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I’ve been rambling about Bones on this blog for the last 6 years or so. I always ramble about Booth and Brennan, because yes. Booth and Brennan are my otp and I love them with all my heart. I honestly think I’ll hardly ever find a ship I like more than Booth and Brennan. Because after all, it all comes down to my love for them. But while Booth and Brennan are absolutely precious cinnamon rolls, Bones greatness is in all of them.

Angela and Brennan especially. Maybe it’s because I’ve always seen myself a little bit in Brennan. And yes, while Booth and his shiny armor gave me hope “romantically”, Angela and Brennan were just as important to me. Angela is the friend everyone deserves. She’s the perfect friend to Brennan. Brennan (just like myself a bit) is not someone easy to be friends with. On the surface, she’s socially awkward, she always brags (even if not intentionally) about herself, she tells Angela - and everyone, really - that she’s not a normal person, she’s just exceptional. But yet, Angela doesn’t care about any of that. Just like Booth never cared about Brennan’s success, money, and even looks, Angela is the perfect counterpart friendship wise. She doesn’t care that Brennan is full of herself, she loves her. She loves her best friend unconditionally with all her flaws and she’s great at seeing how big of a heart Brennan has deep down. Angela never wanted Brennan to change. Sure, she is a cool friend so she wants her bff to have some fun, go dancing and all of that. But she never forced Brennan to become someone she’s not. The way Brennan and Angela complete each other, support each other and are always there for each other despite their differences, is really heart-warming to me. It’s so great to see on tv two females that are never at the odds with each other. This is what I’m gonna miss about Bones. Its semplicity, the good vibes it gives you while you watch it. The heart behind the storytelling. But no, I’m not gonna miss it. Because it’s there and it will always stay with me.

I was just thinking of the first time temperance Brennan held Angela in her arms (okay not exactly, but let’s just say it was Brennan and Angela) and how she was so completely awestruck by Angela as a physical being. Because Brennan is good at dissociating from her body and ignoring her physical needs and whatever when she’s elbows deep in a set of skeletal remains, or when she’s writing a draft for a journal article or for a novel. And obviously she knows that she has a skeleton, and that Angela has a skeleton, but the first time she holds Angela in her arms it hits her that Angela Has A Skeleton. Like… she’s amazed by the breadth of her shoulders, and the confidence and strength of the line of her spinal column, and the curves that allow her to walk like a biped. And then there’s the dip of her rib cage as it gives way to her waist and then her hips. And there’s Angela’s clavicles, which are delicate and gracefully defined. There’s the line of Angela’s mandible (the ramus?) and the mental foramen… and Angela’s beautiful cheekbones. Brennan had spent a lot of time (like….a lot of time) admiring Angela’s beauty, and given that Brennan is who she is, and that she thinks the human skeleton is a beautiful structure (because it is so adaptable, and resilient and because it’s the basic framework of the human body), she spent a lot of time admiring Angela’s skeleton. And they’re both super gay for each other.