* ♡ ˙ ˖ +  ◜ by clicking ( here ) will direct you to a page with ( 111 ) gif icons in style a1 [85x85] of the soloist AMY LEE/LEE YEJIN also known as AILEE as requested by anonymous! none of these gif base are mine; however, i did crop, edit & recolor all of them. if you’re using these or find these helpful in any way don’t forget to like or reblog!

♔♔   630+ high quality mostly small/medium gifs of the amazingly talented, Ailee best
           known for her role in Dream High 2 and as a singer. I tried to not have too any gifs
           of her singing/dancing. Most shouldn’t have grey boxes, but I’m sorry if I missed a
           few. None of these gifs are mine and I found them from various sources. If any of
           these gifs are yours and you would like me to take them down, please let me know
           and I will. If you use this gif hunt, please like/reblog. Also please don’t copy my gif
           hunt into another gif hunt. I apologize for any repeats. I will be updating periodically.

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