idiot.”

“But her magic couldn’t make a dent on you,” Ross repeated. “She’s pretty powerful, too. It wasn’t even aimed at me and I almost fell for it.” He leaned back, a small smirk playing on his face. “I see now why unicorn blood is so cool.”

“Shut up,” Arin laughed, bumping his shoulder playfully. “You just want to read my mind.”

“Sirens are notorious for being frustrated when someone doesn’t obey their song,” Ross tossed back. “It’s Dan I’m more curious about. Especially after what Suzy told us.”

Arin went quiet, pondering that. “Yeah. I’m glad he was able to fulfill what he wanted to do, I guess.”

Ross hummed, not answering, and Arin was left to his thoughts until Dr. Wecht and Dan reentered the room.

Dr. Wecht nodded at Arin. “It was good to meet you. This is only a branch of PMB Headquarters, but with you being found I’m sure the president and such will want to meet you, as well as some of the higher officials.” He preened a little. “The PMB is the main organization of the magic community. You haven’t even heard about the government departments we have here.”

“Look forward to it,” Arin replied halfheartedly, shaking Dr. Wecht’s hand again. He noted the doctor’s strong grip. “You have a firm handshake, dude.”

To Arin’s surprise, Dr. Wecht outright laughed. “You were right, Dan,” he said to the man, grinning. “I was using my full strength on your hand, Arin. It would’ve crushed anyone else’s hand into dust–I have minotaur blood. But you just commented on a firm grip. Unicorn blood truly is remarkable.”

Arin blinked, not sure how to respond to Dr. Wecht’s giddiness. “Um, thanks?”

Dr. Wecht chuckled again, patting Dan’s shoulder. “Dan here will be watching you, as a representative of the PMB. He’s very prepared for the job and we’ll do our utmost in ensuring your safety as well as hiding your identity from humans.”

Dan had been staring at Arin the entire time, waiting for a reaction. Arin tried to smile, but felt so tired all of a sudden that he knew it was half-assed. “Right. Sounds good.”

Ross seemed to sense this, standing up. “Let’s go. It’s fucking late and Arin and I have class tomorrow.”

Dan nodded silently, and Arin felt an unfamiliar chill down his spine.

What had he gotten himself into?


I don’t know how long ago the rest post about muscular trans women was posted or when these amazing people posted their selfies but when I saw them, something washed over me.
All of you looked so happy and feeling gorgeous and confident that i got inspired to draw you all! I’m sorry in advance if those selfies were posted on earlier stages of your transition, I can always take down the drawing, I have no problem on doing so! In order that are @rocketmermaid @lady-feral @snarlahazard and @sogay4rey

I hope you all are having a great day, you have lighten up my day just by being yourselves. ((NOTE: from the text post I reblogged the only one ibdid not post was @/that-dyke because she left tumblr and it feels disrepectful to post it here. If anyone knows if she would like to see the drawing please contact me.))

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Could I get a little prince Jyushimatsu?

This lil prince takes a looot of naps, good luck to wake him up! But don’t worry whenever he wakes up he is a very energic boy, he will always be here to cheer you up if you ever feel down. He is very needy, give him a lot of extra attention when he’s awake or he will be kind of grumpy, also give him a lot of gifts, he is a prince after all he deserves those! Don’t worry, he doesn’t need expensive gifts, even a handmade thing will make him super happy.


*FACEPLANTS* FINALLY. Oh my gosh I’ve been wanting to do gift art for people for mONTHS and my time kept getting away from me. >-<

SO HAVE SOME DOODLES. I wanted to particularly do some gift art for a few artists on here, whose characters I aDORE, that inspired me to start posting my GW2 stuff on tumblr. ;u; I only started playing GW2 back in October of 2016, and I had doodled my characters and made up stories for them, but I didn’t feel confident enough to post them or even know where to start. And then I browsed the Asura tag on tumblr and just saw ALL THESE AMAZING CHARACTERS AND AMAZING ART STYLES and they were all so interesting and fun, and it gave me that confidence to start posting my stuff too. Even if I’m still feeling a little nervous around here. @ w @; So…THANK YOU FOR HAVING AMAZING ART, AMAZING CHARACTERS, AND INSPIRING ME TO SHARE MY STUFF TOO! \( ;w; )/ YOUR ART IS AWESOME AND YOUR CHARACTERS ARE PHENOMENAL KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK. d(;W;)b

@gw2-oldroots @yurasura @kiqo-gw2-corner @flame-squad

Code Name: Serum
Title: Arrangement | on AO3
Universe: Avengers Academy
Rating: G
Summary: “You got me a cheese bouquet?”
“It’s an arrangement,” Steve corrects. “Meaning everything in here means something.”

