‘I said,“This isn’t working for me anymore”. I made a stand and the gap in our pay closed. Was it sexism? Maybe. It’s like the way we were directed by the studios, I was to walk behind him, never side by side. I mean, that is f—ing priceless when I think about it now. When we would get out of the car and walk towards the house I would have to be behind him, even though I had equal dialogue.’

- Gillian Anderson 

(Telegraph, 2009)

→ The X-Files college au (x)

she’s a med student in a leather jacket pinned with a caduceus and a venus symbol, full of high expectations. he’s a psych major who has read his share of hg wells, hp lovecraft, and sherlock holmes. 

when they meet at orientation, her lips are pursed and as bright as her rocket red hair. she thinks he looks silly and somehow endearing in his alien sweater, walkman headphones hanging around his neck and sticker slapped on his chest that reads ‘hello, my name is spooky.' 

her friends think he’s weird, and the ones he once had thought so too, but scully sees where they don’t and she falls into his pursuit of the truth with a captial ’t’. it becomes alien hunting on holidays, astral projections, breaking into the university lab at midnight, her muddy boots and his predilection for shitty sci-fi films, their duo of flashlight graveyard explorations, and falling asleep during exams. 

but on weekend in his apartment with those glow-in-the-dark star stickers on the ceiling, a fridge full of sunflower seeds and cheap beer, and scully dozing on his shoulder, the truth might be the second most important thing in his life. 

“These are two people who are incredibly strong individuals. They could do perfectly in the world without each other. Yet one of them without the other would feel as the other half of them had died. You can’t even think of Mulder without Scully." 

- Gillian Anderson


Here are the two pieces I did for Paint Pens Collective Sci-Fi show!
The show went really well from what I heard and all of my pieces sold so I’m happy : - ) 

I made a post about this on my facebook but if you guys are looking for a great artist community you should really check out Paint Pens Collective. You can participate in some really cool shows and meet new artists! They’re looking for more artists to join and anyone is welcome.