“We can’t manipulate time or space in the way that someone like Doctor Strange can, with his powers in this film and beyond - but we can definitely practice mindfulness, we can practice the ability to be present, kind, considerate, and strong and resilient, true to what we believe - and I think we all need to find what that is these days, but I wouldn’t want to escape what’s going on in the world now by going forward or backwards.” - Benedict Cumberbatch (x)

Know of a woman who played tabletop RPGs in the ‘70s or ‘80s?

I’m a doctoral student doing an historical research project on women who played tabletop roleplaying games (Dungeons and Dragons, for instance) in the ‘70s and ‘80s. Do you know of anyone I could interview? If so, send them my way! The interviews can take place in person or over Skype. If you’re eligible and interested (or know someone who might be), send me a private message on Tumblr. Make sure that the message has the best way to contact you outside of Tumblr (email or phone).