NCT 127 finding out you are selfharming

JaTW:Self harm

A/N: Sorry for this kind of weird theme and I am sure someone has done this before but the thought about their reactions is just stuck in my head and I have to write them down.If you deal with any problems and need someone to talk please contact me. I am glad you are here.

Taeyong: He would be very shocked but he would understand you since he has to deal with his demons a lot too. He would hug you and make sure that you know how much you mean to him.

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Taeil: He would kiss you and tell you that everything is going to be alright  but on the inside he would blame himself for not noticing it earlier and would be very concerned.

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Johnny:”Why did you not tell me  ,babe?”First he’d probably leave you alone for a longer time but only to educate himself about ways to help you and he’d feel really guilty for not knowing what to do.

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Yuta:He noticed that something was wrong with you and after he found your blades hiding behind a book he knew what was going on. At first Yuta would try to deny it but after a while he would confront you while giving his best to not getting upset. He would just not understand  how his treasure could feel so sad. After listening to your explanation he would kiss you and try to make you feel comfortable.

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Doyoung: He would be very concerned and would not know how to react. Doyoung would probably just hug you more and tell you more that you matter to him than usual. I think he would be afraid to adress the problem because he loves you way to much to even imagines  these kind of things.

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Jaehyun: “But you are alright now, aren’t you?”He’d make sure to listen exactly to everything you have to say or to give you your space if you need it.But it would haunt him in his dreams and he would check your room when you are not around to  find anything telling him why his angel is doing such horrible things to herself.

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WinWin:He would be so afraid to say or do anything wrong. He would probably blame himself for not  being good enough for you or for not being enough there for you but he would ask you if you needed anything and would make sure to spend extra time with you to make you feel even more loved.

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Mark: Like Yuta he would first deny it but it would creep up  on him and would cause him alot of insomnia. Mark would try to ask you very subliminal questions and he would probably try to find out ways to help you  rather than the cause since he would be  afraid that he has something to do with it  because he could not live with the thought that he might be hurting you in any way.

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Haechan: He  would not know how to cope with it and would tease you, just to feel regret after doing so. He would instantley cuddle you , kiss your head and would tell you how much you mean to him over and over again until he was sure that you really believed it.

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Hi... so um absolutely ages ago I was on here and I found this fic about pastel!dan and punk!phil and I remember they were best friends and then I think Phil started bullying dan and then dan started cutting and then dan ran away from Phil when he noticed and they went up to a field and Phil gave dan a bag full of the things that was the 'old phil' and then they become friends again. So yeah. If you could help me find this again I would be super dooper greatfull. Thanks!!! 😊😊😊

can anyone help find this fic?

- Eliza


Warnings - Sinners, welcome, to the home of pure and undeniable sinful behaviours that is the world of Teen Wolf.

Pairing - Derek Hale x reader

Summary - It seems as though Derek Hale had been snooping around with other girls, no matter the undeniable bond that you two had; so you decided that payback is well deserved in these circumstances (basically jealousy all round).

A/n - Hi my sweets, this is my first Teen Wolf imagine, so I know what you are thinking; ‘She won’t updated within the next 7 years.’ On the contrary, I will be trying to update more frequently, but I do really need you guys to request imagines, ships, etc.

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So far, life living with the big bad wolf that was Derek Hale was probably one of the best periods of my life. Now I say this in past tense because recently, there has been a merger change in our relationship, and he has started to ‘train’ with some girls, which usually I would be okay with; except the fact that they were flirting continuously with him, and I think he was starting to return the favour. Stiles and Scott have noticed it too, and let me tell you they were not at all fond about it either, because unlike most typical teenagers, they cared about our relationship. Or, they would have noticed that when Derek and I were together he was less blunt, and therefore they would get called out less. I was also happy about that, but they were getting more desperate seeming as Derek wasn’t around me hardly anymore. So, to return such a horrible burden, Scott and Stiles came up the idea of having me make him jealous with one of them, and maybe this would be able to work on him, seeing that he was very over-protective.

