Anchor - Teen wolf (Liam) imagine

Request: I am in love with your imagines!! Can you write a Liam one where he and reader discover she is his anchor. Cute and Fluffy xx

Requested by: subjecta15-thedangerous

“So what`d you get on the English essay? I bet you aced it?” You grinned as you bumped your shoulder against Lydia`s who only briefly interrupted her inspection of her nails to send you a knowing look.
“Of course I did.”
“Yeah, I wouldn`t expect any less.” You smiled and shrugged your shoulders. ”What`s taking them so long?” You looked over at the entrance of the school but saw no sign of Scott or the others. You, Lydia, and Malia were waiting at the entrance of the school for Scott and the others to finish up lacrosse practice so you could head of to Lydia`s lake house. Tonight was a full moon and even though most of the pack were good enough to handle it on their own, Scott didn`t like taking chances. Besides, Liam was still new and had yet to find his anchor, which also made him unstable. With a sigh you rubbed your hands up and down your arms.
“Want me to go get them; I could drag them if necessary.” Malia suggested and you chuckled.
“No it`s fine, we`ll wait. I`m sure they`ll be here any second.” Malia shrugged and you shook your head with a smile, even if Malia`s blunt and rough personality sometimes rubbed people the wrong way you always liked her for it.

“What the hell are we supposed to do? ”You turned your head at the sound of Stiles`s voice and saw him, Scott, Kira and Isaac making their way down the stairs towards you. Scott and Stiles seemed to be in the middle of a discussion while Kira and Isaac both had concerned frowns across their faces.
“What`s wrong?” You asked when the group reached you and Stiles sighed, running a hand across his face.
“What`s wrong? I`ll tell you what`s wrong.” He began waving his arms around in the air. ”Liam, the little genius, just had to choose today to get cocky and start a argument with coach about what position to play on the team!” Stiles paused to take a breath.”, and of course that results in coach forcing the little devil to run extra laps around the field indefinitely until coach tells him he´s free to go.” When he finally finished Stiles let out a frustrated sigh and placed both hands on his hips while his eyes moved over the crowd, searching for suggestions that could solve your current predicament.
“How long will he have to run?” You asked and this time it was Scott`s turn to sigh.
“I don`t know, coach was pretty pissed.”
“Great,” Lydia said. ”So what do we do now? It`s already late, if we don`t leave soon we might not make it until the moon`s out.” She made a small gesture towards the sky and Scott nodded.
“I know, but we can`t leave Liam.”
“Why not?” Malia asked and as grave as the situation was you had to bite your lip in order to suppress a smile.
“Cause he`s part of the pack and he might hurt someone if left unsupervised tonight. Come on we`ve discussed this before.” Stiles answered placing a gentle hand on Malia`s arm as he tugged her closer to him and Malia nodded her head thoughtfully.
“Alright, why don`t you all go on ahead and I`ll wait for Liam.” Scott suggested and everyone except you nodded in agreement.
“Y/N?” Scott asked, noticing that you weren`t quite on board with the plan.
“It`s just,” You began. ”Wouldn’t it be better if you went with them to the lake house? I think it`s better for you, as the alpha, to be around the majority of your werewolf pack members. Just in case something goes wrong.” You bit your lip slightly, not really sure if Scott would accept your suggestion or not but to your surprise he nodded.
“You do have a point, but who`s going to wait for Liam?”
“I`ll do it?” You were quick to offer, maybe too quick, as most of the pack members raised an eyebrow at you. Shifting your weight from one foot to the other uncomfortably you hoped that it wasn`t all too obvious that you secretly wanted to spend some time alone with the youngest member of the pack. Truth be told you`d actually developed somewhat of a small crush on the young wolf ever since you were first introduced to him.
“Are you sure? It could be dangerous.” Scott hesitated, not really liking the idea of leaving you alone with Liam when there was a risk of him turning and being unable to control the wolf inside him. Not because you couldn`t handle yourself but because he knew how dangerous an uncontrolled werewolf could be.
“I`ll be fine. I`ll make sure we reach the lake house before the moon is full, trust me.” You reassured Scott with a smile and a small tap on his arm.  Scott carefully observed you before nodding.
“Alright, but make sure you get there as fast as you can as soon as he`s out of practice.”
“I promise.” Seeing your reassuring smile Scott and the pack headed off towards the cars before driving away towards the lake house. Finally alone you let out a breath you didn`t know you`d been holding and sat down on the stairs. You figured it would be a while before Liam was done so you pulled out your iPod and pressed play, eager to get lost in the music while you waited.

