A little mashup of some amazing dancers doing their signature moves (moved I love that they do a lot)!!! 💖💖 I always think of these moves when I think of the dancer! @sophialucia5678 @daylynlucky @quinn__starner @brynn.rumfallo @autumnmiller @itsjojosiwa @avabeall @bcool_ey @tate_dancer (tagged in order of video) #littledancer #dancemoms


updatesfordancemoms: The girls at today’s dance moms season 6 kickoff episode!
I’ll be posting more videos when I get home !
FYI Maddie has a big movie role coming up besides sia’s !
I’ll post the video where Maddie talks about her upcoming roles in upcoming movies later !


GUYS!!! I am seeing an awful lot of butt hurt people today about the girls acting as murderers at competition. BUT SO FUCKING WHAT! They are actresses as well! They have to learn to perform ANY character as professional dancers. Children actors have played roles much worse, and are very successful in their craft. ALSO, as much as I hate Abby, I bet you anything it wasn’t her idea. The producers probably gave them the theme for the week for the show and the ratings. Now everyone calm the fuck down about them playing a motherfucking CHARACTER. Whoopty fucking doo.