Got7 Reacting to Their GF Being Insecure About Her Height

Prompt: “Hellooo~! Your blog is like, life omg. I was wondering if I could get a BTS/Got7 reaction for when their usually bubbly and hyper girlfriend is down in the dumps about her tall height? I’m 5'10 and sometimes my height insecurity gets to me, so it would mean a lot to me ^^”

Mark: He’d be a little shocked when finding out that his s/o is insecure about her height. He probably wouldn’t react at first, thinking about what to say, but soon he’d playfully try to cheer her up. He’d cutely tell her how beautiful he thought she was as he hugged her from behind. He’d also remind her that he loves everything about her.

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Jaebum: He really wouldn’t be sure what to say or do, considering he isn’t super in touch with him emotions and really isn’t into sentiment. He’d probably stay quiet, trying to think of something to say to make her feel better, but probably would end up saying something real dumb instead. “I think your height is sexy, babe.” Then his cheeks would flush and he’d awkwardly laugh. He’d eventually cheer her up though.

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Jackson: After asking his s/o what’s wrong and finding out about how she is feeling insecure about her height, he’d smile and start reassuring her that nothing is wrong with her height. He would also throw some aegyo in most likely. He’d be happy to cheer her up by hyping her up about her height. He’d tell his s/o that she’s beautiful and that she shouldn’t feel so insecure. “What?! I love how tall you are, babe!”

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Jinyoung: He’d be the type to have a serious discussion with his girlfriend after she told him about being insecure. He’d want to make sure that she knew that her height wasn’t anything she should feel bad about and that he loved her, all of her. He’d tell her to be proud of how tall she was and that he loves how tall she is. He’d probably wrap his arm around her and kiss her cheek, giving her a gentle smile.

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Youngjae: It would upset Youngjae a lot to find out that his girlfriend was insecure about anything. He’d be quick to remind his s/o that he thought that she was the most beautiful girl to him and that he loved everything about her, including her height. He’d eventually try cheering her up in a silly and playful way. He would try to make her laugh and smile.

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Bambam: His ultimate goal when finding out his s/o felt insecure about how tall she was would be to make her feel good about herself and to make her smile. He would be a huge dork about it and probably make her blush in the process. He’d do silly things and would yell about how beautiful his s/o is. He probably wouldn’t leave her alone until he knew that she felt better about herself.

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Yugyeom: He’d be a little taken aback after discovering his s/o’s insecurity and at first, he wouldn’t be sure of what to say. But he’d eventually tell his girlfriend that her height was perfect for him. He’d talk about how her being tall was a good thing, especially for him. He’d also try to cheer her up and make her smile again. “Your height is perfect! You don’t have to stand on your tip-toes to kiss me!”

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Never forget the way Jungkooks face lit up when seeing Yugyeom after he’s been crying for recieving the daesang at mama awards, the comfort yugyeom provided and the ever lasting hug :’)


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