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Wingo, bro! Do you like anime, if so what are your favorites?

Wingo: “Anything Studio Throttle puts out is good bro, but the best anime I’ve ever seen is Tokyo Drifterz. It’s about these bros that are the best street racers EVER, and and they have super powers too and get into AWESOME race battles! Me and Boost and DJ haven’t missed an episode, but for some reason Snotty isn’t as into it as we are. I’m gonna cosplay Komodo someday, so be on the look out for that heh heh…” 

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whats the best joke you can think of

Boost: “They asked for “best joke” not “worst joke” you idiot!” 

DJ: “It wasn’t that bad Boost but yeah….sorry Wing man that was pretty cringe, yo.”

Wingo: “You guys have no sense of humor, I’d like to see you guys come up with clever jokes.” 

Snot Rod: Ah-ACHOO  

Delinquent Road Hazards "early reader" book

It’s best not to expect a terribly deep story since it’s an early reader book, i.e. about three sentences per page, but Driving School is now listed on Amazon as an upcoming (June) release and it features the DRH…taking driving lessons from Mater?

It appears this story takes place after Cars 2, as McQueen is still sporting the WGP logo just behind his front wheel.

Kinda neat to know the DRH’s adventures in Radiator Springs are continuing in print and in the Cars Toons!


Still one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard..

As luzes da cidade não se apagam
E você as vê como pontinhos brilhantes
O céu esta branco e já é noite

As luzes da cidade não nos deixam ver as estrelas
E você as procura
mesmo o céu estando coberto de nuvens

As luzes da cidade refletem sua luz no céu
E não permitem que você as veja
Já é noite e não escureceu

Queen Of California meets DRH
David Ryan Harris
Queen Of California meets DRH

Rain + Guitar + Boredom + Apogee ONE + Great Song = me hooking up with the Queen of California in my hotel room today in Sydney.

Wish I could do more than “whisper sing” but I’m always afraid I’m gonna get a knock on the door because the room next door is full of people that hate soul music.

Escrevo porque sou teimosa de mais para achar que não devo.

Não porque sei, nem porque gosto, nem ao menos porque alguém gosta.

Apenas escrevo; palavras estranhas, mentiras absurdas e sonhos, e medos, e desejos… E você.

E não é por você, nem pra você, nem ao menos para você ler.

Apenas escrevo por teimosia, porque não admito não poder.

Escrevo, porem não sei escrever.