if you’re still in 2013, well hey I’m from the future!

Anyhoo. Whilst 2013 is an amazing year (special thanks to our Queen), I also have a great time starting my Beyoncé-focused tumblr and share all my love for her with everyone else. All of my posts are greatly inspired by the people I follow and I’ve always loved the communities here because they’re all expressive of their respective fandoms and us beyhives for Beyoncé, of course. I don’t have any resolutions for the New Year but only to be a much better person and listen to Bey’s advice “Enjoy your life. It’s short” and that’s exactly what I will do starting January 2014. Which is now.

Anyway, just to show my appreciation, please follow these amazing people. They have inspired me a lot and some of them reblog and liked a lot of my posts which mean massive happiness to me ♥

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To all of my other followers, I also want to give out a massive thanks! You all know you can talk and message me anytime and we can become friends. 

XO,  Zee.