This is How You OTP: 9 Swoon-Worthy Moments on TV
There is love, and then there’s the love we see on TV. Check out our 9 most swoon-worthy moments on TV so far this year.

5. The wedding — Castle

Castle and Beckett are the perfect example of a couple that works, well beyond the will-they or won’t-they that procedurals specialize in. Maybe it’s because they had time to grow together, to learn to trust each other, to become partners – and yet they didn’t have enough time for fans to curse at the screen every time they seemed to almost and then not quite confess their feelings for each other. (I’m looking at you, Chris Carter. I’m looking at you). Rick and Kate did things in their own way, figured out who they were as individuals, and then, they came together at the perfect moment to figure out what they could be as a unit.

It all comes to head in this wonderful wedding, and the vows, oh, the wows. My heart grew three sizes as Kate told Rick that when she met him her life became extraordinary, and Rick told Kate that she was the joy in his heart. Then, it continued growing as they embraced with the sun setting in the background. What can I say? I’m not usually a girly girl, but I do have a heart.

May all fictional couples in this list get to be half as wonderful as Richard Castle and Kate Beckett. Amen.

Ficlet prompt from anon: After round three in always Castle and Beckett fall asleep, however Kate is on the wrong side of the bed so she slowly makes her way to the right side and claims it as her own

Beckett awakes with a start, and has a moment of confusion about the strange surroundings before remembering where she is. She turns her head to look at the man sleeping peacefully beside her and can’t stop herself from smiling. She can see the rise and fall of each breath rippling through his strong, broad back. He’s breathing slow and even, and from what she can tell, he’s deeply asleep. And for good reason. She had often thought about what their first time together would be like, and while she’d imagined it being great, she’d never once thought it would be like this. Three rounds. She’d never done that with anyone. There had been tender touches and curious exploration, kisses that were languid, others that were frantic, and all of it had been filled with passion and love. Everything had been perfectly wonderful. There’s only one problem - she’s on the wrong side of the bed.

It might seem silly to most people, but she’s preferred the right side of the bed since she was a child. Even when sleeping by herself, and no matter the size of the bed, she liked to be closer to the right edge. And plus, if she manages to get over there now, she could be the little spoon. With most guys she hasn’t really been into cuddling, because she wanted to keep things simple. But with Castle it’s been far from simple for a long time. So, since she now has two reasons to move to the other side, she’s going to do it.

Not wanting to wake Castle, Beckett slides carefully out of the bed. She tiptoes around it and walks up the other side. She gently grabs the blanket and pulls it down just enough to slip under it. There’s only a couple of feet between the edge of the bed and Castle, but it’s enough. She settles down as gently as she can with her back to him, and tugs the blanket up while slowly scooting backwards. When she thinks she’s as close as she can get without bumping into him she stops moving. Until she’s suddenly pulled backward into Castle’s chest.

“Hey,” he murmurs, his breath hot on her ear.

“I’m sorry,” Beckett sighs lightly. “I didn’t mean to wake you up.”

“You don’t have to apologize.”

“I just wanted to be on this side of the bed. I sleep better on the right side,” she explains. “I don’t know why. Do you mind?”

“Kate, you can lie anywhere as long as I get to lie there with you,” he kisses the back of her neck.

Beckett doesn’t know if Castle’s only saying that because he’s half asleep or not, but she doesn’t really care. She wraps her hands around the arm he has draped over her side and quickly drifts off back to sleep.