flrestar10 asked:

Companions reaction to the SS completely cussing out a faction leader and telling them to get screw themselves

Preston: If it’s to him he just looks really sad and offended. If it’s to another leader, he’s silent but wide eyes like O.O

Hancock: is proud as all hell. “Yeah stick it to the MAN!”

Danse: if it’s to any other leader, he nods along with the SS. But if they’re telling this to Maxson he’s standing there like “Shit… Shitshitshit oh fuck DONT!”

Piper: Is proud of the fact that the SS is speaking their mind, she’s just hoping the leader won’t be to pissed and kill them…

Maccready: “Look I’m not saying they didn’t have it coming… But I don’t think telling them off in their own base was your greatest idea.”

Cait: “Holy shit, you have the biggest balls I have ever seen.”

X6: nods approvingly if it’s anyone but father. He points his gun to anyone who threatens father.

Curie: Sticks her tongue out at them and turns their heel to follow the SS after they’re done.

Deacon: Even if it’s to Des… He’s laughing his ass off.

Strong: is proud that his human is sticking up to the other weak human leaders.

Codsworth: “Oh dear… Sir/ma'am I am sure they didn’t mean it!”

Nick: *slow clap*

shout out to all the people who’s favorite is X6-88

you knew he’d get no content, get left out of every group photoset, and knew he’d be basically forgotten by the fandom as a whole and still decided to love him

you’re all great enjoy your terrifying terminator don’t let anyone stop you

logaslupree asked:

I got another! How do you think the companions would react if the SS had their kid with them, and they were searching for their wife/husband instead?

So basically the SS kicking ass with a baby on their back and the companions babysitting? XD

Preston: when he’s about to thank the SS for killing of the Raiders, he sees little Shaun giggling in the back and just “…”

Codsworth: “oh I’m so glad you and sir Shaun are alright! Don’t worry we will find you’re better half!”

Piper: She makes faces at Shaun a lot to try and get him to laugh. She makes Nat babysit while they go on dangerous missions.

Nick: He likes to hold Shaun, but has to be careful because he’ll start grabbing at any exposed wires on Nick.

Strong: the SS doesn’t like to have Shaun around Strong, they’re worried Strong will try to eat him.

Deacon: “I know the perfect disguise!” He puts a wig and draws eyebrows on Shaun.

Cait: Wouldn’t say it aloud, but she secretly likes babies, when they’re quiet…

Hancock: “Is that a baby? Holy shit that’s fucking cute!”

Danse: Is completely clueless when it comes to babies, so whenever he’s forced to hold Shaun he’ll just stand as still as he can until someone else takes the kid.

Maccready: Likes to hold and play with Shaun the most, it makes him think of Duncan when he was born.

Curie: Is delighted to finally hold Shaun once she gets her synth body.

X6: He will do what is necessary to take care of Shaun, but he doesn’t find it funny when the SS makes him change the diapers.

anonymous asked:

Hi I wanted to ask if you could do a reaction where SS is going through Kellog's memories and they get to the part where he kills Nate/Nora? (Can you include Maxson too?)

Preston: His heart skips a beat, and he’s starting to sweat. His General having to go through this? And after all of that they are still willing to help others in a way that doesn’t benefit them? How could something so horrible happen to someone so good?

Piper: She looks away quickly. She just can’t do it, God she just can’t bear to watch it…

Nick: From Soles description he knew what happens, but to see the even in person? It’s… It’s absolutely unreal what they have had to go through, and he vows that he’ll do whatever it takes to make this right.

Maccready: He closes his eyes. A gunshot goes off, but all he can picture is a woman being torn up by Feral Ghouls.

Danse: He… Wasn’t expecting that to happen. He’s taken aback by the event and he doesn’t even realize he’s holding his breath until after it is done.

Curie: A loud gasp. She’s absolutely horrified! How could anyone decent let this happen!

Cait: Oh jeez well… Fuck! How the hell is she suppose to react to this? She feels as if no amount of “I’m sorry for your loss” can help Sole because… Shit that’s heavy.

X6: He knew this is what happens, he know that this is necessary. He wouldn’t exist if this didn’t happen. But for some reason, he feels a slight twitch as he hears the gun go off…

Strong: He’s so confused with what going on, these people aren’t real? It’s in his head? Why is the human in a container? Who is that man? Why did he kill that other person? His head hurts.

Deacon: Just another reason to despise the institute. To stoop so low as to murder a parent in front of the other and take their child? That’s cold even for them.

Hancock: He’s angry, he tries to attack Kellog, but he can’t since it’s just a memory. Shit like this shouldn’t happen to good people, not like Sole. God it’s so fucked up…

Codsworth: If he could cry, he would. He knew Sole and their spouse for a long time, and to see this unfolding, to see the baby he was suppose to care for being snatched right from under them… He feels ill.

Maxson: This experience has… Given him a new perspective on his soldier. He’ll need to discuss this with them afterwards. A mental wound is just as damning as a physical one, and needs to be treated. “I am so sorry knight… Truly, I am”