Sit. Stay.

Original Request: So this one was a request from a long time ago that I don’t have the ask for anymore. It’s a request for Dean to be turned into a dog. I see this request all the time on other blogs, and each one has been good but I think they usually end the same way. Waking up in a human Dean’s arms or something along those lines. This is… not that. Those are great too, though! Mine is just a little different, so I hope it still plays well. Let me know what you think! Not sure how people will react!

To the person who requested this: I’m so sorry for taking so long! I hope you like it still and I hope you find it, since I don’t have an ask to respond to!

Word Count: 1072

Summary: Dean runs into a bit of trouble after playing with relic of a witch.

“Um… Sam!” you cried out, staring in shock at the events unfolding clumsily in front of you. “I definitely think we’re dealing with a cursed object.”

Sam ran out of the motel bathroom and joined you and a…

German shepherd.

A slightly roughed up, tan furred German shepherd.

You turned around to look at Sam with mixed emotions. Partly amused. Partly shocked. Pretty scared too. You had no clue how the pendant you had found worked. The witch you had been hunting had it on here when you went after her. She had got away, but Dean thought it would be a good idea to take it, since it looked important. You had been sitting with Dean while he was playing with it. You told him not to, considering where it came from but he didn’t listen. After a few flips in his hand his body began to twist and contort until he became the dog that was staring intently at you.

“What—“ Sam began but his eyebrows furrowed. “Is that—?”

“Yeah. It is. Changed right in front of my eyes,” you looked back at the dog, who was now panting anxiously. You reached a hand out to pet him. His ears lowered cautiously but when you began scratching behind his ear, he eased into your palm.

“Heh,” you began to chuckle but Sam gave you a slightly reprimanding look. You stopped immediately but still kept a grin on your face. “I always said he was a hound with all those women he chases.”

He let out a low growl.

“Oh please.” You rolled your eyes. “You’re such a baby.”

“Have you called Bobby?” Sam asked as he pulled out his phone.

“Not yet,” you said. “This happened like 5 minutes ago, Sam. I’ve been a little preoccupied.”

Sam left the room, Bobby on the line. Dean’s paws were scratching your leg. You had stopped petting his head.

“Good lord, you’re just as needy as a dog,” you placed a hand on his head again. “Thought you’d be a poodle or something.”

Dean huffed and padded over to the corner. He curled up in a ball and glared. You glared back.

“Don’t you give me sass, you dumb ass,” you called out. “I told you not to play with the damn thing.”

He turned his head away, as if in indignation. You laughed out loud and walked over the pendant that had fallen to the ground. You grabbed a nearby book and shimmied it under the pendant. You picked it up and placed it on the end table.

“Picture looks like a hunter. Like, hunting season hunter,” you said, not even sure if Dean could fully understand. “Guess people probably used it to get senses like dogs when they hunted…”

You were examining the pendant from far away as Dean began sniffing around the room.

“There has to be a way to reverse it. People couldn’t have used this without some reverse mechanism to get them back,” you said, almost to yourself when Sam walked in.

“You’re right, [Y/N],” Sam said, pushing his phone into his pocket. “Bobby has some serious spells and pendants he said will probably get Dean back to normal.”

“Sure you want him back to normal? He’s quieter now—“ You started but Dean barked. You groaned.

“You stay here. Bobby says there might be some side effects while he’s in this form, so we gotta keep an eye on him,” Sam said. You nodded as he packed up his bag. “I’ll go get the stuff from Bobby and be right back. We’re not too far away.”

Sam was out the door quick and you were left alone with Dean the dog. He had finished his pouting and had jumped onto the bed next to you.

“We’ll get you back to good as new, Dean.” You scratched his sides as you spoke. “The witch got away before we could even do anything…”

As if on cue the witch opened the door slowly.

“Did I hear you speaking about me, miss?” she said with her harsh voice. Dean automatically went into attack mode, his posture tightening and ready to pounce. She jumped on top of you with no warning, knife to your neck. You gasped and struggled to keep her off you. Suddenly she was ripped off by Dean’s dog form snatching her. She screeched and fell to the ground. She stared at the dog and began to laugh.

“You’re the shorter one, am I right?” she pointed, her face full of excitement. “You played with my medallion, didn’t you? Naughty, naughty. I think I’ve done enough damage. I’ll leave you to clean up this mess.”

She disappeared in a flash as you scrambled to grab your gun. She was gone. You sprawled out onto the bed, breathing heavily. Dean jumped back onto the bed and laid next to you, head on your stomach. You placed a hand on his back.

“Thanks, Dean,” you said with a smile. “She caught me completely off guard.”

He grunted, as if to laugh at you. You sighed in exasperation.

“I just hope we get you back soon,” you said quietly. Dean’s posture changed beside you and you looked him in the eye. It looked… different.

“What are you—“ You backed away slowly on the bed. “Dean, you better not.”

He pounced.

It wasn’t until late into the evening that Sam got back, Bobby close in tow. He walked into the motel room, his jaw dropping at the sight. You sat on the bed, reading a book happily. To the side of the bed was a kennel holding a human Dean within it.

“I guess the spell we did worked…” Bobby said slowly as he looked between you and the kennel with a padlock on the front. “But shouldn’t you let him out now?”

“He needs to know what happens when you get too frisky,” you closed your book. “Good thing you guys got the spell when you did. Couldn’t get him off me. I was about ready to have him neutered.”

“Shut up,” the now back-to-normal Dean grumbled within the kennel, scrunched up against its walls. “Get me out of here.”

You grinned and took off the padlock on the kennel. You helped Dean out and patted him on the back.

“Come on, boy,” you said as you patted your legs excitedly. “Let’s go get you a treat!”

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So now that I’ve tired myself out from extensive overthinking and shitty concept doodles, imma post a bit about my new dumbass game idea

You play as Beanish, a small nature spirit who wakes up one day to find a horde of armored goons invading his forest with plans to chop the thing down to make a smithy for more armored goons. As such, he sets out to stop them across FOUR LEVELS OF THRILLS AND EXCITEMENT.

Beanish’s only real ability apart from running and jumping is being able to make a spiky plant shoot out of the ground directly in front of him as a close-range attack. However, this move has a number of other applications than anally annihilating helmet goombas, as it can also send objects in front of him flying straight upwards, block or deflect some projectiles, flip things over, and other such things. Most of the boss fights would revolve around the variety of ways you can use the plant shoot, such as using it to launch cannonballs dropped by a flying enemy back up into his face and knocking him down so you can attack, or popping it out at the last second when a giant enemy charges at you so they trip over it and fall off the stage.

That’s probably way too complex for me to ever be able to actually code it, even though I was trying to keep it fairly simple, but it’s a really fun idea that I like kicking around, at least. If I  ever summon the courage to try and figure out a game making program again (and don’t just instantly get my spirit crushed like all the other times), I might try to make it at some point.