About 2 hours later you were swaying back and forth to the rhythm of the music with your eyes closed, completely oblivious to the world around you. Which was why, when you felt a gentle nudge on your arm, you jumped up with a start, pulling the earphones out of your ears and swirling around.
“Hey.” Liam said while waving awkwardly.” Sorry for the wait, coach was being a pain,” He trailed off while rubbing his neck, avoiding direct eye contact with you.
“Don`t worry about it. Are you ready?” You offered a reassuring smile and gestured towards your car that was parked in front of the school. Liam nodded with a shy smile.
“Yeah, let`s go.” He glanced up once towards the sky and you followed his gaze. It was getting dark and the moon would be full in a few hours, but you should be able to make the trip to the lake house with time to spare. As you both shuffled into the car you noticed how Liam kept clenching and unclenching his fists regularly. You shrugged it off as nerves concerning the upcoming full moon and instead started the car and drove away.

The trip to the lake house would take three hours, the moon would be full in 4, so you figured you`d have more than enough time to get there. But after being on the road for 2 hours you noticed how Liam seemed to grow tenser with each passing moment. His jaw and fists were clenched tightly and his eyes seemed unable to focus on one point. His body was leaning forward slightly and if you focused hard enough you could have sworn you heard a few deep growls and an occasional snarl escape his throat now and then.  He didn`t say anything, which was odd because usually it was difficult to get him to stop asking you questions. Even if his topics were slightly awkward because he couldn`t seem to find the right words in your presence, he always wanted to talk to you.
“Liam, you okay?” you finally asked after ignoring one too many growls. Liam still didn`t speak and the only confirmation you got that he`d even heard your question was the hard shake of his head and yet another rough growl.
“Should I pull over?” You asked carefully, your eyes moving from the road to Liam and back again.
“No, just-“ He paused and it seemed almost like he was out of breath, like he was struggling with something.
“Just keep going.” The words sounded forced, like they were spoken through gritted teeth and you gripped the wheel tightly, contemplating your options. Liam seemed to be in a pretty bad shape and pulling over sounded like a good choice. But if he was in bad shape because of the moon, which was most likely the correct reason, then the only one that could help him was Scott, and Scott was at the lake house.  You glanced back at Liam. Small drops of sweat were now making their way down his brow and his eyes were tightly shut. Pulling your phone out of your pocket you cursed under your breath when you noticed that your battery inconveniently had died. In a small fit of frustration you threw the phone into the back seat and looked out the window to your right. Even though it was completely dark by now you could still see the outlines of the trees that surrounded you on both sides. The moon was up but not yet completely full, it was also currently covered by some clouds. You were just about to turn your gaze back to the road ahead of you when Liam let out a loud growl causing you to accidentally hit the brakes and turn the wheel.

