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did sunggyu really get kicked in the face?! i hear he broke ribs and now he wont promote with infinite in may and i'm so upset but i need to be told clear. you always make sense so please explain to me!

Time to address the rumours that are flying around and bust them, ‘cause here are the facts:

Yes, Sunggyu has hurt his ribs. He has a small stress fracture on them. (source) Strangely, I have experienced the same injury before, and believe me I got it while doing something equally as dumb as he was. It can take something pretty insignificant to do it, because the human body is sometimes fragile! Stress fractures can often come about from the body being under physical strain for long periods of time, which is why they are common in athletes. 

He did not get the injury as a direct result of being ‘kicked in the face’ by anyone. Sunggyu was playing a game with a member of GOT7 during Singderella and he slipped off the bar and landed awkwardly. The member of GOT7 (I think it was Jinyoung) was not at fault and immediately checked to see if Sunggyu was okay. You can see the clip here

Usual recovery time for an injury like this is 4-6 weeks rest, with light exercise after the first initial few weeks. This is something that needs to be healed naturally and so the most important thing is resting it. (source)

INFINITE are pushing back their comeback schedule due to the injury - they are not going to promote without Sunggyu. Woollim have said: “It is not a fixed schedule… Sunggyu’s recovery is our main focus.” (source)

The comeback MV will be altered to account for his injury. The dance parts will not be included because he cannot take part in the choreography at the moment. Instead, the MV will be drama-based. (source) This is likely due to the MV shoot already being scheduled and having already been shot in parts. If they have already booked studio time and staff, this will be hard to rearrange. 

I really hope this clears some stuff up and that everyone stops freaking out. Sunggyu will recover, as long as Woollim allow the right amount of time - and it seems they are doing all they can to ensure he has time to rest. There is no reason at all to be laying the blame on other people - either on the show, or on the GOT7 member he was playing the game with. Accidents happen all the time (just look at Hoya’s ankle injury from dance and Woohyun’s arm injury from a minor car accident) and sometimes when you are putting your body under physical strain a lot (like idols do) it makes the chances of getting an injury like this one higher

(FAO @becuzgyu because I know you were worried)

INFINITE’s Sunggyu To Halt Activities Due To Injury + Injury Will Affect INFINITE’s Comeback

INFINITE’s Sunggyu To Halt Activities Due To Injury + Injury Will Affect INFINITE’s Comeback

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Earlier, it was reported that INFINITE’s Sunggyu sustained a rib injury and that he would, therefore, have to halt activities to recover. Reportedly, the singer got injured while playing a game during filming for Channel A’s “Singderella.”

INFINITE’s group comeback was originally scheduled for May and the group was supposed to film the MV for their new track on March 30. A source stated, “Due to…

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Hey, it's me again \(^♡^)/ Can I please have antoher Infinite gif reaction? Where they have a best friend and they've been friends for ages or since childhood and Infinite is thinking how it would be if they were a couple instead of "just best friends" and if their best friend would return their feelings.

Hey there lovely ~ I’m happy to write this up for you and hope it turns out in a way that you like!



He finds himself staring at you more and more, taking in every inch of you each time he sees you like its the first time. Doesn’t realize he’s actually staring at you until he gets caught in the act “Hey?” “Oh, uh, hey.”

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The more he thinks about what it would be like to date you, the more the idea appeals to him. You guys already know everything about eachother, you do everything together, you get along so well, it’s like you’re already dating so why not make it official. “Y/N, I’ve got an idea and I hope you like it as much as I do!”

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The two of you often play-flirt and are often mistaken as a couple so the thought of dating you has crossed his mind before, but he’s beginning to think it’s something he really wants and isn’t afraid to go after. “So Y/N, what are you doing the rest of your life?”

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He was honestly surprised at the direction his thoughts have been going recently, but not bad surprised. He starts to look at you differently and realize all the things that make you a person he wants in his life forever and maybe not just as friends like he originally thought. “You okay? You’re pretty quiet today.” “Yeah, just thinking about some stuff. Well talk about it when I figure out what I want for sure.”

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He’s probably had feelings for you all along, just deciding to put them aside and be your friend because he thought that’s what you wanted and he just wanted to be a part of your life. When the feelings get too much for him he’s going to accidentally spill the beans, but he’s not even upset about it “Wow you’re perfect.” “What?” “I think I love you.”

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He’s usually happy and outgoing when with you, but he finds himself being quieter and quieter as his thoughts about you race. He doesn’t know if these feelings are here to stay or are just passing by so he waits, but once he figures out what’s going on he’ll have a serious conversation with you about it. He won’t want to ruin your friendship, but he doesn’t like keeping things from you so he let’s it all out one night “…but now I just can’t stop thinking about the two of us together, really together, and I like the idea.”

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He’ll be another one that has always had feelings for you, he’s just wanted to wait until he thought it was the right time to tell you about them. He’s been there for you when you would get hurt by other boys all these years and now he’s here to tell you that you deserve someone that loves you completely and without reservations and that that someone is him. “I would never hurt you like they did, just let me mend your broken pieces.”

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Get Well Soon Sunggyu

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I hope your injury isn’t too bad and I hope you will have plenty of rest and recover soon. I know comeback and promotions are important but your health comes first. I hope you don’t blame yourself if your comeback gets postponed, because Inspirits will  definitely understand and  Im sure the other members will too. Take Care As Always , our  humble and capable leader who is very precious.

there should be a club among the kpop idols. The “Weekly Idol Leader Target” for all the leaders that go on weekly idol and come out bruised and battered from Doni and Coni’s bullying. Voting Kim Sunggyu as president.

I swear Infinite is cursed, if it’s not a calamity,it’s one of the members getting injured. 

It also had to be Sunggyu Q_Q ( when the leader is injured, the hole in the team is so palpable man. I barely survived the promotions of B.A.P’s Skydive without Yongguk)… I wish they delayed the comeback and let him get better instead of modifying the MV.. I feel sad when I know the MV is changed and not at its full potential like Last Romeo and Destiny( tho the reasons are understandable and really thoughtful of them). He must be feeling horrible now, my poor baby ;_;

Get well soon Gyu

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