Could the Firefly universe exist?

five episodes into "firefly:" a short analysis

so the thing about this show is like yeah the whole western-space-chinese fusion is a little far-fetched at times like yeah sometimes when the white people casually speak chinese it’s cringy and yeah sometimes the dialect is synonymous with a steel guitar and yEAH sometimes the costumes are the embodiment of the early 2000’s and that’s never okay but you know what

you got these characters that just work so well as a unit

you got these genuinely interesting subplots and a mythology that’s not impossible to fathom

and this cgi that can somehow remain steadfast 13 years later (partially because the practical effects and sets are so on point for any time period)

and you realize that yes it is utterly ridiculous, but it’s meant to be and that’s why people go so bloody bonkers over it

that’s why when you look at the IMDB page you’ll see a 9.2/10 rating after 150,000 votes

because it’s a show that makes you forget about technicality when you need to, simply because the story becomes more important

and that just doesn’t happen anymore


Firefly takes place in an incredibly complicated star system. But it probably couldn’t exist, because physics.


Reasons I am RIDICULOUSLY excited about Firefly Online:

  • Player Characters will be available in all ages, races, body shapes, and genders.
  • Courtenay Taylor (from Mass Effect, KOTOR, Fallout 4, and more) will be voicing the female PC
  • Wil Wheaton will be doing the male PC voice
  • Clothing will NOT be gender locked, nor will you only be stuck with a single outfit set– you can mix and match however you want
  • The entire original crew will be lending their voices to the game(!!!)
  • High-res models of the original crew (!!!!!)
  • You hire your own crew (from randomly generated PCs, as far as I understand) but if you mess up with them too much they will leave you and then someone can rehire them and then get a mission to get “revenge” on their last captain I CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS MUWAHAHA
  • Tooling around the ‘verse in my own beautiful junkbaby ship YES GOOD FINALLY

And that’s just the shit we know so far. Plus there’s a companion app out right now where you can earn some loot that will get transferred over to your ship once the game launches, WITH AN EXPLOREABLE MAP OF THE VERSE, that is FREE on steam so you should all definitely go download that :D

I’m so excited eeee :D