Scott had organised a massive party over at his place while his mother was gone, which I thanked him profusely for. There was drinks, piles of junk food, and dirty dancing music; perfect for the scene I was about to create. I walked through the halls of his house as Scott and Stiles talked about some sort of supernatural thing that was going on, so I decided it was the best time to run up to Scott’s room and dress into my deep red revealing dress, skanky and all, I know. I looked at myself in the mirror, sighing as I thought about Derek, the fun we had, the times we laughed and the times we loved. It was moments like that, that I enjoyed the most, because having a connection like that with someone was something people would look for their whole entire lives. I rolled my eyes at the thought, rubbing my head and walked downstairs quietly, trying not to slip on the heels that I had on, and everyone started to pile in within seconds.
“Scott? Scott!” I yelled, hauling him over to me in the middle of his living room where I was standing eagerly waiting. He stood next to me, looking down from his towering physique, and I took in a sharp breathe.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” He questioned, looking at me with those usual caring eyes, and I just nodded as we started moving to the music. I could almost sense Derek’s presence as Stiles walked over to the right hand corner of the room. I could hear him talking, I was no werewolf but I had decent hearing.
“So who are you looking for this grand evening?” I could almost feel Stiles’ sheepish grin.

“Where is Y/-” Derek paused, obviously finding me dancing with Scott, my hands travelling up and down his body. I looked across for a second, Derek was in complete shock, looking at me in confusion as I continued dancing, pretending I didn’t notice. I could tell Stiles was celebrating, his arms moving down and looking at Derek before he quickly looked away, almost giving away our plan. After that, I could hear loud footsteps coming towards me rapidly, and I could instantly tell it was him. “Y/n, can we talk?” He growled in a low tone, and Scott became worried, but I continued to be stubborn.
“I don’t know, I’m having fun here.” I winked at him, his anger rising but his patience doing the exact opposite. But before I could resist, he grabbed my arm and pulled me away from Scott who I winked at, and he put a thumbs up sign towards me. Before I knew it, we where outside, where most people were dancing slowly, so he decided to blend in. His hand firmly placed itself on my lower back, my hand holding his and my other lightly rested on his shoulder.

“What were you doing?” He furrowed his eyebrows, swaying me from side to side, his leather jacket creasing beneath my touch.

“I could ask you the same question.” I raised my eyebrow, slightly annoyed at his obliviousness and he clenched his jaw firmly.

“Y/n, what are you talking about?” He quizzed me.

“All those training sessions with the girls who don’t know what the meaning of I’m taken is, or even if you mentioned that.” I replied.

“They weren-” He was cut off by me giving him the look, and he returned the glare.

“They were.” I stated, looking away. He rolled his eyes, looking up and then back down at me.

“Jealousy isn’t a good trait to have.” He said, still glaring at me.

“Says you hypocrite.” I leaned closer, trying to intimidate him. But before I knew it, his lips were clashing into mine with harshness. After that, we leaned our heads together. “I hate you..” I said, slightly out of breath; but he just chuckled, kissed my cheek and leaned me down.

“I love you too.”

letter to ana

but really your not really in any pain. actually its just coldness. in the beginning they tried to beat it out of you but that only made you quiet. maybe.. maybe thats what they wanted? because you are a very quiet kid. all that anger and frustration was given to you but you dont know what it is do you? because you can’t speak. there is some beauty in your silence but.. it is very lonely. 

everyone reacted so differently than you. many became little monsters. full of emotions that dont fit what is happening. they are feral. but you are so quiet and still. i wonder if you have the most anger than any of them. because i can sort of feel it. you arent defeated like i am.. your so .. full of hate you dont look anyone in the eyes. i dont know what to do.. what will we do?

Something personal but

So something happened to me recently that I feel the need to share with you all. It won’t effect my writing but it’ll effect me personally and how I’m doing.

