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mentioning george michael means so much. a man who got forced out of the closet by newspaper, lost his boyfriend to aids and his mom to cancer, lost a legal battle with sony and had to buy himself out of his contract. it’s all so fucking pointed and blatant. i’m literally staring at my computer screen speechless. stop underestimating louis and fucking pay attention, really listen to him. please.

ask and ye shall receive

sparkly bfs

so dapper

remember how many times they said “our wedding” bc i do and it keeps me up at night

bc how could i not include the most iconic look™

the best day ever aka Speckle Suit Day

plus a bonus bc loOk AT THEM

in conclusion: they like to coordinate, they look good in suits, and their wedding pictures are gonna kill us all. thank you for your time.

i’m sitting at work, shook to my very core and this close to sobbing at my desk. Louis did THAT. the articles he chose, the fact that the george michael documentary was LAST NIGHT. the fact that he had Weinstein articles in there…. this is a masterpiece. he’s bringing everything to the forefront.. he’s yelling from the rooftops loud and clear what the words of the song mean. im… i bow down to your love and bravery louis tomlinson. that video was inspiring.

its more than just a lyric video though, it’s a statement.