NEW solution! - Get the old gifset/photoset dimensions back on your blog

Please note that this is only those of you who want the 500px width.

As I’m writing this, the solution I posted yesterday has over 2.000 notes, which is mind-boggling.

I now have what I consider to be an even better solution, because the old one was far from perfect and actually didn’t work with some people’s themes and certain kinds of photosets (because it didn’t resize images).

The viewers of your blog will need to have javascript enabled for this to work, which is really the only downside. But in my experience, most people don’t disable javascript.

The script is available for copying on pastebin.

  1. Head to the html editor.
  2. Hit Ctrl + F and search for “{Photoset”
  3. Make sure that it says “{Photoset-500}” as this will not work if it says “{Photoset}”.
  4. If you used my old html based solution, delete the code pictured below and type in “{Photoset-500}” instead.

  5. Then scroll down to the bottom of the code. Paste my script right above </body>.
  6. Update preview, then press Save and you’re done!

This has been tested in both Chrome, Firefox & Internet Explorer and I’ve encountered no problems.