Himup Family: Friend Visit

Himchan was excited. Today he was going to see his best friend, Bang Yongguk.  So of course he spent a long time arranging his children’s clothes, and Jongup’s clothes as well.

He wanted them to look perfect. “Youngjae….no throwing things, no yelling, no running, no putting bugs under anyone’s shirts nor in cups, no smart talking to the grown ups…..” Himchan paused for a second, “What else?”

Jongup fixed Junnie’s beanie and looked at his husband. “ You are pretty much just telling him only to breathe…” Himchan sighed and shook his head, “Youngjae please be good.”

Youngjae nodded and  fixed his blue collar shirt, “Daddy, this shirt is itchy.” Youngjae complained, “I want my pikachu shirt.”

Himchan sighed, “No baby we are meeting my friends today, you need to dress up.” Youngjae pouted.


“That must be them,” Himchan smiled, “Don’t worry Jae there will be someone for you to play with!” Himchan said as he walked to the front door.

 "Or to kill….“ Jongup mumbled and he picked up Junnie, "Come on Jae lets go say hi.” Jongup smiled to his son.

Youngjae, angry since he wasn’t able to do anything he wanted, kicked his father in the shins again and ran to Himchan.

“JESUS! YOUNGJAE!” Jongup hopped on one foot and Junnie giggled.  

Himcahn opened the door and was greeted by a huge hug, “Himchan! How have u been?” Yongguk  flashed a gummy smile.

“Great, how are you? Where’s Juien?” Himchan peeked behind his friend. I’m here,“ Juien grinned and hugged Himchan.

Yongguk looked down and noticed lil baby Jae grabbing his father’s pant’s.

"Hey I’m you father’s friend Yongguk you are?” Yongguk flashed a gummy smile.

Youngjae blinked, “You’re ugly, I don’t like you.”

Himchan gasped, “YOUNGJAE!”

Yongguk and Juien laughed at Youngjae’s comment, “It’s okay Chan he’s just a child.” Yongguk chuckled, “Where’s Daehyunnie?”

Yongguk looked behind him, “Daehyun what are you doing back there, come here…” Yongguk grabbed his son’s tiny hand and dragged him toward Himchan.

Jongup finally being able to walk met up with everyone, Juien squealed from joy seeing lil baby Junnie.

Younjgae eyed the new kid and clung to his father’s leg.

Himchan smiled and knelt down, “This is Daehyun, he is older than you by a couple months.” Himchan smiled to his son. Yongguk also bent down, “Daehyunnie you were whining that you don't have any friends, go talk to him.”

“Daaadd~”   Baby Daehyun complained and clung to his father.

Jongup eyed his chubby cheek son, worried the kid was up to something. Feeling his father’s eye’s Youngjae looked at Jongup and grinned.

“Come on hyung let’s go play.” Youngjae grabbed the shy boy’s hand and dragged him in the house with a smirk on his face. Jongup didn’t like that and was worried for the other’s safety.

“Lets go to the kitchen, the food is almost ready ” Himchan announced and dragged everyone with him.

“Himchan,” Jongup whispered to his husband.

“Hmmm,” Himchan looked at Jongup.

“I am worried..” Jongup looked at the two lone boys playing with blocks.

“Don’t worry Jae will be good.” Himchan waved it off.

 Himchan and Yongguk laughed and talked about old times. While Jongup was having a nice conversation about baby Junnie when Daehyun came in shouting and crying.

‘oh shit…what did he do this time?’ Jongup took a deep breath.

 Jieun quickly got up from her seat and rushed to her boy, “What’s wrong baby?” Juien asked.

Jongup looked at Himchan giving him the I-told-you-look while Himchan just face-palmed, “MOON YOUNJGAE GET OVER HERE NOW!”

Youngjae peeked his head in the kitchen afraid of this father. “Youngjae what happened?” Himchan gritted his teeth as he watched his best friend and his wife try to calm the crying boy.

Youngjae hid behind the door. “YOUNGJAE GET IN HERE!” Himchan ordered his son.

Jongup held Junnie in his hands, the poor baby didn’t understand what was going on and hugged his father confused by what had happened. Jongup walked up to Himchan and waited for Youngjae to slowly come towards them with his head low.

“Youngjae, what did I tell you?” Himchan placed his hands on his hips.

*mumble, mumble*

“I can’t hear you Youngjae!” Himchan bent down, “Tell me.”

Youngjae sighed and lifted his shirt and pulled out a furry huge tarantula and lifted towards his father. HImchan screeched  and slapped the evil thing off his son’s hands.

“KILL IT!” Himchan shouted in panic. But the trantula started running around the  kitchen and soon both Jieun and Daehyun started to scream.

“NOOOO!” Youngjae ran towards the spider.

Jongup was busy trying to cradle the startled baby and trying to kill the thing and Yongguk had a broom as his weapon.

 Finally Yougnaje grabbed the spider with his bare hands and ran out of the room , “I won’t let you kill him." Youngjae shouted.

 "YOUNGJAE!” Himchan shouted and ran after his son.

