Gabriel’s One and Only

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Pairing: Gabriel x wife!Reader
Word count: 1,308
Warnings: Fingering, smut, swearing, NSFW gifs

Chuck & Gabriel Appreciation Week

Ten years.


It still amazed you. Ten years ago to the day, you said ‘I do’ to your best friend, your lover, and the father of your two kids. And you’d been together three years before that. He knew everything about you, inside and out. Even when you looked like hell after the birth of each of yours kids, even though your body was nowhere near what it used to be, he still thought you were the most beautiful creature on the planet.

He’d never kept anything from you, either. No matter how painful it was. There was nothing he wanted to remain a secret. From who he really was, to who God was, to the fighting between his brothers, his time as Loki, and more. The two of you shared a connection that you just couldn’t explain.

Your mother had the kids for the week, as it was summer vacation, and you worked hard. Your day started before the sun, and it didn’t end until the children were deep in dreamland. Gabriel helped around the house, but some days, you told him not to touch anything. You wanted to feel like you were doing more at home, despite him insisting that you did a lot.

Thankfully, your mother knew about Gabriel, as well, but less than you. Having children with him, that forced your hand. Chuck had even come along for that talk.

That gave you the rare chance to sleep in. Snuggling against your husband’s side, you smiled softly. “Morning, sweet cheeks.” He chuckled lightly, enjoying your slight bedhead and sleepy smile.

“Morning.” You mumbled, letting out a yawn. “What time is it?” Having the chance to sleep in, you didn’t want to open your eyes just yet.

He glanced at his alarm clock. “Just after 9. When’s the last time that happened?” Gabriel asked, tapping his chin and making a face as if thinking.

You thought for a moment. “Before we became parents?” You chuckled, rolling to your back and stretching. “Before I had any grey hairs.”

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