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When you get overlooked, when everybody under-appreciates you and underestimates you just remember. When they call you traitor and liar and useless and heartless just remember. When they chase you down with pitchforks and torches and you are tired of this relentless war just remember. Remember that you speak the words of a goddess, that with your hands you’ve crafted empires out of broken ruins, that your look alone is enough to bring about the apocalypse and that you are the only thing that can stop it.

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au meme: jenny and giles + college au

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#he’s going through his ripper phase #loud and obnoxious and rebellious #his parents expect too much of him #they want him to be This and That and he has his sights set on being a librarian #”it doesn’t pay well, rupert. you’re going to be a doctor. it’s much more suitable.” #jenny is nineteen #one year younger than giles #she’s in half of the same classes as him #she’s the only one who questions their professor in their lit class #argues the merits of technology versus books #their professor and giles are unimpressed #she thinks reading is wonderful #”don’t get me wrong. i’m an avid reader. i just think there’s more than one platform for reading.” #she’s smart and snarky and has perfected the perfect eye-roll #she spends most of her time in the library #laptop out and ready to code #giles spends most of his time reading or working there #they clash at first #heated arguments in the middle of the quiet space #he thinks she’s awful #smoking on the top of his dorm building with his friend (with benefits) ethan #”you like her” #ethan tells him #giles brushes it off because he does not like that awful awful jenny #but ethan drags him to a party because a boy he likes is there #and jenny’s there #she’s sitting on a couch at the side of the room #surrounded by a group he’s never seen before #she’s at the centre of it #and he knows that ethan is right when he feels jealous when she hooks up with a girl in their lit class #he spends the next few weeks thinking of how to approach her #flustered every time she talks to him #jenny’s confused by his sudden disappearances and her flirting not having the desired effect on him #they’re both on the library late and she’s sick of the weird decline of their flimsy friendship #so she goes up and asks him what’s up #casually leaning against the counter as he stacks books away #she bites back a remark about how he’s living in the past #and he blushes and fumbles and she kisses him to get it over with because she’s sick of waiting for him to take her hints #”pick me up at 8 tomorrow night, rupert.”

Just a follow up because several people have commented on this: 

When Jane E said that she and DeKnight argued against the attempted rape because they thought Marti’s scenario would play differently with a man attacking a woman that it would with a woman attacking a man, I don’t actually think they were wrong.  The fact is, there’s a huge amount of cultural baggage attached to male-on-female sexual violence, and a completely different set of baggage attached to female-on-male sexual violence. 

This is a double standard, most certainly… but it exists.   We’re conditioned to think that women can’t hurt men, that men can’t be raped.  Neither of those things is true, but like they used to say about the dish soap, we’re soaking in them.  A female character who commits sexual violence against a male character is far more likely to have her actions be forgiven or overlooked than the reverse.   Case in point:  Consider that in S3 Faith actually does rape Xander.  But while it’s obviously not supposed to be a good thing, it’s never indicated that Xander is permanently traumatized by the experience, nor is Faith permanently branded a rapist.   (I know there are some Xander fans and/or anti-Faith fans out there who think of her that way, but I think they’re decidedly in the minority.)  Even though Faith is physically more powerful than Xander, her attack on Xander just isn’t seen in the same light as Spike’s attack on Buffy.  

So while I agree that the whole idea was terrible, regardless of who attacked whom, I don’t think that Espenson and DeKnight were wrong to make the argument that they did.

luscious2 asked:

Loved your thoughts on the Tara/Willow relationship in S6 and the negative take of the S4 scene "Yours." I think Tara's arc in S6 is to grow independent from Willow. Willow was her ray of sunshine who saved her from her family and made her feel loved when no one did, so thought of Willow doing something bad was too scary for her. Tara idealized Willow, but learning that Willow is human and also breaking free from an abusive relationship on her own was Tara's character growth.

of course, i agree with all of this. 

sometimes i’m sad that tara’s arc can be boiled down to a pattern of abuse, but at the same time, i really appreciate its existence. i don’t know if that was the intention (probably not, i just like reading into things), but watching her grow from being so shy and so dependent on willow after running from her abusive family, to making a clean break from her family with willow and the scoobies’ help, to losing her mind like ten minutes after the first time she seems to recognize that willow isn’t on a good path magically, to staying with her anyway (despite what i’m assuming was a whirlwind of doubt during the summer between seasons five and six) out of love, to (technically) losing her mind again the second she questions willow’s motives again, being manipulated into staying once again, and finally finally making a clean-ish break from willow mid-way through season six and finding herself at some point during their time apart

it breaks my heart that she went back to willow, but tara’s love and dependency and insecurities won out in the end, and that’s not at all uncommon (I CRY)

imagine a world where buffy summers lived in pawnee, indiana, being an everyday hero with leslie knope.

imagine buffy never dying to save the world, never waking up in her coffin all alone under the earth, never hiding the agony of being alive from her friends.

imagine buffy and leslie working together in the parks department to protect what they both value above everything else: community. family.

imagine buffy touching lives not because she’s the slayer, but because she’s buffy. imagine the friendships she would form with leslie and ann and april and donna! imagine how much she would make everyone laugh! imagine all the floral skirts she would wear! imagine how deeply everyone in the parks department would care about her. imagine how happy she would be, living her life as an average girl in pawnee, indiana.