Jongup looked at Yongguk  and placed his son in his arms, “We’ll be back!”  Jongup ran past the living room towards the backyard, where he heard Himchan shouted to Youngjae.

“YOUNGJAE GET DOWN! NOW!” Himchan shouted.

Jongup in utter confusion looked up at the center tree and saw his son sitting on one of the high branches, ’how  does he do that?' Jongup wondered in awe.

“NO!” Younjgae shouted.

“You are going to fall!” Himchan looked at Jongup worriedly.  

Jongup sighed, “Youngjae, you can keep him—” Himchan smacked him.

“What!? NO!” Himchan glared at his husband, “We are not keeping that disgusting thing!”  

“Youngjae!” Jongup called his son, “Get down.”

Youngjae shook his head and held his spider tightly.  Youngjae looked at his only  friend, the spider moved between his hands bothered by everything and harshly bit his small hand. Youngjae yelped at the pain and  dropped the spider. Himchan screeched loudly when he saw the spider fall, and stomped it when it landed on the floor.

Jongup looked at his son, confused why the boy had dropped his pet, “Youngjae!” Jongup shouted, “Why did you drop it?” Jongup walked towards the base of the tree.

Youngjae hid his hand, scared of being scolded even more. Jongup sighed and started to climb the tree, while Himchan continued to stomp the bug. Once Jongup was close to Youngjae  he smiled at his son.

“Come on Jae, let’s go eat.”

Youngjae frowned, “You are not mad?”

“Why would I be mad, come on everyone is waiting.” Jongup reached for Youngjae but he young boy backed up, “But everyone was mad when I brought Kenny in.”

“I’m not.” Jongup told his son.

Youngjae’s frowned deepened, “I killed Kenny.”

Jongup looked down the tree Himchan still was stomping the floor were the dead bug laid.

“What happened?” Jongup asked.

“Kenny didn’t like me.” Youngjae pouted even more and his eyes teared up. "He is like everyone,“ 

"What do you mean–” Jongup tried to ask.

“FOR THE LOVE OF GOD GET DOWN ALREADY!” Himchan shouted from below.

Yongguk and the others were there looking in awe at the height that Youngjae had climbed.

“Daehyunnie is afraid of heights…” Yongguk commented, “he doesn’t like spiders either…”

 "It’s cause you are his father,“ Himchan commented.

"Hey what is that suppose to mean?” Yongguk pouted.

“You are afraid of everything even butterflies!” Himchan laughed.

“HEY! Those things are scary! Have you seen them close up? They are gross!” Yongguk grumbled.

Jongup had managed to get Youngjae and the baby boy hugged his father tightly.

Once they were down Himchan ran up to them, “What were you thinking Youngjae?” Himchan scolded, angry with his son.

Youngjae buried his head deeper onto Jongup’s chest while his diva father scolded the him.

Jongup patted his son’s head, trying to comfort the boy, feeling bad knowing Youngjae really didn’t mean any harm.

“Jongup don’t you have anything to say?” Himchan sighed.

Jongup blinked a couple of times trying to think of what to say, he just ended up shaking  his head, “Youngjae is tired, I’ll take him to his room.”

Himchan glared at his husband, “He needs to be scolded not pampered Jongup.”

“I’ll talk to him.” Jongup continued to pat Youngjae’s head lightly.

Himchan grumbled to himself and with the others decided to have dinner.

Jongup walked with Youngjae to his room and placed the boy on his bed.

Jongup sat next to him, “Youngjae what’s wrong?”

The young boy shook his head and tightly held the hand that the tarantula had bitten.

“Youngjae, why did you say that the bug—Kenny didn’t like you? And what do you mean like everyone?” Jongup asked.

Youngjae shrugged not looking at his father.

“I like you Youngjae.” Jongup smiled, “Your daddy Channie likes you, your brother Junhong likes you, and your friends–”

 “I don’t have any…” Youngjae mumbled.

Jongup was shocked, “What about Taeminnie and Minho don’t you play with them?”

Youngjae shook his head.

“ What about….Jaebum? Aren’t you guys best friends?” Jongup asked  and once again Youngjae shook his head.

Jongup tried to think of other kids that were in Youngjae’s pre-school class but nothing came up.

The little boy plastered his face onto the bed and Jongup wondered  why was it that his son didn’t have any friends.

“Jae, talk to me. I won’t understand if you don’t tell me.” Jongup rubbed his son’s back but instead of doing anything good the soothing rubbing caused his boy to fall asleep.

Jongup face-palmed, ‘I’m no good at this kind of thing….’

Jongup covered his son with his Pokémon blanket and walked out the room towards the dining table were everyone was already eating.

Himchan perked up, “He fell asleep didn’t he?”

Jongup scratched the nape of his neck  embarrassed as he sat down next to his husband, “I’m not really good at this…”

Himchan shook his head, “That’s why Youngjae never listens to you.”

“Himchan you shouldn’t be talking, when you were his age you were ten times worse!” Yongguk laughed, “It wasn’t until you met Jongup that you calmed down….or is it that he tamed you?”

“YAH!” Himchan  blushed, “ I was never like Youngjae.”

