Some Mephinite Headcanons

~Infinite isn’t really one for big and hammy speeches, but allows Mephilies to do them. He knows how much it means to Meph and will even join in on it sometimes!

~Mephilies can literally hide in Infinite’s shadow. They use this to get the jump on Infinite’s enemies or when Meph needs to rest.

~All Infinite had to do to get Mephilies on his side was to say “We have Shadow”

~When ever they were done conquering a zone, Mephilies would float in the air staring down at the chaotic fires and destroyed homes. To Meph, it’s very calming and thinks to themselves“This is how it should be…”.

~Infinite would also stare at the fires with Meph. He’s fully aware of Mephilies’ history and finds the destruction of zones relaxing too. The smell of burning and sounds of explosions and terrified shrieking tell him they’re getting closer to his goal.

~Infinite is Punk Butch gf and Mephilies is femme goth gf. They have a playlist solely dedicated to edge music just called “HELL”. They’re favorite song is Evanescence’s “Bring me to life”

If Myungsoo was sorted in Hogwarts
  • Sorting Hat: Hmm... I'm getting Ravenclaw vibes...
  • Myungsoo:
  • Sorting Hat: Hello?
  • Myungsoo:
  • Sorting Hat: Oi, you there? Are you even listening? I'm talking to you!
  • Myungsoo:
  • Sorting Hat: Okay I see. Well then, HUFFLEPUFF!
  • Myungsoo: *Thinking about what to have for lunch*