random rambling before sleep about... *gasp* Got7?! +more lameness

So my friend just showed me the Got7 mv Girls Girls Girls, I liked it, it was pretty groovy, interest was piqued and so I looked up the members profiles cuz I like to at least be aware of who’s out there. And I like to do this thing where I try to pick my favourite just based on pictures alone, not looking at birthdates because I have a horrible curse of always picking the youngest in the group OTL (prime examples being Jungkook and sehun lol, even from some random groups i can’t even remember their names now, oh one’s name is Jerry? from empire? he’s pretty cute lol) and that’s soooooo dangerous for me cuz I’m a lady in my prime lmao these days i’m everybody’s noona/unni in the kpop world :/ so what’s funny is again I picked the maknae Yugyeum 유겸? (wow thats a rly odd name) as my favourite, yet again the youngest, even friggin YOUNGER than jungkook by months OTL wth.. what’s wrong w meeeee ;___; but that photo of him was NICE lol. And was surprised to find 3 members weren’t even korean, wow that’s really impressive, I can’t imagine becoming a popstar in.. india or something having to speak.. hindi.. like wow that must be tough .__. props lol. actually who caught my attention in the video was Jackson?? the one with the most “sweg” XD actually reminded me of my Suga bear ;w; <3 but still visually for me my ideal would be jungkook keke i like the square/round bunny faces and cute noses, like Suzy from miss A (she’s so flipping gorgeous OTL), actually suzy looks like she could be a distant cousin noona to him lol, to me anyway.

and sighhhhhh all that this makes me feel is just…. plz gawd just ship me back to the motherland where I can find one of these kids and put him in my pocket and bring back to canada haha or better yet I’ll just live there =_= I miss korea ;______; I was listening to Simon and Martina videos while working (before I admit I couldnt’ stand them b4 but they’ve grown on me!) and it made me feel so nostalgic about the really awesome things in korea.

I know I sound like I’m 12 haha off to bed now ><;;;

Oh the “bts project” issss coming along.. slowly……. >< i’ve been rly frustrated with my art lately so it’s been a struggle T.T I’ll be spamming real soon tho haha lots and lots of BTS babiesss <33