Photo Album: Niedzica Castle, Poland

Niedzica Castle (also known as Dunajec Castle) is located in the southernmost part of Poland in Niedzica. It was erected between the years 1320 and 1326 by Kokos of Brezovica on the site of an ancient stronghold surrounded by earthen walls in the Pieniny mountains. The outline of Niedzica Castle can best be viewed from the ruins of Czorsztyn Castle on the other side of the lake. It is known as one of the most picturesque castles in Poland and adorns the covers of many books.

The castle of Bourtzi,
Nafplio, Argolis, Peloponnese, Greece.

The castle of Bourtzi is located in the middle of the harbour of Nafplio. Venetians completed its fortification in 1473 to protect the city from pirates and invaders from the sea. It fell to Ottoman Turks along with the rest of Greece.

The Greeks regained it from the Turks on June 18, 1822, from where they assisted in the siege of Nafplio. Until 1865 it served as a fortress. It was then transformed into residence of the executioners of convicts from the castle of Palamidi. From 1930 to 1970, it served as a hotel. Since then, it is mainly a tourist attraction.

Welcome Home

Characters: Nathan Fillion x Reader
Words: 1733
Requested by Anonymous:  Could you maybe write some Nathan Fillion smut please? Fluff is always nice as well. Maybe some kind of kink? 

Warning: Smut!

          You were really surprised that Nathan wasn’t the one to pick you up from the airport when you landed. You hadn’t seen him in person for almost three weeks. So, when you saw your driver there with no Nathan in sight, you were surprised and a little disappointed. It kind of killed your good “home coming” mood.

           You sat with your forehead against the window as the car went from the airport toward the house you shared with Nathan. You had been so happy to be home with Nathan after doing some press tours around in different countries for your newest movie.

           “Do you need help with your bags?” your driver asked when he pulled up to the house. You hadn’t even realized you had made it there.

           “I can get them,” you said, “Thank you.”

           You got your bags out of the car and headed to the front door. You weren’t even sure what you were going to say to Nathan when you saw him. You didn’t even know if Nathan was home.

           You went inside and left your bags by the front door. You sighed as you closed the door. It was still nice to be home even if you hadn’t gotten the greeting you had expected from your boyfriend.

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anonymous asked:

What's your favorite other character episodes like Ryan's or espos I really loved wild rover cause it told a good Ryan story and caskett story

I think The Wild Rover and Heartbreaker are probably mine, though I feel like I’m leaving out something that was not Caskett-centric that I really loved, but I’m blanking on it right now. Heartbreaker is probably my top one, just because I think they needed to explain Esposito’s backstory and some of the prickly parts of her personality for years, and I’m thrilled that we finally got it. 

I mean, now we know why he’s a commitment-phobe, and I just loved that we got a reason and to see that he still, despite himself, cared a bit about Sonia. I sort of have this headcanon where they stay in touch while she’s in jail and when she gets out, Espo makes it a point to keep her out of trouble and set her on a different path and then they eventually work it out and stay together, if not actually get married.