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Subtle Flirting: A Bones (Finn Abernathy) Imagine

A/N: Sorry about the gif, it’s a wee smaller than my usual! Anyway, this is for Y/N being new to the Jeffersonian, and being quite brilliant, but Finn is subtly flirting, where does it go? - Fuckeree

Rating: PG13

Warnings: Description of a body 


There was almost a static feeling in the air, as if you could taste the energy on the platform and the hairs on the back of your neck stood up. Now usually you’d evacuate, cause that’s a sure sign a lightening strike is coming down on you, but this was different, this was the feeling of being brand new at the Jeffersonian, and having Temperance Brennan impatiently waiting for results. 

With a slight shake of your head, you push back your hair and take a deep breath, you were going to get this right for her, your first body was something you didn’t want to make a mess of, and that was clear. 

You pull the magnification lens over to the mandible, leaning in and taking a gentle hold of it with a gloved hand. “Missing the second premolar on the right hand side of the lower, as well as the upper right canine” you mumble to yourself as you carefully write out your notes, not excluding any details. 

Looking through the glass, you can see clear tool marks on the lateral and central incisors on the bottom row of teeth as well, and make note of it before moving on. 

It had taken just over half an hour to get to the mandible, and that wasn’t from the toes, that was from the top of the skull, and you were starting to worry that Dr. Brennan was getting impatient, if not judging you. 

Once again you shake your head, you couldn’t do your best work with thoughts like that in your head, it was bad enough that you were left alone to think those thoughts, let alone listen to them. 

“Moving onto the cervical vertebrae” you mumble, and as you lean in to make the first visual check, your light dims, and you sigh heavily. 

“Shaking your head and talking to yourself, someones diving into the deep end of the crazy kiddie pool, or is nervous about their first body” the voice, deep and gentle with an accent, catches you off-guard, and you straighten up as the young man offers a hand. 

You peel your glove off and take it, his grip is firm, but not paining. “Finn Abernathy, please disregard my comments, now that I can see you better, you’re more white than a polar bear in a snowstorm, you okay?”. 

You’re eager to please, and letting him know that you’re not feeling all that confident is a good way to get the word back to Temperance that you’re not doing well. “Fine, good, thank you. I’m Y/N Y/L/N”. 

He tips his hat and points to the skeletal remains laid out for you, “I don’t usually pry, but you look like you caught a peek of this poor soul’s ghost. Don’t worry, we all started somewhere”. 

You put a clean glove back on, and decide to work and talk at the same time, keep the slow but steady pace going. “Well, Finn, I am nervous, but not about the body, about upsetting Dr. Brennan”. 

Carefully, as to not mess them, he picks up your notes and starts reading through them. “She’ll be happier than a pig in mud at these notes, they’re amazing, of course your pace is slow, but you want to get it right, she’ll get that”. 

Slowly coming to terms with this guy’s crazy analogies, you start to find them calming, a way to turn your focus off of your nerves and onto something humorous. 

“Here, let me help” he waits until you pick your head up, and then carefully takes the pencil from behind your ear, brushing your cheek as he holds it over the paper, “You tell me your findings, I write them word for word, in my neatest penmanship, I promise”. 

You can feel your face heat up at the careful touch, and you nod, focusing back on the neck, “Thank you, that really does help, you’re great”. 

“Much obliged, now let’s see that beautiful brain at work” he’s subtle, but he’s sweet, and you smile widely before giving him a thumbs up. 

“The point of entry of the murder weapon has been found to be between the C1 and C2 vertebrae, it came in on a downward pathway and there’s a deep crack in the C3, showing that it came to a stop there” you carefully replace the piece of bone, and he nods, pencil quick across the pad. 

“C4 through C7 are healthy bones, no sign of trauma or injury” you make eye contact one more as you look up to re-position the magnification lens, and he smiles comfortingly. 

It goes on like this for a while, his quiet nodding and silent encouragement, and within the span of two hours, you’re finally done, and he sets down the paper and the pencil before shaking out his hands. 

“You’ve got me having writer’s cramp over here Y/N, I’ve never met someone more thorough, and you’re brilliant, I really mean that” as you peel the gloves off, he lifts his hat and brushes his hair back. 

With a jolt of nervousness, you grin, “Sorry about that, and thank you, really you’re more help than you know”. 

As he passes you your notebook, his fingers are rough, yet warm and careful against yours, “Not just another pretty face ma’am, but then again, neither are you”. He lingers for a moment, before pulling his hand back. 

You’re at a lack for words, you’ve just met this young man and you’re already taken by him, he gets you, you don’t know how, but he does. 

“All that’s left is delivering these to Dr. Brennan, and hoping I got this right” you wring your hands a few times, and you jump as he rests his hands over them. 

“You did, I know you did, so don’t get yourself more worked up than a turkey during Thanksgiving, okay? I promise you, this will go a lot better than you’re thinking it’s going to”. With widened eyes you stare into his, and he smiles that breathtaking smile, the one that catches you off guard every time he flashes it, and you look at your feet, not wanting to be embarrassing. 

