Exo Reaction to Being Seated Next to Their Future s/o On a Plane

I’m guessing this means they don’t know each other, but they will end up together later on.. Sorry if that’s not what you meant. :) ~Admin WildandSexy


Xiumin wasn’t looking forward to his flight, since it would be long. He sat in the seats, waiting for them to allow everyone to board. He looked at his watch. Should be about 15 more minutes.

You sat down. Out of breath from trying to rush there, thinking you would be late. You glanced across from you.

Xiumin made eye contact with you, giving you a small smile. You smiled back.

As you were boarding, he was walking behind you. You stopped at your row and Xiumin began to talk. “Are you sitting here?

You looked to the man. “Yes.

He grinned. “Me too. I can help you with your bag.” He started to grab it, hand sliding past your’s.

Your face heated up. “Thank you,” You said quietly and sat down.

Once he put the bags up in the compartment, he sat down next to you. “Well now that I did that for you, can do something for me?

You raised an eyebrow. “Like what?

Tell me about yourself, it’s a long flight.” He winked.

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He was pretty annoyed to find out that his seat was moved. He groaned, slapping his boarding pass down onto his leg.

Chen smiled. “Sucks to suck.

Shut your mouth.

When they were boarding the plane, Suho slouched and started to make his way to the section. He made sure it was right and put his bag in the over-head compartment. Suho’s vision went down to the person sitting, instantly making him happy about his seat change.

You looked up from your phone to see a handsome guy staring at you, making you blush. Reality came back to you. “Oh, am I in the wrong seat?

He put out his hand. “No, no! I’m in the seat next to you.

Oh, okay.” You got up and went into the isle, so the man could sit down. You brushed against him, making your blush deepen.

Once you both got situated, the man turned towards you. “What’s your name?


I’m Suho.

You shyly smiled at him. “Well it’s nice to meet you, Suho.

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Lay was waiting for his flight, back to Korea. He felt excited, happy. He couldn’t wait to see the rest of EXO.

He sat down in his seat, leg starting to bounce out of anticipation. He looked over to see a girl standing outside of the row. She was putting her bag up. 

When she was done, she smiled at him and sat down. Her eyes sparkled, and her hair framed her face perfectly.

Lay started to become shy, but built up the confidence to start a conversation with you. “Why are you going to Korea? To travel?

Well yeah, but I’m also going to study there.

Really? If you ever need help with your stuff, or getting around, I’d be glad to help you.

That sounds nice, but I don’t have your number.

Oh. Well do you want my number?

You smiled. “Is there a reason I wouldn’t?

He returned a smile. “Good question.

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When he saw who he was sitting next to, his heart started to race. He quickly turned around, running in D.O.

D.O. pushed him a bit. “Walk.

I can’t!” He whisper-shouted.

Then I’ll make you.” He shoved Baekhyun down into his seat, making him flop  awkwardly next to you.

You turned your head to the young man, who looked uncomfortable. He was cute though. “Hello.” You smiled.

His eyes widened a bit, realizing you were talking to him. “Hi.

You giggled and held out your hand. “I’m Y/n.

He grabbed your hand in return. “Baekhyun.

Let’s just say that flight went well, since you two ended up together.

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Chen got to he seat and sat down right away, putting in his earbuds to drown out everything else.

He was spacing out, until he felt a tap on his shoulder. He pulled his earbud out and turned his head to the direction of the person.

Excuse me, but my seat is on the other side of you. Would you please move into the isle, so I could get to it?” You asked the man. His mouth was opened slightly and he just stared at you. “Sir?

Chen finally realized he was staring at you, feeling like an idiot. “I’m sorry, what? I blanked out.

Would you please move into the isle? I have to get to my seat.

Oh yeah, sorry.

Once you both got situated, Chen began to talk. “I apologize for not hearing you the first time. I think I just got distracted by..

By what?

Well, I wasn’t expecting to see such a lovely person.

You smiled. “You think I’m lovely?

More than lovely.

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He wasn’t too happy to be going on a plane. He’s pretty tall, so leg room is not really an option. 

It would make it better if you were sat next to some smelly, old guy.” Baekhyun laughed.

Chanyeol looked unimpressed. “Not funny.

As they were boarding, Baekhyun found out he was the one next to a smelly, old guy. His jaw dropped as he looked at Chanyeol. “Now it’s funny.” Chanyeol  laughed and continued walking.

His eyebrows raised, when he got to his seat. A spark of confidence rushed through him. He put his hand on the over-head compartment and smirked. He didn’t think he would get this lucky. “And who are you sweetheart?

The deep voice pulled at your attention. When you saw who was talking to you, your heart stopped. The attractive man sat down and kept going.

Cat got your tongue?

You kept staring at him. “Yeah..

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D.O. was already ticked off with the service in the airport, so he wasn’t in the best mood.

As he was walking through the isle, someone bumped into the back of him. He was turning around, ready to get pissed at whoever bumped into him, expression softening when he saw who they were.

I-I’m really sorry! I didn’t mean to bump into you. I wasn’t paying attention.” You said to the man in front of you.

He looked at you a bit longer. “It’s okay.

You watched him walk to his seat, when you realized your seat was next to his. Oh hell. He’s going to hate me even more.

You walked up to the section with a nervous smile. “Ha ha. My seat is next to your’s.” Silence. “I’ll just get a new flight.

D.O. grabbed your hand when you turned around, making you jump. “Sorry if I scared you, but you can sit here. I don’t mind.

You smiled a bit. “Really?

Yes. Honestly, you are probably the best thing that has come out of today.

Your face lit up, and he smiled at you. “Thank you.

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He sat down in the seats, waiting for the plane to arrive. He looked to the right, seeing a girl two seats down from him. “Hey, what’s your name?

The voice caught you off guard, and you made eye contact with a cute guy. “I’m sorry, are you asking me?


My name is Y/n. What’s your’s?


You nodded your head at his response. “What’s your seat number?


12B.”  You both smiled at each other.

Want to continue this conversation on the plane?

Your smile got wider. “Of course.

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He started to complain and bug his hyungs about his seat change. “Oh come on. Chen please! Switch seats with me. I’ll buy you something after.

I don’t need you to buy me anything. I have Suho for that.

Sehun’s bitch face came back. “Whatever.

As everyone was walking through the isle, he looked towards his row, seeing a gorgeous girl. So did Chen.

You know what Sehun? I’ll switch seats with you.” He started walk past Sehun. 

What? No!” He tried to grab Chen, but fell to the floor grabbing his leg.

You heard noises so you looked up to see two guys messing with each other. A smile spread across your face, as you tried not to laugh.

Sit!” Sehun shoved Chen into his seat, and made a run for his. He quickly buckled himself in and fixed his hair. 

You just stared at him with an amused look.

Did you see all of that?

You started to laugh. “Yeah.


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