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Do you think that the boys still parallel Michael and Lucifer? Which parallels were retained and lost?

Hello lovely anon,

well this is a complex question. I think that we actually have only rather superfeicially gotten to know Michael so that it’s hard to judge whether or not Dean and him have more in common than being older brothers and have been tolf by their father they might one day have to kill their brother.

We had a bit more exploration of Lucifer in that regard and how made it seems as if him and Sam shared a similar fate therefore making Sam the perfect vessel.

That being said, it’s what they said, because it was kind of a strategy of them to make the Winchesters more approachable and open to say yes, I’d say. Yet, I don’t think we are truly able to tell whether or not Sam and Dean share character traits with two of the most powerful archangels or not.

So since this makes stuff much more complicated let’s say that the way we met Lucifer and Michael and how they said they are is really how they are (I am really really hopeful that this whole aspect of Sam and Dean as vessels and the whole story surrounding that will be readressed in relation to the Darkness rewriting the story we’ve been told in S11 *fingers crossed*).

If you think about the Winchester bloodline of Dean being aligned with Cain and Michael and Sam being aligned with Abel and Lucifer, I guess they all share character traits that makes them work well as parallels to one another. Though we don’t know a whole lot about Abel yet, which is why I personally could imagine we could get his side of the story via Sam who’s apparently thinking he has a connection to God. Of course we all know how that went for Abel…

So we have Dean and Michael and Cain as the older brother looking out for the younger one and always trying to do what is best for the family, doing what they thought was best for the family, being “the good son”, a “good soldier”. And we have the rebellious younger brother, who always was more confident and made it known more openly what he wanted from life and who challenged his father and di not just do as he was told.

I think this all was very appicable up until S5. After the Winchesters, an old drunk and a fallen angel averted the apocalypse these parallels started waver and were opened up quite a bit. While I still think Dean has been majorly framed as the Righteous man and divine, especially with the MoC storyline a lot of stereotypical character traits - such as being rebellious, challenging opinions and perceptions and questioning and refusing to do orders he’s been given Dean started to also share more with the role/sterotype that was associated with Lucifer. In a way interestingly the MoC and Cain, who just like Dean must have been said to become Michael’s vessel suddenly strayed from that “destiny” and fell pray to the other force. And now knwoing the Darkness played and integral part in shaping who Lucifer became, who Cain became and who dean became I think there may very well be headed more re-evaluation heading out way.

So I would say there weren’t any parallels lost, but it was rather that some were added that make the situation much more complex.

Updates from Steven Universe panel at San Diego comic-con

Sardonyx is a fusion between Pearl and Garnet.

There is an extended version of the theme that Steven wrote as a small child.

Yellow Diamond’s shape was revealed. Or if it’s not Yellow Diamond it’s some other menacing gem.

Steven is the first gem to ever use male pronouns but gems are free to identify how they want.

There will be future episodes revolving around the fallen gems.

Future episodes with Ruby and Sapphire backstory and how Rose Quartz met each of them crystal gems.

Fusions are Relationship Types

After We Need to Talk, I couldn’t help but notice how the fusions of Steven Universe mirror different types of romantic relationships

Opal is an On and Off Relationship

It’s hard for Pearl and Amethyst to form Opal because they’re constantly butting heads. Opal is a desirable fusion for the two but she can never keep it together long enough to reach a common goal between her parts.

Sugilite is Co-Dependence

The first words that Sugilite utters are “It feels good to be me.” Sugilite feels euphoric when she’s herself but is also a destructive force to those around her. Regardless, Amethyst and Garnet have trouble unfusing because of Sugilite’s power over them.

Alexandrite is Hooking Up

There is no passion or capatibility expressed in Alexandrite’s formation. She also can’t handle being together for very long.

Malachite is an Abusive Relationship

Lapis is practically coerced into forming Malachite. With Malachite, there is no common group between the two within her. It’s clear to everyone who sees her that the relationship is toxic to both: For Lapis because Jasper physically abused and threatened her and for Jasper because Lapis intends to keep her as her prisoner.

Rainbow Quartz: Unreciprocated Love

Pearl was willing to give up her life for Rose but Rose didn’t have the same dedication to fulfill Pearl’s wants and needs. Pearl forms Rainbow Quartz with Rose out of her insecurity within their relationship. To the eye, Rainbow Quartz seems stable and is the most conventionally attractive fusion we’ve seen thus far. However, it’s clear the two don’t see their relationship eye-to-eye.

Stevonnie is the Beginning Stages of a Relationship

Stevonnie is awkward, doesn’t take fusion seriously, and just wants to have fun. At the same time, she is full of doubt anduncertainty. She looks completely stable but is just starting to test her own boundaries. At the moment she doesn’t seem ready to be one entity and feels more comfortable as her individual parts.

Garnet is a Stable and Functioning Relationship

Ruby and Sapphire form Garnet with ease. They prefer being viewed as one entity instead of their individual parts. Their personalities are so aligned, Garnet never sounds like two individuals that take turns talkin. Garnet is also better off as a fusion rather than separated. As a fusion, she has a heightened sense of awareness and stregnth that her individual parts do not.

Pictures taken from the wiki page