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Bill/Laura - "What in the world did I do with that magic wand?"

This kind of dilemma, Bill assumed, was exactly the kind of trouble his father had had in mind, twenty years earlier, when King Joseph had objected so strongly to the union of his son, then-Crown Prince William of Galactica, to the village sorceress.

“Where did you last see it?” Bill prompted patiently, as he followed his wife through the castle, wondering if he should warn the populace that spinning wheels might be about to become deadly objects (as they had last time Queen Laura had had a spot of bother with her wand) or if this might be one of those rare, glorious problems that were solved inside the castle, without any of the peasants the wiser.

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BSG: Literally tells you that Laura is dying ever since the first episode.
BSG: Reminds you that Laura is dying almost constantly throughout the series.
BSG: Literally calls Laura “ The Dying Leader”.
Me when Laura dies: Shocked. Appalled. Totally unprepared. Who could have forseen this? My feelings will never recover.


Hey, I figured out how to make gifs!

I’ve been wanting to see a gif set of this for a long time. One of my favorite scenes from Battlestar Galactica. 

Don’t fuck with the teacher, she’ll destroy you. 

Laura Roslin, my number one favorite Scary Bitch in Charge, forever and ever, Amen.