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Hi! Do you know what Shingen is saying in that gif you posted? Thank you 😊

Oh it’s not my gif c: it’s the OP gif ^~^ just want to clear that and honestly I don’t speak Japanese like my understanding is at 0%, and my amazing sister sent me his clip so I just hear his god like voice. I wish I knew what he said but munchkin, GIRL JESUS CHRIST HE DOES THIS LONG SIGH (goosebumps) IN THE BEGINNING AND THEN THIS SEX GOD DOES A LONG HMMMMMM AND THEN A HEAD TILT *ovaries explode*


a blessed fancam.


One Piece ワンピース : The Ōka Shichibukai

“The reason the Grand Line is called the ‘Pirates’ Graveyard’, is because of the Three Great Powers that rule over it. One of them, is the Ōka Shichibukai. They’re seven Pirate Warlords that are officially authorized by the World Government. The Shichibukai inhabit wild regions of the seas and as long as they give a cut of their loot obtained from marauding & pillaging, the World Government sanctions their actions. Other pirates may look down on them and call them ‘Government Dogs’, but they’re among the strongest the Grand Line has to offer!!” 

Thus ends my journey with the Shichibukai. It was fun & arduous while it lasted and I had a hell of a great time re-reading some of the most epic and sad moments in One Piece. I’ve compiled all the gifs into a short video in the order of the manga’s storyline, so enjoy this final treat me buckos! Oda has given us so many fantastic characters & memories it’s hard to wait a week for each chapter but it is always worth the wait. I can’t wait to see what else the sensei has in store for us!! 

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