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A Song of Ice and Fire/GoT Americana

House Stark, New England Old Money:

“The winters are hard, but the Starks will endure. We always have,” (AGOT, Eddard I)


House Baratheon, Monopoly Businessmen of Florida: 

“As the gods will it. Bring on your storm, my lord—and recall, if you do, the name of this castle,” (ACOK, Davos II)


House Lannister, California Gold-rushers:

“The Lannisters never declined, graciously or otherwise. The Lannisters took what was offered,” (AGOT, Tyrion II)


House Tully, Nobles on the Mississippi Rivers:

“She would show these northerners how strong a Tully of Riverrun could be,” (AGOT, Catelyn III)


House Arryn, Scions of Appalachia:

“The most splendid work ever built by the hands of men, a palace worthy of the gods themselves. Surely even the Father Above does not have such a seat,” (TWOIAF, The Vale)


House Tyrell, Louisiana Royalty:  

“The Tyrells were only stewards that the dragon-kings had upjumped far above their station. Their vanity was exceeded only by their ambition,” (AFFC, Cersei I)


House Martell, Masters of the Arizona Desert:

The arms of House Martell display the sun and spear, the Dornishman’s two favored weapons, but of the two, the sun is the more deadly,” (AFFC, The Queenmaker) 


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by Kitamere

Sansa waits impatiently for her husband to come to bed. When he does, things don’t go quite as smoothly as Sansa had imagined. A fluffy one-shot smutfic written for Dealbreaker19.

Words: 3241, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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sandorclegane  asked:

does sansa have freckles

Nope. Or at least, it’s never ever mentioned that she has any, whereas characters who do have freckles are specifically called out as having them. (Several in her own chapters.) Though as a redhead (but not ginger, auburn) Sansa might freckle if she got a lot of sun, but Westeros beauty standards don’t think much of freckles. So she probably stays shaded.

BTW, characters who do have freckles, in case you’re interested: Brienne of Tarth; Rohanne Webber; Horas, Hobber, Desmera, and Bethany Redwyne; Sylva Santagar; Anguy; Mycah; Barra’s mother; Dancy; various unnamed others.


The crown is crushing him, she thought. He wants so much to be a good king, to be brave and honorable and clever, but the weight is too much for a boy to bear.


               a song of ice and fire aesthetics
                            ↳ houses of westeros [1/7]

thelilacroom  asked:

With the episode Battle of the Bastards showing a (possibly) very different battle of fire in Mereen, I'm beginning to rethink the three heads of the dragon. I'm starting to think they're not all dragon riders. That since Dany is their mother, why should she just give her children away to whoever? Just because in the past they had a specific rider? No one has ever had more than one hatchling at once that I can remember. Do you think she'll just control them like in the show or was Jorah right?

“I’m starting to think [the three heads of the dragon are] not all dragon riders.” Nobody ever said they were. At least not in the books. I mean, I do think the other two of the three heads of the dragon will be dragonriders, eventually, and will bond with Viserion and Rhaegal, but they will probably spend a lot of time not riding dragons beforehand. (I’m not sure we’ll even see Jon or Tyrion riding dragons in TWOW – it may be an ADOS thing only.) I also believe there will be dragonriders who are not the three heads of the dragon. (Victarion, maybe; Euron, probably; maybe Aegon if the dragons don’t kill him first, so there can be an actual Second Dance of the Dragons; maybe others.) But the other two heads of the dragon will be the last and true riders of Viserion and Rhaegal.

Dany knows she cannot ride all three of her dragons.

“My children have grown wild and angry in the dark.”
“You… you mean to ride them?”
“One of them. All I know of dragons is what my brother told me when I was a girl, and some I read in books, but it is said that even Aegon the Conqueror never dared mount Vhagar or Meraxes, nor did his sisters ride Balerion the Black Dread. Dragons live longer than men, some for hundreds of years, so Balerion had other riders after Aegon died… but no rider ever flew two dragons.”

—ADWD, Daenerys VIII

This is the scene where she’s showing her bound dragons to Quentyn Martell, to test him, to see if he likes dragons / the dragons like him, because “my marriage need not be the end of all your hopes”, because she believes the other two heads of the dragon will be her husbands, because she very likely believes they must be dragonriders as well. Quentyn did not pass this test (and certainly not later, when he tried to tame a dragon to prove he was still worthy), but if Dany sees a man who does ride one of her dragons, she almost certainly will wonder if he is one of the three heads / someone she should marry. Whether she will be correct in this belief (dragonrider = a head of the dragon = her husband), fully or even partially, we will just have to see.

Also, since we’ve seen nearly all of the Battle of Fire in the two Barristan and two Tyrion preview TWOW chapters that have been released/read, we know for a fact that yes, it will be extremely different from the show. Dany’s not there, man, the dragons are wild. Barristan’s leading an army attacking the Yunkai, Tyrion and Jorah are with the Second Sons, Victarion’s fleet is landing. The Dragonbinder horn is about to be blown, and lord knows what’s going to happen then. But it won’t be a damn thing like the show.