Did I avoid my studying responsibilities just to draw them– yes; am I ashamed of myself–honestly yes

o-sea-dog  asked:

You know, I was gonna ask how you feeling about your upcoming election but I think I know what the answer is

I’m getting wasted with my parents all day until we get the results for the 1st round tonight. We had 3 bottles of wine and my Dad wanted to open my vodka. My Mom said no, took the bottle off his hands and poured herself a shot. She hasn’t touched it, said she kept it for “the right moment”. My 26 years old brother called, apparently he is also drunk and wanted to know my Mom’s paella recipe so he could “eat out his worry”. That recipe is for 6 people and there’s only one of him (and his gf). It’s chaos. Also the neighbor’s dog is there for some reason and NCIS is playing in the background

Omega!Tony being hit on at a social event by a ‘big strong’ alpha who’s definitely trying to assert his dominance. Tony is slightly bothered because even though he’s used to this happening, it doesn’t make the experience easier to handle. His eyes wander around the room crowded with people and he takes a step back when the alpha tries to shift closer. There’s a sharp smile on the guy’s face and Tony curses inwardly for allowing the alpha to smell his sudden spike of fear.

The alpha tries to reach out and just as he’s about to grab Tony’s wrist, Tony looks behind the alpha’s shoulder and grins. 

“I wouldn’t touch me if I were you,” Tony warns him, and the alpha scoffs as he takes one more step closer. 

“And why should I listen to a little desperate bitch like you?” The man almost snarls and a loud, menacing growl is heard from behind him. 

Tony tries not to laugh but grins widely as the alpha turns around and comes face to a face with a murderous Steve. His usual warm blue eyes were as cold as face and his jaw was tense, not wanting to cause a scene but it was difficult to keep his rage in, especially since it was involving some asshole alpha trying to touch and harass his mate

The alpha falters at the sight of Steve, much bigger and stronger than him, his eyes wide as he almost cowers at the sight of him. 

“You should have listened to me because Captain America’s my mate,” Tony tells him, joyfully and that’s when Steve smiles, all teeth and terrifying. 

Tony is almost giddy and aroused, beginning to drip slick and his knees going slightly weak. 

He could never resist Steve, he could never be anyone else’s.