Notes: For @capim-tinybang, inspired by art from @nim-lock

In between Sam’s enthusiastic suggestions, Rhodey’s advice, a tactical debate with Nat, and finally, a shopping trip with Jan, the purchase of one anniversary gift ends up being a Production with a capital P. But if the result of a good production was confidence, then this one is a very good one indeed. Steve feels incredibly dashing in a way he’d previously only dreamed of when Tony walks into his dorm and goes all wide-eyed at the sight of his boyfriend waiting there with a lush bouquet. 

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Here is a small gift for one of my all time favorite artists.HAPPY BIRTHDAY! @kada-bura this is their oc Mars! I love this little guy! But anyway Kada-Bura is one of the main reasons I started drawing in the first place, her art has been a very big inspiration to me and I wanted to give back somehow, so I attempted drawing this for her. I hope you like it! Keep up the amazing work Kada I look forward to seeing more of your art. And once again happy birthday💕

A few people have asked about or expressed interest in stirring up some Booshlr fanfic and art around here, so I think we should have big old prompt-a-thon event for August. My thought is to make it open to any kind of fan creativity. If the prompt is “Howard and Old Gregg get married”, we could have people writing drabbles, drawing fanart, creating a wedding cake or invitations, posting photos of a cosplay re-enactment, creating a gift registry… Something everyone can get involved in.

If anyone is interested, please give suggestions on where and how to post such an event so it is easily accessible for all. Let’s make this the Everything Bagel of Booshlr events!

To celebrate our fête nationale, here’s some info about Québec.

A French guy named Samuel de Champlain “discovered” Québec (the province) and founded Québec (the city), not taking into account the people already living there. But since they were brown and had no guns, they weren’t really people, were they? It caused some friction between the settlers and the native clans. 

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Sadly, the native population got pretty much exterminated through the decades, because that’s how colonialism works. =_=

There’s been a lot of friction between the French settlers and the English settlers over territories and religion, yadda yadda yadda, I wasn’t really listening in 4th year History class I was busy drawing, what you need to know is that the province changed a lot over the treaties. (Look how South we got!)

And one of the things that happened when Québec finally lost to the English, is that the English tried to assimilate the language and make them switch from Catholicism to Protestantism. But it never really caught on, and in the end, Canada accepted that the people living in Québec were different from the rest since, you know, they have a different history, language, religion and culture. 

Fun fact, for 200 years or so, the France kinda forgot to take care of their pet colony and let them alone in North-America, so while the language in European France changed, the one in Québec didn’t really, and we speak with an accent and vocabulary closer to Louix XIV than them. So yeah, “Le roé, c’est moé”

(sorry for the epilepsy warning, but this gif is too good to pass)

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There is a very delicate political debate about separation (Canadian government is no angel either) and two referendums happened, that ended in defeat for the Separatist party. I remember the last one, in 1995, and the endless political adds with simply “YES” or “NO” on them. The bad part is that it’s been proven, decades later, that the Canadian government interfered, using federal money, but you can’t turn back time and redo or undo the election. Since the results were 50,58% against 49,42%, you can imagine how History would have changed if no one had interfered… Americans can understand this, right?

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(Personally, I don’t really have an opinion about separation anymore. Right now our politicians suck and no one is ready to actually lead a country. We would appreciate if today’s elected officials would forget this nationalist idea and just get with current problems.)

We celebrate the St-Jean Baptiste (St-John the Baptist) on June 24 as our national holiday (and yes, it’s national and not provincial). It’s a very politically charged holiday, where the French language is used as a tool of remembrance, identity, art and sometimes, as a weapon. (Because of pretty strong xenophobia against English-speaking people who’ve lived here all their lives… god.)

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But, on the other hand..

I love living here. Moving to Montréal, thirty years ago, was the best gift my parents could have given me (and my yet-unborn siblings). This is a place where I could grow up as a woman, as a brown person, as a bisexual person, as an artist and a loudmouthed activist with opinions. Yeah, sure, nothing is perfect, there’s still lots of racism and even worse things, in the big city and elsewhere, but I still consider myself lucky to live here. I love this place and I’m gonna work hard to make it better for me and tomorrow’s kids, even if I have to indoctrinate an entire generation with my diverse books and animated series.

Also, it’s an opportunity to drink. I raise my glass to this messed up, complicated piece of land and weird people who helped me become the messed up and complicated woman I am now. 

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