His fur was white, where the rest of the litter was grey. His eyes were as red as the blood of the ragged man who had died that morning. Bran thought it curious that this pup alone would have opened his eyes while the others were still blind.

“An albino,” Theon Greyjoy said with wry amusement. “This one will die even faster than the others.”

Jon Snow gave his father’s ward a long, chilling look. “I think not, Greyjoy,” he said. “This one belongs to me.” (x)

Sansa, apples, dance festivals, and the Trident

@theexuberanceofexistence replied to your post “In ASOIAF is Sansa a traditional northerner name or more of a…”

Sansa is a type of apple, so her name might’ve been inspired by her hair.

I was answering the question of why Ned and Cat gave Sansa her name, not why GRRM did. :)  Sansa apples exist in our world, not in ASOIAF. See this post for more on the difference.

But nevertheless, the possible connection of Sansa to Sansa apples is surprisingly interesting. I’ve researched the question of why GRRM chose the name Sansa before, since nobody seems to know the meaning of the name (it’s not related to Sancia; and though I’ve seen it supposedly translated as Sanskrit, “praise” or “charm”, I don’t think that’s true), and it was distinctly not a common or even rare name before ASOIAF. (No appearances in literature, none in even the more obscure baby name books.) And what I found was pretty cool, an appearance in a 1920 novel by Robert W. Chambers. But despite all that, I still couldn’t find out what Sansa means.

So what the heck, this comment made me remember I’d wanted to look up more info on Sansa apples.  Apparently they’re a cross between Gala and Akane apples, developed around 1988 by a Japanese/New Zealand team, at Morioka Research Station. Morioka is the capital of Iwate Prefecture, and has a famous festival, Morioka Sansa Odori (盛岡さんさ踊り). 

Sansa is the name of the style of dance performed at the festival, which originates from legend:

A long time ago, in Morioka castle town, an oni (demon) named Rasetsu (羅刹) was terrorizing the local people. Being at a total loss as what to do, they prayed to the deity Mitsuishi (三ツ石) to rid them of the demon.

Mitsuishi-kami heard their prayers, caught the demon and made him pledge to never trouble the people again, by making the demon leave his handprint on the rocks located at Mitsuishi Shrine.

This legend, Oni no tegata, or “Demon’s handprint on the rocks”, explains the origin of the name Iwate (岩手), “rock-hand”.

In addition, the locals rejoicing at the dispelling of the demon danced around the Mitsuishi Stones shouting, “Sansa, Sansa” (さんさ), which is also said to be the beginning of the Sansa Odori dance.

Which is all pretty awesome! (Especially considering “Sansa loved to dance”.) But none of the websites I found about the festival explained what “Sansa” translates to, other than that it’s the name of the dance. I thought, maybe it doesn’t translate, maybe it’s just sounds? (edit: heh, it is a meaningless word used in songs.) But even though I don’t know a lot about Japanese, I figured that couldn’t be right (as I do know that words can have different meanings, and symbols can be pronounced differently). So what the heck, I tossed さんさ into Wiktionary to see what came up:

さんさ ‎(romaji sansa)

     1. 三叉: three-way fork

    Fork? ok, one more time:

    三叉 ‎(hiragana さんさ, romaji sansa)

        1. a three-way fork, such as in a road, river, or tree

      Such as, for example, the Trident. I see what you did there, GRRM.

      (OK, maybe he didn’t do it on purpose. Maybe he just heard about the dance festival or the apple and thought the name had the right “soft, pretty” sound for the character he was developing. Maybe it’s all a coincidence. But I think it’s cool anyway!)

      people give so much shit to robb for marrying talisa/jeyne and breaking his promise to walder frey but lyanna broke her promise to robert and ran away with rhaegar and look where that got them and yet those same people call it the greatest love story in asoiaf like double standards much


      “My mother named me Hildy, ser.” She pulled a soiled shift down over her head and shook her hair out. Her face was almost as dirty as her feet and she had enough hair between her legs to pass for Bracken’s sister, but there was something appealing about her all the same. That pug nose, her shaggy mane of hair … or the way she did a little curtsy after she had stepped into her skirt. 

      “Have you seen my other shoe, m’lord?”

      The question seemed to vex Lord Bracken. “Am I a bloody handmaid, to fetch you shoes? Go barefoot if you must. Just go.”

      “Does that mean m’lord won’t be taking me home with him, to pray with his little wife?”

      Laughing, Hildy gave Jaime a brazen look. “Do you have a little wife, ser?”

      No, I have a sister. “What color is my cloak?”

      “White,” she said, “but your hand is solid gold. I like that in a man. And what is it you like in a woman, m’lord?”

      “Innocence.” - Jaime I, ADWD

      Ok but Cersei is the madonna of ASOIAF

      • Considered a queen
      • But this position if threatened by younger talent
      • struggling to stay relevent in the game
      • abusive past relationship
      • difficult relationship with her son
      • ~controversial vibe~
      • pisses of religious groups

      Sansa is the britney

      • thrust into the industry very young
      • popular and loved
      • sad behind the scenes
      • a short lived marriage
      • would rather stay home and post memes on instagram
      • is stronger than yesterday
      • now its nothing but her way

      Margaery is the taylor swift

      • sweet and innocent vibe
      • is secretly running the game
      • *snake emoji*
      • gay rumors with gal pals
      • serial dater/beard for other famous guys
      • beloved by the small folk

      Daenerys is the lady gaga

      • came on to the scene out of nowhere to start dominating the game
      • but her career has hit a rough patch and needs a #1 again soon
      • platinum hair trademark
      • stunt queen
      • various definable era’s each with it’s own ~look~
      • very extra™

      positive lady characters meme: asoiaf + mothers and daughters (requested by @joannalannister)