Saigenos Week Day 4 AU: Reincarnation

Genos and Shigeo met during their first semester at Salt University and become friends. Due to being super smart but also super cocky, Genos always manages to drive off the physics professor. In the third year however, something unexptected happens …

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itishebihime-samaforyou  asked:

static. zerochan. net/ Ouran. High. School. Host. Club. full. 105518. jpg Here it is.. it's by OMIX. They also have a tumblr mixed-bless-ing, sadly the art isn't on tumblr o3o but yes let's talk about the crossover xD

Here’s the link without the spaces for anyone who wants to check it out

That’s awesome!!!!  I love it so much oh my gosh, the characters just match up perfectly!!!!