willow’s string of increasingly irrelevant love interests in the comics is….. not particularly inspiring to me? like…

  • after kennedy ( / at the same time… rip) there was aluwyn, and she was interesting. thanks to the willow comics, we actually know a little about aluwyn and we can kind of…. actually see why she and willow were into each other, you know? bonus: their relationship progressed over the course of 3 seasons.
  • there was also aura in s8, who got like a total 2 mentions. which - fine. sometimes you just date someone for a short amount of time. presumably willow and aura were never very serious.
  • i’m talking about post-aluwyn, though. im talking about lake and calliope.
  • as soon as i saw lake, i was like “she gay,” and then she was, so obviously, she and willow had to have a thing. because the gay characters have to get together, whether or not they have anything remotely in common. honestly! willow and lake had nothing in common except for being lesbians!! adding to that, all we ever learn about her, besides that she’s into ladies, is that a) she works for the military, and b) her ex-gf left her because she works too much. this relationship was doomed to have No One care about it.
  • and now there’s calliope. calliope, who is a) gay, b) a witch, and c) cheating on her girlfriend. again, that’s practically all we know about her! how are we supposed to root for this relationship? are we supposed to root for this relationship? we just met her!

im too tired to be eloquent about this, and i get that christos gage doesn’t have a lot of space in 25 pages to add in meaningless conversations, but i need them. if spike and dowling could discuss CRAFT BEER in season 10, then willow and calliope can discuss something other than the Main Plot for one panel here and there.