gift art or whatever it's called

Athens the Spider Woman

(So I was making some macrame wrapped stone bracelets and thought to myself ‘If only I had arms like a spider" then this happened)

No one knows when she appeared in the Fiber Art’s back closet. Well it used to be just a closet, its now about the size of one of the dorms. Its become a rite of passage for art students to go into the room to give her something they’ve made. Those who have been inside say that she stays in the shadows. That a swarm of spiders formed a humanoid shape, took whatever they made, bowed and returned to the shadows.One girl said that she saw her face. That she had six eyes that shown like beetle wings and that she draped herself in red shawl. Its rumored that this shawl was the first gift ever given to her.

The student’s have come to call her Athens. She seems friendly enough, the only time someone got hurt was when they talked about the Myth of Arachne. Athens shot out from the closet, bit him,and returned to her home just as fast.  He nearly died but someone was smart enough to call the hospital. (He still has a scar) 

If you leave warm tea, caramels or a box of feeder mice she might give you something. It seems to depend on some people. Some got sweaters, some got woven jewelry; but one thing is always consistent. No scissors can cut the fiber and they are impossibly light

(I might write more later idk I just really like spiders)


anonymous asked:

Ur beautiful and ur art is fucking stunning and LAAAAANCE FUCK ME UP you draw him so well. Don't think I can't see those little bandages on his arms in BPJ or whatever it's called. FUCK. ME. UP. You're wonderful. Thankyou for sharing your gift with us because it's a really fuckin good one

;v; aw thank you!!! I LOVE DRAWING MY BOY!!! I’m happy you like <3