When I meet Harry I'm going to ask for a kiss on the cheek,

And he’ll be all:

So i’ll stick out my cheek like LAY IT ON MEH:

Then he’ll be all broody and beautiful like:

But when he goes for it i’ll suddenly turn my head like:

Then Louis and onlooking fangirls will be jellen:

While i’m just chillin’ like:

and Harry will just stand in awe of me:

Broke the news to my parents tonight over dinner that I have a boyfriend...

and that his name is Harry Styles.

At first my dad was like:

Then i told them he was in a band and showed them a picture of him and i was all like:

And they were just like:


So I was all:

The end.

KillerSoo got my little heart beating today, so I need a SillySoo spam to calm me down!

Here we go:

How GrandpaSoo makes party! Wooo!

Sometimes you gotta dig, ya know?

Happy little penguin child

How dare you be that cheeky?!

Pretty sure that’s not the choreo for “Ice Cream Cake” but ok…

Okay, I’m done, now get me outta here!

Gifs in order: kpoplanetweeaboidyominosblissful-reverieslobbu-lobbuyehet-osh

BONUS: Witness the magic that is his dancing 

(Above credits unknown)

You do you, Kyungsoo. You do you 👌

Ever since I moved near the Kent I have noticed the majority of my tumbling is about drinking

Which is mainly because all I do is spend time at the Kent, uni and work.

Wednesdays are Trivia at the kent

Thursdays are Karaoke at the Kent

And the rest of the time I sit around doing nothing, so when the other hot bartender from the Kent (the one who is on the bar on Wednesdays) remembers me I really shouldn’t react like this

But I do anyway :D