I wasn’t sure if I should post this or use an ask or what but…

We have never interacted, but I really love your stuff. I saw that you were going through a rough patch and as someone I admire, this makes me deeply upset. I know it’s not much, but I thought I’d make some art of Jill because I absolutely love your characters and I’ve learned a lot from watching your videos (currently wafting through A rank)

I hope things get better soon <3


Maaaaan that looks so nice, I love the pose and the tentacles/hair, that Burst Bomb ready to get thrown at people’s face and cover them in her ink or finish them off… Erm
And I just sneaked on your tumblr, I like your art! Also I’m happy to hear I helped you someway to improve your game in Splatoon!♥
Thank you so much for your concern and the amazing art! ;w;

Whaaaa seriously you guys are all amazing I cried all the tear out of my body over your cute messages and the gifts… This too much, but are making my day so much brighter.

srpelo asked:

WHAT IS THIS!?! YOU ARE STRONG INKY!! FIGHT AGAINST THOSE PROBLEMS!! neneneh I don't want a no! that's for pussies! you can do everything! just fight for it!, for example the job! hopefully internet can help ya with some commission... it's not like a job BUT HEY! earning money is good! and you know your style is... ehm.. wait.. BEAU!! THAT'S YOUR ART! you can solve every problem in time, you can do it Jill.. or Inky! SMILE AND FIGHT! SHOW YOURSELF HOW STRONG ARE YA!! i.)imgur.)com/lW7oLLv.)jpg

Oh my what a nice motivational sp… *sees the link* *GASP*

cm’here so I can smooch your hair

This is a little story I made based on your AU because it’s beautiful. It’s not done, but this is what I have so far, and I wanted to know what you thought before I continue. 

It’s been a good two months since Sans absorbed the human’s…, no.. Frisk’s soul. Sans had finally experienced something along the lines of true kindness and true love, just to have it ripped away at the last moment. They were going to see the surface together, “Out” as Frisk would say.

           “Who’s there”

            Why are you doing this to yourself?


Sans please. Stop.

“Orange who?”


“Orange you coming home soon, sweet heart?” the skeleton said, tears falling from his eyes onto the buttercups that marked the grave of Frisk.

Sans, I-I… you know I can’t, everyone’s happy, you’re all on the surface now…

“You know it’s funny, sometimes…. I think I can hear your voice sometimes, Frisk.” the skeleton says as he stands up.


“It’s a beautiful day outside, birds are singing, flowers are blooming, a beautiful day for a picnic, don’t you think sweetheart?” the skeleton asks aloud, expecting some kind of answer.

Sans walked out of the clearing of buttercups, missing the ethereal figure of Frisk floating above the grave. Tears falling from her eyes.

There’s so much I want to tell him…

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