“I remember you brought a snake to class and put it down a girl’s dress.” Yongguk tapped his chin trying to remember.

“I also remember you somehow making the whole science room explode and causing the whole school to shut down for a week.” Jieun added and Yongguk nodded.

Himchan hid his face behind his hands from the embarrassment.

Jongup chuckled and wrapped his arms around Himchan’s shoulders, “It’s okay Channie.”

Junnie sat in his highchair babbling to himself as he played with his food. Shy little Daehyunnie looked at the toddler with curious eyes.

Once they ate Jongup set Junnie next to Daehyun on the living room floor to play with the blocks.

“Hmm..” Daehyun pulled on Jongup  sleeve.

Jongup looked at the shy boy and smiled, “Yes?”

“Youngjae?” Daehyun questioned.

Understanding what the little boy meant Jongup smiled more, “Don’t worry, Youngjae is a little tired and is taking his nap. Next time you come, both of you can play. ”

Daehyun blinked and grabbed a block, “I still want to be friends.”

“I know.” Jongup grinned, “Youngjae is just a little on the adventurous side. Tell him the things you don’t like and he’ll understand.”

Daehyun scrunched up his face and nodded trying to understand what Jongup was trying to say.

Jongup chuckled and ruffled Daehyun hair and walked to the dining table where Himchan and the others were still talking.

“When did you guys adopt Youngjae and Junhong?” Jieun asked Himchan as she sipped on tea.

“I think over two years ago? Youngjae is four and Junnie is two now…” Himchan tapped his chin, “Junnie was only a couple months….when we first met them.”

“So Youngjae was only two at the time?” Yongguk asked.

Himchan nodded, “ Yeah, barely two…he was so cu…”

Jongup sighed, ‘ I should have stayed with the kids…grownup talk is so boring…’

“Youngjae knows you are not his real parents right?”  Jieun insinuated.

Himchan and Jongup looked at each other and back at their guests. “We tried to explain to Youngjae…” Jongup started.

“But Youngjae is a little stubborn,” Himchan sighed, “He doesn’t remember his mother so he thinks we are his real parents.”

“But he should know that baby’s come from…you know…women.” Yongguk tried to keep it PG just in case his son heard.

“He read a book that said baby’s come from storks, so he believes he was brought here like that…” Jongup explained.

Both Jieun and Yongguk face-palmed.

“We will tell him eventually,” Himchan sighed, “I’m just scared, what if doesn’ take it well.”

Jongup hugged Himchan tighter, “What if he wants to meet his real mother and father….Junhong and him are only step brothers they have different fathers. Their mother just abandon them, what if they leave to look for her…”

“That won’t happen.” Jongup reassure his husband.

“Youngjae  and Junhong love you guys, they would never leave you guys.” Yongguk and his wife tried to encourage them.

Jongup would love to believe that, but there were too many possibilities, they were barely able to get both Youngjae and Junhong in the first place. The social workers had made it very difficult for Himchan and Jongup to be able to adopt the reason being that they were a gay couple.

“What about Daehyun?” Himchan asked trying to change the topic.

“What do you mean?” Jieun lifted a brow.

“Are all your stretch marks still there?” Himchan grinned evilly, much like baby Jae does when he does or says something bad.

Jongup snapped his finger’s, ’oohhh…so it’s Himchan whom Youngjae learns all his bad habits…

“YAH! HIMCHAN!” Jieun screeched.

Himchan laughed and Yongguk held his wife making sure she wouldn’t murder his best friend.


Jongup turned to the soft sound and saw it was Youngjae his hair was tossled and his face pale, paler than usual.

Jongup immediately got up and went to his son’s side.

“What’s wrong Jae?” Jongup knelt in front of his son, he noticed he still held on to his right hand tightly and his face was flushed and sweaty.

“My tummy hurts…a lot…” Youngjae whimpered streams of tears rolled down his cheeks.

Jongup placed his hand on Youngjae’s forehead and noticed he had fever.

Jongup’s eye’s grew wide, all these symptoms were from a spider bite, he just needed one more thing to prove it, “Youngjae let me see your hand.” Jongup asked worriedly.

The young boy hesitated but eventually removed his left hand showing his swollen red bite more on his small hand.

Jongup cursed and quickly picked up his son, who planted his head onto his chest..

“Himchan we need to go.” Jongup said in a rushed and sprinted to get his keys from the living room table.

Himchan quickly rose up from his chair, worried by Jongup’s tone, “What’s wrong Jongup?”

“The spider bit him.” Jongup rushed to the front door.

Himchan darted to his husband with Jieun and Yongguk close behind.

“Wha—but…how?” Himchan shouted in terror not knowing what to do.

“Don’t worry people don’t die from tarantula bites.” Jongup tried to reassure himself as well as his husband. Youngjae weakly held on to his father, his breathing was getting heavier as the seconds passed.

“But he is a baby!” Himchan now in tears.

“You two go, we’ll stay and take care of Junhong.” Jieun said quickly panicking as well.

“Thank you, let’s go Himchan.” Jongup  was soon out the door. Both parents terrified not wanting to lose their child.