What I've learnt about fandoms by being on tumblr

Supernatural fandom

1) Don’t mess with them
2) Relevant gifs for literally everything in the fucking universe
3) Also a lot of irrelevant gifs

Hannibal fandom

1)They’ll manipulate you
2) They’re about as fucked up as the SuperWhoLock fandom
3) will will will will

Doctor Who fandom

1) Don’t cricize David Tennant
2) You either think daleks are cute or terrifying

Sherlock fandom

1) They could rule the world or destroy it
2) Claim to be the oldest fandom
3) Not my division

Frozen fandom

1) One of the bigger divisions of the Disney fandom
2) Do you want to build a snowman? ‘belongs’ to this fandom, which gives them status

The Avengers fandom

1) Loki/Tom Hiddleston
2) That’s kind of it..

Harry Potter fandom

1) Pretty much everyone is in it
2) Read the books
3) You either love or hate Snape

Merlin fandom

1) They’re sad
2) The fanart is amazing

I’ll add more fandoms later, I’m kind of tired now