“On our way to LA!”

Reaction: Got7 see you in a crop top and panties

Youngjae: He would probably not notice and just sit and watch TV with you

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Jr.: He would probably get excited when he sees you, but he would play it cool when he sits next to you

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Mark: He would be all cocky, not wasting any time in getting what little clothes you have off of you

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JB: He would smile all big, happy that you’re comfy enough with him to dress like that

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BamBam: He would smirk and sit next to you. Then he would tease you by gently touching you until you cant take it any longer

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Jackson: He would either be really into your skimpy shirt and panties, or not at all. I don’t know which one. 

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YugYeom: He would be all shy once he saw what you were wearing. He would warm up, but still be a little shy cutiepie

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