But I do love you. And you deserve the world. Every girl does. Because underneath your tough exterior, you’re all fragile beauties that only crave to be loved and to love back. You love so intense. So hard. Then you get hurt and you fall from the skies below everything. You meet guys who seem different, you get out of your shell and get your hopes up again, but then it’s déjà vu all over again. But you meet this one guy. Who changes everything. Who gives you the impulse to open your garden and feel butterflies again. Who lifts you up and carried you on his back and makes sure you won’t fall down or step on anything that’s not soft for your tiny, delicate feet/self. Even if it doesn’t last forever, he happened. Both of you happened. He’s not the only guy like that, but they’re not many anyway.
—  my boyfriend being cute as fuck