GOT7 reacting to their s/o coming out as pansexual

A/N: I really liked making these and hope it’s what you wanted! Also I hope the are all alright, I tried to make  the reactions difrrent, so I wouldn’t repeat one over and over. Also I realised that there are not enough GOT7 gifs, so not all fit that well :/ (Kard ver. soon)
( Pansexuality, or omnisexuality, is the sexual, romantic or emotional attraction towards people regardless of their sex or gender identity.)

JB aka Im Jaebum:

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So, at first, he is kind of confused and you have to explain it to him. He listens carefully and is really interested. He will ask many questions to understand it and what it means to you. Is happy because you’re happy.

Jackson Wang:

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He knows about pansexuality and is hyped for you. Jackson is proud that you’re confident about your sexuality and will support you in any way possible. And if someone dares to say something mean about it he will fight them.

Mark Tuan:

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He will feel honoured that you tell him. If it was hard for you to tell him, he will assure you that he will love you no matter who you love. He does know that pansexuality exists but still asks questions to understand it completely.

BamBam aka Kunpimook Bhuwakul:

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“So, you like pa…” Before he can finish the joke, you interrupt him. “Really original Bambam.” He will just smile at you. The tension you felt, because you were a little scared of his reaction will be away immediately.  

Park Jinyoung:

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“Cool…” is what he says, before leaving, making you a little worried. But he only goes away to search what exactly it means, because he doesn’t want to embarrass himself. Then he will come back hug you say that your sexuality won’t change anything between you two.

Choi Youngjae:

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He feels bad that he doesn’t know what pansexuality is. When you tell him, gets it, but is still embarrassed for not knowing. In the end you have to assure him that its totally okay and as long as he knows now and still loves you, everything is alright. 

Kim Yugyeom:

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Doesn’t really know what to say. He is a little relieved that it means that he has a chance, at least in some way. Will give you a tight hug. 
“Some humans are just hot right?”


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