The title piece for FOTB 2010 never gets old to me. by @superfad

Amean, Salsia & Lareasa || "Family on the Battlefield"

Amean loved his compan, he really did. His compan mates where his best friends and he knew, if he’d only get Reemus to socialise with them, not only would he be happier, but the whole compan would be a lot more relaxed. So with Reemus away on his special mission around Grumberg, and Salsia as Second Command, actually being in command, he had thought maybe this was a chance to really make her feel like on of the team. She had always been at the Reemus-side, but Amean knew, as much as Lareasa disliked her, that Salsia was one of their mates. At least she could be. And this was his chance, with Salsia finally liking them all, Reemus would soon connect to all of them, as well.

At least that had been his plan. Their walk from the camps the Knights had set up a few kilometers in front of Grumberg to the actual city was quiet, very quiet. Amean could be very quiet himself. But this sort of silence was horrible. It was horrible and devastating and quite honestly, Amean was dead afraid of it. Right now, he was super intimidated of Lareasa and Salsia, both at the same time, and their icy stares towards each other.

He hadn’t even seen Lareasa be negative like that and Amean really didn’t like it either. Jogging a little forward to meet up with them, he put both his hands on the girl’s backs.

He’d be able to fix this. Amean knew what a great girl Lareasa was and he dreamed of Salsia being nice, too. That, and that both of them could actually be friends.

„So, how can our magics work together? Any plans? I’m somehow totally in the mood for team work today.“, he said, as enthusiatic as possible.


Flash on the Beach 2010


To kick off this Tumblr I wanted to share with you what inspired me to start one. This amazing intro is from Flash on the Beach 2011, created by GMUNK.