These seniors skipped their class trip to give their principal the gift of a lifetime 

When their principal, Courtney Vashaw, was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of cancer, students weren’t sure what to do. But when an opportunity emerged to pitch in, the school’s graduating class rose to the occasion.

Instead of taking a four-day “senior trip” to New York’s Rydin’ Hi Ranch, the class decided to donate the costs of the trip to go towards Vashaw’s medical care.


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We Lilit Created a set of roses ornaments!
Set includes:
Roses on the sides of hair.
Roses in the form of a wreath.
Thank you very much for your help Salem2342 !I love you!♥


  • Victoria of Roses
  • 2 accessory, mesh by Lilit
  • 5 colors, Search in earrings

Thank you for hairstyles Sintiklia and Nightcrawler


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