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Did I ever tell you about the lesbian mice I owned as a kid and they raised their babies together as a family?

I had let my friend Lincoln take my mice for the weekend to play with his mice ( he didn’t know his mice were male) and then both my girls came home pregnant. Yet instead of eating each others litters (as mice would usually do) Pheobe and Ginger had their babies within hours of each other and raised all 13 together. They shared feeding and cleaning the babies and the babies treated both mice as their mothers.

It was so amazing to witness I just had to share the memory with you ♡

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I love everything about namjoon duh like when I first learned about bts it was through Kim namjoon tag on pinterest and he was like ???holy shit high fashion model quality on most photos there but now that I've gotten to know him better he's just.... a soft goofball....... who reads a lot and nerds at things and is super smart and humble at the same time and his dimples(!!!!!!!!!) and he also lies to us about his love for ryan like lmao so yeah he's just..... so soft....... I wanna hug him......


tell me what you love about namjoon