“Thank you, I’m more grateful than you know” your words are hushed, and he tips his hat. 

“No need, now how about we get these to Brennan?” he hands you the official folder to tuck them into, and with one more breath you take the lead, him trailing only a couple steps behind. 

As you make it to her office, Camille gives you a silent thumbs up, and you nod, whereas Angela just points to the door and smiles, you’re not sure if you should take that as soft encouragement, or a warning, but either way you’re smiling when you knock. 

“Oh, Y/N, please come in” Brennan doesn’t avert her gaze from the booklet in front of her until you set the folder down on her desk, and then she just looks up at you with a straight face.

“Just under three hours, well done” you never thought you’d hear that, and you almost break your calm demeanor as she slides the file over so that she can read it. “I’ll read over these and then will criticize you based on your notes after I have my once over of the remains. It can be harsh, I have no problem pointing out your mistakes”. 

That was one thing that never managed to make you feel uneasy, and that was her extreme to the point attitude, the way she withheld absolutely nothing, it made you feel like a child, but you took it with a smile. “Of course, thank you Dr. Brennan”. 

She dismisses you, and you wait until you’re well away from her earshot before heaving a sigh of relief, which elicits a soft chuckle from Finn as he waits for you by the door of the miniature lab that was Jack’s office. 

“Well done, you finally got some colour back in that gorgeous face of yours, you went red there for a minute, looked like-” 

“Like a strawberry on a snow bank?” his eyes widen as you cut him off with your own analogy, and he laughs. 

“We can work on those” he murmurs, as he leans over so his shoulder bumps yours. 

You peer into Hodgins’ lab, and upon realizing that it’s empty, you take Finn by the hand and pull him in. “This is like a story, where this girl meets the most amazing guy and boom, it’s destiny, and I didn’t believe in that stuff, because obviously it’s the stuff fairy tales are made of, but I really, really like yo-”. 

Barely getting the last word out, his lips crash against yours, and his hands are gentle on either side of your face as he holds you there, you back up against the wall and he pulls away to make sure you’re okay. 

“I’m okay with that, really I am, who says love at first sight ain’t something to be proud of?” he’s joking, but you could get used to this, and you smile as that familiar strawberry red paints your face once more. 

He pulls you to his chest, arms wrapped around you, “I like you too” he murmurs against your head, and you smile into his chest. 

“Hey, so I have some beetles to grind, and I don’t think that’s the most romantic setting for the two of you” Jack’s voice catches you by surprise, and your cheeks burn as you try to think of how long he’s been there.

Finn shakes his head, and pulls away so that the two of you can leave, keeping close by you as you file out by Hodgins and his sly smile. 

As you dissolve into laughter, he takes his hat from his head, and softly places it on yours, and you wonder how you could be so comfortable with a guy that you literally met a little over two hours ago.

“I can get used to this, you’re incredible, you know that?” you don’t stumble over the words, they’re precise and genuine, and he smiles down at you. 

“Much obliged” 

Coworkers: A Criminal Minds/Bones Imagine

A/N: This is a request for Reid working with a forensic scientist at the Jeffersonian and asking her out. 

Rating: 14A

Warnings: Descriptive talk about a body


You had grown accustomed to working under strict rules and regulations, and to add to that, you had grown to working under the watchful, and critical, eye of Dr. Temperance Brennan. 

That made for a very strict forensic scientist, and a very skilled one at that, and that made for someone who was usually regarded as too strict and too busy to be included in a relationship, but you truly weren’t like that.

You held yourself to the same professionalism that Dr. Brennan did, but you were actually a very quiet, and very kind person. Yes, you had some attitude when it came to disrespect, or people who just didn’t know how to act like people, but you were just like many other people. 

When you’re a female in this work place, your teammates are the only people who really show you respect for who you are professionally. Of course the families of victims were pretty thankful too, but you didn’t often find people outside of work who really understood you.

You lean over the body, pulling the light along with you, throwing away the thoughts of confusion, frustration and lack of acceptance. “There’s a fracture on the upper left quadrant of the skull, and there are twelve teeth missing. By the looks of it, they were extracted using some sort of pliers”. 

Temperance nods, picking up the left femur to look more closely at it. “There is striations on this bone, take a look Dr. Y/N”. She hands it to you, and you carefully run a gloved finger over the pattern. 

“I do see that Doctor Brennan, it’s very clear when analyzed much closer. It’s very reminiscent of Hyperostosis generalisata” she takes it back and nods once more. “Well done, I’ll have to talk to Doctor Hodgin’s and see what he’s unearthed”. 

You watch as she hurries, she’s always hurrying, from the platform. Jack was more than likely in awe of the critters that were removed from around the body, it had been found on conservation grounds, rich in animal activity and bug life. 

“Oh, and Doctor Y/N, please assist Doctor Reid with anything he needs, he is a visitor for the Behavioural Analysis Unit of the FBI. He’s with Booth!” she ducks back around the corner and you can’t help but smile as you peel the gloves from your hands. 

“Yes ma’am” you murmur, swiping your key card as you leave the platform as well. Doctor Saroyan was coming to take over, so that she could read over notes and make her own. 