Cw/tw: homophobia, Greek life, internet altercations, religion

I am officially going back in the closet to anyone outside of this tumblr and my close friend group. I am bisexual and was open about it but because of something that happened recently within my sorority I felt the need that for my safety and comfort I have to hide again.

A girl we recently initiated as a sister decided that pride month was the perfect time to post public Facebook statuses about the entire LGBTQ+ community going to hell and homosexual and being trans as sins. Now her sorority, as well as her favorite fraternity on campus, have numerous LGBTQ members and we were all insulted. My friend group immediately saw this, jumped on it, and attempted to shut her down. It turned into a huge argument where adult members of this girls church (she’s an adult but I’m talking like 40s-60s yr olds) throwing slurs at us and reciting scriptures. Being genuinely hateful under the guise of “loving the sinner hating the sin”. But the real kicker is that several of our sisters then started, in our private active member page, attacking our small LGBTQ community because we were “silencing her religious beliefs” and “being hateful towards HER” and it more or less broke me. After that, and after the admins kept rapid deleting posts, I let them all know that I no longer felt comfortable sharing myself with the fun part of the sorority, and that I was leaving the page.

This is an organization I have given YEARS of my life to and dedicated myself to. I have held so many leadership positions and put so much effort into this sorority only to spend my last semester as an active member looking people in the face knowing they support that kind of hate.

Thankfully, they are getting nationals involved to terminate the girl that was spewing all the hate, but my experiences and a few others will sadly be tainted for a while. Thankfully also, my friend group and my partner are so so so supportive of us.

Sorry, but this has been weighing heavily on me recently and I needed to vent. I feel you all deserve to know that I’m not in the coolest place right now emotionally but this changes nothing for my blog.

Love you all and thank you for listening,



Teen wolf 6a Gag Reel x

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Desc: Isaac comes to reader seeking help one night, after being locked in the freezer and emotionally traumatized. 


For her, there had been nothing out of the ordinary about that night. She sat atop her thick layers of quilts, school papers spread across the bed as she tapped her pencil rhythmically to the soft music coming from her phone. The girl yawned and reached for a sip of hot tea before lazily stretching her legs out and pulling her hair up, a yelp of surprise tumbling off her lips when a face appeared in the reflection of her window. She jumped up at once, rushing over to pull the frame open, the cool night breeze instantly fluttering against her skin.

“Isaac?!” she breathed in surprise.

He was ghostly white, blue, almost, and his teeth chattered as he gave a small tilt of his head, unable to formulate his speech.

“Oh my god, come on, come,” the girl mumbled frantically, hoisting her hands under his arms and pulling the freezing cold werewolf into her cozy and warmly lit bedroom.

She blocked out the starry sky with her blinds and quietly locked her door before giving her attention back to the disheveled boy who sat collapsed on her floor. He wore a grey jacket and ripped black jeans, and his curly honey hair was a mess atop his pale skin. She quickly sunk to his side, pressing a palm to his cheek and reeling back with the cold that stung her. His icy blue eyes tried helplessly to search hers, but she was already on her feet and seizing the blankets from her bed and wrapping them snugly around him. She pulled him into her bed before he could protest, and forced her hot teacup into his shaking hands, his slender fingers wrapping around the hot surface eagerly.

“Drink,” she demanded.

Isaac did as commanded, a warm flush starting to spread in his face once more. He brought his hands around his knees, trying not to quake as he looked over the worried expression on the pretty little thing in front of him.

“Better?” she asked softly.

“A little cold still,” he admitted.

“Oh…” she paused, looking him over for a second before making her mind up at once as she pulled her body into the werewolf’s. He inhaled sharply with surprise, his heart racing as he felt two arms wrap tightly around his body, her body snuggling against his and instantly sending warmth to his freezing flesh. She placed her cheek against the crook of his neck, breath sending tingles of electricity into him.

“Thank you,” he managed at last.

She squeezed him lightly, her bright eyes blinking up at him with concern, “Isaac?”

He hated how just the way she said his name would drive him crazy, and responded with a small grunt.