It happened so fast you barely had time to register exactly what happened, one moment you`re driving on the road and the next you`re down in a ditch with and airbag pressing against your chest. It took you a moment you regain your composure enough to push the airbag out of the way and scramble out of the car. The damage wasn`t too bad, you had manage to avoid crashing into anything too big but you would still need a towing truck to get the car out of the ditch.
“Shit.” You whispered as you leaned against the car, using it as support to make your way around to the passenger seat.
“Liam?” You called out. ”Liam are you okay?” When you reached the passenger seat you noticed that the door was already open and Liam was nowhere in sight. For a moment you had trouble comprehending the situation but as realization slowly dawned upon you, you began screaming.
“Liam! Liam where are you!” You managed to push yourself off of the car and stumbled up into the road, praying nothing bad had happened to the young wolf and that you would find him before the moon was full.  But the night was dark and you were still slightly out of it from the crash so searching for a unstable werewolf proved to be a more challenging task than you first anticipated.
“Liam!” You shouted once again but still nothing. You could feel the tears that threatened to come out but you pushed them back. This was no time to cry, you needed to find Liam, fast. As you drew in breath to shout one more time you felt the hairs on the back of your neck stand up and a chilling feeling ran down your spin. You froze. A low growl rumbled through the air from behind you and you knew even before you turned who it belonged to.
“Liam.” You whispered as you turned around and came face to face with bright yellow eyes. Liam stood before you, his breathing heavy and his eyes trained on you. You swallowed hard and held up your hands in defence.
“Liam, it`s me, Y/N.” You said, as softly as you could. You weren`t sure how much control Liam had over his wolf at the moment but something inside you told you that it didn`t matter, wolf or not Liam would never hurt you. You took a hesitant step forward and Liam growled.
“It`s okay.” You took another step forward. ”It’s just me, I won`t hurt you,” Liam`s fist clenched as you drew closer, he seemed to be struggling again. “, and you won`t hurt me, right?” Another step forward and another growl followed by a quick snarl. By now you were close enough to almost touch him, you only had to reach out your hand. Liam`s eyes closed briefly before opening again, the birhgt yellow glow still remaining. He took one deep breath after the other and his fists remained clenched. You knew he was struggling for control over the wolf.
“You can do it Liam, just find your anchor.” You said gently as you reached out a hand towards him. Liam snarled and grabbed your wrist with one hand and brought the other to your throat, his claws only inches from your skin. Your breath caught in your throat as you stared at Liam with wide eyes. The strength of his grip caused you to wince in pain and something in Liam`s eyes wavered briefly before he pulled your body towards his, enveloping you in his arms and holding you against him tightly. For a moment you were frozen in his embrace, unsure of what was happening.
“Liam?” You whispered only to have the grip around you tighten briefly before you felt him nod into your neck and you let out a soft sigh. As you relaxed into his embrace you placed your hands on his back and began rubbing up and down in a soothing manner.
“So what is it?” You finally asked. ”You anchor I mean.” Liam hesitantly pulled away enough to look into your eyes, his hands falling from your back to rest on your hips, keeping you close to him. Just like he`d done earlier that day he avoided eye contact as he spoke.
“It`s uh-“He trailed off briefly before swallowing hard and mustering up enough courage to look you in the eyes. ”It`s you.” Your eyes widened and a quiet ´oh´ escaped your lips as you kept looking at Liam. His arms nervously tightened around your waist as he tried his best to maintain eye contact with you. In your head his words and weight of their meaning kept circling around and you could almost feel the butterflies that welled up inside you. The time it took for the words to sink in was the time it took for a smile to spread across your face and when it finally did Liam happily mirrored your expression.
“I take it you don`t mind?” He asked and you laughed.
“No, I don`t mind. I`m happy.” You smiled up at him before a slight frown settled on your brow. ”Wait, does this mean you like me or am I just a friend type of anchor?” Liam chuckled brightly and pulled your body even closer to him.
“I like you, as in really like you.”
“Good.” You smiled as Liam leaned down until his nose touched yours. Your hands found their way to the back of his neck while one of his hands cupped your cheek. He grinned happily as he leaned down and softly pressed his lips against yours. The kiss was brief but sweet and when he pulled away your couldn`t stop the grin that spread across your face as your eyes crinkled up in bliss. You could feel the heat rise to your cheeks and you buried your face in his shirt trying to hide it. Liam only chuckled and kissed the top of your head, his arms still protectively wrapped around your body.  
“Maybe we should get going?” Liam finally suggested and you nodded against his chest.
“Yeah, the others are probably worried.” You agreed as you pulled away from him embrace only to have Liam pull you back by the hand.
“Stay close.” He said as his fingers intertwined with yours before he began walking. You didn`t say anything in reply, you only nodded while yet another faint blush crept up on your cheeks.