You head up the stairs and wait patiently outside Booth’s open door, as he talks with Dr. Reid.

“Agent Booth? I was told to come and introduce myself to Doctor Reid, and assist him while he spends time with us” he waves you in, and as you peek passed the door, you’re taken aback at the sight of Spencer.

He’s probably around your age, maybe a little bit older, and his unkempt hair somehow looks as if it’s styled that way. His jawline looks as if it’s etched in stone, and his hands are strong and firm as you shake them. 

“I’m Doctor Y/L/N, a forensic scientist here at the Jeffersonian, and I’ll be working alongside you on the Baylog case. It’s very nice to meet you, I’ve read some of your work, you’re extremely impressive”. 

He smiles up at you, his face one of thankfulness and yet still so simple and beautiful.

“Thank you so much, that’s really nice to hear. Please, call me Spencer, and I do have some questions, if Agent Booth doesn’t mind you stealing me?”. 

Seeley shakes his head, a gestures at the door once more, “He’s all yours Y/N, if you need anything they can’t help with, I’m always available. Thank you for coming Spencer, best of luck on this case”. 

You say your goodbyes and wait for Spencer to shake hands, but he doesn’t he just waves before he joins you, and does well at keeping to your pace as you head back towards the stage. 

“So, you’re forensic scientist? That must be such an interesting field. I have PhD’s in Mathematics, Chemistry, and Engineering and BA’s in Psychology and Sociology, I’m working on a BA in Philosophy”. 

“I am, and you also have a brilliant knowledge of Forensic Anthropology, right? You’re an outstanding young man, it really is hard to keep up with how talented and well versed you are”. 

He smiles cheekily, and nods his head, waiting as you swipe in once more to allow the two of you access to the bones. 

“I don’t mean to be so pushy, or arrogant. I’m just trying to wrap my head around how you stick to one field, and you do so well in it. I was reading the files that Temperance sent over, you have extraordinary test scores, an outstanding knowledge of materials, and you work well under pressure”. 

You feel your cheeks start to burn as you gesture to the table, and clear your throat.

“She also has an eye for detail, and is very much needed and appreciated here at the Jeffersonian. It is so nice to finally see you again Spencer” she avoids shaking hands, knowing how much he detests it.  

“Cam, you look fantastic. I bet she’s like gold here at the lab, her casework and files are like reading through a personal accomplishments booklet”.

“That’s really nice of you, thank you Spencer. But we should probably get to the task at hand” there you go again, pushing yourself out of the way and letting work take over, but it’s like your safety cocoon. 

He leans over the bones, taking a deep look at the skull, before asking for some gloves, and picking up the left femur, and pulling his glasses down over his eyes. 

“Looks to me like striation on this bone, have you identified the cause yet?” you know that he knows who the victim is, and with his eidetic memory, knows absolutely everything there is to know about her. 

“Hyperostosis generalisata was what I had said, Doctor Brennan neither confirmed nor denied that”. 

He sets it back down, double checking that it is right side up, and nods. “Very impressive that you would have thought of that right off the bat. She did suffer from the disease, you’re spot on”. 

It seemed like for the rest of the afternoon you were spot on, and so was he. It was like dancing, the way the two of you worked together like no pair had worked together before. 

Over the course of the day, and into the next morning, the two of you had sat side by side, stood side by side, leaned side by side, and even inquired together. It was like working with a best friend, and you finally understood what it was like to be understood. 

You stride onto the platform three days in, and he’s already there, waiting for you with a handful of papers. 

“Good morning Spencer, how’s everything coming?” he doesn’t speak, just hands over the paperwork quietly, and your brow furrows as you read over it quickly, just flipping through. 

“This is finalization paperwork… As in we did it, as in.. As in we solved the case?” your eyes widen as you stare up at him, and he shrugs. 

“Well if it weren’t for a particular forensic scientist, who found the cause of the striations, and also showed me where the weapon was placed between the T7 and T8 vertebrae. You also found the slightest spike in the tox screen where I totally missed it, and you were the one who suggested impalement. If it weren’t for you, this wouldn’t be happening”. 

You can’t believe that he’s considering you one of the leading factors in solving this case, and you can’t help but hold the papers to your chest and laugh. 

“This is fantastic! Oh Spencer, I’m so happy, I can’t believe it’s over, and the she can be laid to rest properly”. 

He holds out his hands for the papers back, and you take your time in giving them back. 

When you finally do, he takes a hold of the sleeve of your lab coat, and holds your hand close to his. “Is there any way that you would be interested in going to get dinner? I know it’s early morning, and the case is officially over, but I don’t have to go anywhere until tomorrow morning”. 

It’s as if everything finally pieces together. He understands you, he respects your work, and yet he sees passed the strict and forensic part of you, right into the woman who is really just a genuinely kind and caring person. 

“Of course, that would be great, I’d like that” 

A/N: I know this one is awful. I could just feel it as I wrote it, I didn’t like it. But I put the work into it, and I’m going to post it. I guess I’m just feeling sort of off tonight, sorry all! - F