“Did your dad, did he-” she shook her head, “did he lock you in the freezer?”

“Yes,” he said flatly, as if it was routine by now.

They’d brought it up a couple times before, but he always changed topic quickly, not liking to discuss the matter, and never once had she seen him experience it firsthand, or show up like he had that night.

“Oh my god,” she pulled back, and Isaac stared at her with yearning for her to stay in his arms. “I won’t even bother asking if you’re okay,” she shook her head.

“I’m okay,” he lied.

“No you’re not Isaac,” she rubbed her fingers against her temples, “why didn’t you tell me how bad it was, why are you coming for help now?”

He gulped down the lump in his throat, shaking his curls over his eyes, his words almost inaudible, “I didn’t have anywhere else to go.”

She just sat there like a deer in the headlights, and he could hear her heart shattering for him in that moment.

“You’ll always have me,” she stated, “I promise, okay?”

“Okay,” he nodded lightly.

“No, Isaac,” she insisted, fingers crawling under his jaw so as to force his blue eyes to her own, “I don’t ever want you to be like that again.”

He nodded, meaning it this time.

“You should sleep,” she sighed at last, trailing her fingertips lightly against Isaac’s jaw before removing them from his skin.

“I won’t be able to,” he admitted, “because, well, the nightmares…So I can leave, if you want.”

“I don’t want that,” she insisted, “stay, please.”

He sighed with relief, examining the girl who examined him right back.

“What’s it like?” she mumbled. “If you don’t mind answering.”

“Hell,” he responded instantly. “Ironic, considering the cold,” he laughed bitterly, “but, it’s hell. I can’t move, it’s just these walls caging me in, and I feel like I can’t breathe, but I know when I get out he’ll just hurt me again, and I-” he stopped, teeth clenched, eyes fluttering closed.

She didn’t know what else to do, so she hugged him. She barreled into his front, locking her arms around his neck and bringing her fingers gently through his honey hair, feeling him whimper against her, rocking his body slowly as he cried softly into her shirt. She could smell his dark cologne, feel his tears, the quiet shakes of his body, but she embraced him further, giving her every piece of love to the boy in her arms.

“I’m sorry,” he wiped at his misty eyes and pulled away with embarrassment. 

“Don’t be,” she answered, “I should’ve stayed quiet.”

“No, it’s good to tell someone,” he admitted. “It’s just stupid that I cry.”

“It’s not stupid, it’s human,” she reassured gently.

“But I’m not human,” he laughed, a smile tickling his lips as they spread into that grin she loved.

“Oh, right,” she giggled, “but you know what I mean.”

“And you still think the same of me, even with what I am?” he asked nervously.

“I think better,” she said, “because you’re a fighter, Isaac Lahey. My fighter.”

“Yours?” he breathed.

“Oh, well yeah, I just…” her cheeks went searing red, but he only smiled.

“I can hear your heartbeat, you know?” he smirked, listening in to the flutter in her chest.

“Oh god, oh right,” she said, trying to calm her heart, but silently freaking out when it only sped up under Isaac’s lingering intense gaze.

His eyes flickered down to her chest and back up, something registering on his face. “It stopped,” he said.


“Your heart, it stopped just now,” he repeated. “Why-I mean how-well what-” he stammered in confusion, but was silenced at once with the set of lips that molded lightly into his own. He inhaled sharply, eyes closing as he sunk into her kiss, his hand coming gently to cup her cheek as he nudged himself deeper into her mouth, drunk off her taste at once. The girl dipped her lips in roughly for the briefest of seconds before retreating, her nose pressed lightly to Isaac’s, giving him one more peck before releasing him altogether.

“So did yours,” she whispered.

Isaac beamed radiantly at her, “and how would you know that?”

“I don’t need to have super hearing to know when I’ve caught you off guard,” she smiled.

“You’ve got me,” the werewolf’s lips twitched.

“And, how do you feel?” she asked.

He paused, eyes crinkling with genuine happiness, the first happiness he’d felt in a long time.