A/N: I`m sorry it took so long to get this done, I`m quite busy recently with planning my move from Japan back to Sweden as well as finishing up a few things for my vacation to south korea. But I am currently working on the other requests I`ve gotten so don`t worry, I`ve got them and I`m working on it. 

This was my first Liam imagine, I hope you enjoy it. 

Alpha Girl

***Imagine you are a new werewolf in town and Scott’s pack take you, but you like to be the “alpha girl” so don’t always listen to the others The girls don’t like that, but only because they secretly admire you***

It might not exactly go along with the request but I tend to drift off a lot when I write anyway.

You don’t like being told what to do but Scott was the exception. Scott was the Alpha and you would do what he said, he seemed to know what he was doing. But everyone else? No way. You like to be the Alpha Girl and that didn’t exactly work out when you took orders from every single person you met. Generally it meant you gave orders.

You strut towards the library, Scott had called a meeting. You walk in, confidence practically coming off you in waves, you love that feeling. You start towards the pack’s usual spot. Between the shelves of the bookcases, you can see that only the girls are there. They seem to be in the middle of a serious discussion. Feeling a little less confident, you stop and listen, your hearing keen with your werewolf advantage.

“She doesn’t listen to anyone.” Grumbles Kira.

Lydia stops checking her nails for a moment to give her a look. “Well not to us. She listens to Scott.”

“I know Stiles says that I have to try and be nice but she’s a bitch.”

That comment makes Lydia laugh. “That’s true, in both the literal and figurative sense of the word.”

You come out from your spot behind the bookcase. You cough to get their attention and they stop laughing and look at you, clearly shocked that you were there.

“Dog jokes? That’s a new low.” You’re hurt and your words convey that. They all kind of get up to apologize but you just raise your hand to silence them and you turn and walk out.

You pass Scott on your way back down the halls. You angle your face away from him and try to walk past him but he grabs your wrist and spins you to face him.

“Hey, (y/n) what’s wrong?” He searches your eyes but you refuse to look at him.

“Nothing.” You reply, quickly swiping at your face.

He gives you a get real look. “(y/n), you’re a werewolf, I’m a werewolf, there’s really no point lying to me.”

You chuckle a little, you know it’s true. You nod in the direction of the library. “Your pack hates me, you know?”

Scott shakes his head. “That’s not true.”

“Oh, yeah?” You cross your arms over your chest. “They were making dog jokes.

"What did they say?” He’s straight faced and you can’t get a read off him.

Shifting your feet, you reply. “They said that I’m a bitch, in both senses of the word.”

His face doesn’t change for a second but then he starts cracking up and you can’t help but smile as well. You slap his arm. “It’s not funny!”

“It kind of is.” He’s still laughing.

Again, you smile against your will. “I guess you’re right.”

He’s finally calmed down. “Anyways, they don’t hate you. I’ve asked. They sort of admire you, even though you can be a pain in the ass sometimes.”

You smile down at your feet. Guess, you don’t have to hightail it out of there with your tail between your legs now.


Today On: How To Cast Characters

Tyler Posey - Scott McCall
Tyler Hoechlin - Derek Hale
Dylan O’Brien - Stiles Stilinski
Dylan Sprayberry - Liam Dunbar
Ian Nelson - Young Derek Hale
Ian Bohen - Peter Hale
Cody Saintgnue - Brett Talbot
Cody Christian - Theo

P. S. This post is a correction of this because I was an idiot as kh1dff7snk pointed out and forgot the Ians.