A/N: Since this is a scenario, there aren’t any gifs so its like a reaction but no gifs

J-Hope: You had been standing in the bathroom, the door closed but not looked. You found yourself staring at your figure in the mirror. You coldn’t see anything good about yourself. Suddenly the door opened and you felt arms wrap around your waist. Hoseok rested his chin on your shoulder and smiled. “Everything okay?” He asked when he saw that your cheeks were stained with tears. “Do you.. Do you think I’m beautiful..?” You asked softly. You could tell he was surprised. “Of course you are Jagi. You’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in the world” he kissed your shoulder softly and you smiled. “Promise? “Pinky promise”

Jimin: You two were getting ready to go out to a party at the company so you had a nice red dress on and you couldn’t help but feel insecure with it, since it was really form fitting and small. Jimin came up behind you and wrapped his arms around your shoulders and kissed your cheek. “Babbyyyyy you ready to go?” He asked happily. “Jimin.. Do you think I’m beautiful?” You asked as you studied your body in the mirror. “Huh? Of course I do, baby. I think you’re beautiful and cute and adorable and sexy and everything in between. You’re my beautiful princess” you smiled softly. “You never fail to make me feel better” he giggled. “I know”

Jin: You had been waiting for him to come over to pick you up for your date and you stood there, staring at your outfit. You had changed several times. You two had been friends for a while and he finally confessed to you. You were nervous. Should you wear a dress? Or maybe some jeans, a t-shirt, and a sweater. When the knock came, you just called out “Come in!” The door opened but you were just looking in the mirror trying to figure out if you looked okay. You suddenly felt arms around your waist and a giggle in your ear. “Annyeong! Are you ready for our date?” he giggled. “Jin..” “hm?” you took a deep breath. “Do you.. do you think im.. beautiful..?” he turned you around and looked down at you, seriousness in his face. “The most beautiful thing I have EVER seen. I promise” you smiled softly. “Now lets go on that date”

Jungkook: You two had been messing around and you ran to the bathroom to hide but when you got in there, you froze. You couldn’t stop looking at how you looked. You had bags under your eyes and your hair was messy and your thighs were a little bigger than you wanted. You didn’t know why but you just couldn’t bring yourself to look away. Jungkook quickly ran in laughing “Found you!” but he noticed the way you were staring at your figure in the mirror and he saw you tearing up. “J-Jagi is everything okay?” you turned you around to look at him. You let the tears fall and he pulled you close to him in a hug. “Do you think im beautiful, jungkook..?” he buried his face in your neck and whispered “so beautiful”

Rap Monster: You were about to get into the shower. You stood in front of the mirror and dropped your towel. You observed your body and you teared up. How did someone like Namjoon fall for you when you look like yourself? Your question was answered when he walked in and wrapped his arms around you, not caring that you were naked. “Namjoon?” “hm?” “Am I beautiful?” you looked up at him “Of course you are” “but-” “do i have to prove it?” your face turned red. “Lets shower together Jagi” he kissed your temple and started undressing. He made sure you knew he thought you were beautiful 

Suga: He came home early to surprise you and he walked into your room, expecting you to be there but he could just hear you crying. He started getting worried. Were you hurt? Your phone was on the bed. He picked it up and opened it and he immediately regretted it. You two had just recently confirmed your relationship and since she wasn’t an idol, people weren’t happy. He scrolled through posts of insulting tweets at you, calling you fat and ugly and so many words that he couldn’t believe someone would dare to call you. He ran into the bathroom, realizing that was where you were. “Jagi?!” You were staring at your reflection in the mirror and crying and the moment he saw your tears he pulled you into a hug. You didn’t even get a chance to ask him, he just immediately told you that he thought you were beautiful and amazing and that he loved you more than anything

V: You had told him about some people at work being mean to you but you told him it didn’t effect you. You lied. You saw the way they looked at you and laughed at you as if you couldn’t see them. So when you came home in tears and ran to the bathroom and slammed the door, he knew something was wrong. He followed you and came in without warning. He pulled you into a tight hug. “Jagi, what’s wrong?” you cried into his shirt. “A-Am I beautiful..” you couldn’t look at him. “You’re so beautiful, you make all the flowers jealous” you held onto him tighter. “I love you so much..” “I love you too Jagi.. No crying okay?” “Okay..”

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