gifset: thor movie

Don't mind me. Just having a few Loki feels before I go to bed. (Just finished watching Thor)

And so I will include the gifs from Thor that I have collected that I will probably never use.

This has been a Thor gifspam. I’m sorry if this annoyed you. Actually… I’m not sorry at all. I probably will be sorry in the morning but lack of sleep makes me kind of snarky.

Thorki: Sleep

Thor was tired. Not only tired, but exhausted. But, for some reason he couldn’t sleep. He guessed it was because of the person sleeping next to him in his bed. Thor watched as his brother’s chest heaved up and down slowly and gently, meaning that he was peacefully asleep.

It was early in the morning. Too early for anyone in Asgard to really be awake. Thor thought about a lot of things as he watched Loki sleep. He knew, truthfully, that Loki was the reason he couldn’t sleep. Thor didn’t want anything to happen to Loki. He loved him too much for anything bad to happen to him.

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Thor: An Average Asgardian Saturday

Thor and Loki were walking through the halls of the Asgardian castle together late one night. They were not teenagers anymore, seeing that Thor would be next in line for the throne. Loki was proud of him, but hid a slight jealousy. 

The brothers had just returned from different activities, but met up in the conference hall. Thor suggested they walk together for a while, to catch up on things. Loki fought him, but eventually gave in. 

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