Charles:“I believe the true focus lies somewhere between rage and serenity.”

Erik:“Who the hell are you!?”

Charles:“I’m like you. Just calm your mind." 

Some kind of scribble about Elsa!Erik and Jack!Charles…

I just thought those lines quite fit and that’s all _(:з」∠)_


Sixty years following Great Dragon War and vikings have turned from dragon killing to dragon training.  Dozens of riding schools crop up throughout the Barbaric Archipelagoes but no school is more prestigious than the very first: The Berk Academy of Dragons and Riding.

Each year, children from every tribe will apply, but only a select few are chosen to attend following a series of specific aptitude tests, designed by the founder and Headmaster himself, Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III.

Students are expected to arrive just before hatching season, where they choose their dragon egg on an expedition led by Old Man Ingerman.  Semesters run during the Spring and Fall seasons only; students return to their home tribes in the Winter and Summer seasons for “self-study”.

So I was playing ‘School of Dragons’ and just the word Headmaster popping up in there inspired all of this.

A Dragon Academy turned Hogwarts situation for the future of the HTTYD world :)


Let me introduce to you: Baker AU! (my version)

Hiccup is a trainee at the bakery of his father’s best friend (Gobber, obviously). When he’s not in the back baking the town’s most beloved cakes and pastries, he’s in the front serving the customers. Even more the latter, since the popularity of the shop flew upwards ever since he started to do so. His life gets a bit harder when, to help himself and Hiccup (oh the irony), his boss hires the ever so lively Jack, who’s a tad bit too talkative and unbuttons his shirt just a tad bit too much for his own good.

(And the things to come. Oh, the things to come… *wink-a-wonk*)


Nobody does the walk of shame like The Daroga. Dignity, always dignity. 

Also hey, we get to see Raoul (affectionately dubbed “Rawl”) in his native state of bewilderment and distress. My sweet summer child <3

Well, I’m back to the Algebra books! Thanks for putting up with all my wild/sleep deprived doodlings lately. Ya’ll are the tops!

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“Geez, Hic, this is supposed to TURN YOU ON”

((I AM FINALLY DONE AUGH I had to resize it 3 times to make it work D:<))

Welcome to the fail!seduce series with Jack and food, the tartget of it being Hiccup, obviously. ˘u˘ I got bored at some parts, but. I hope you like it anyways :3

I dedicate this to Endy and Ria who have started it all